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Shen Xing’s Nightmare

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Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, Xu Xiaoyan were all relieved. Was it finally time to go? It had taken two whole years! They had had enough of this place.

Tang Wulin looked at the group of old demons before him. For some reason, he saw loneliness in their eyes.

“Seniors, are all of you stuck on the Demon Island forever? Is there no other way for you to leave this place? Or is there any way that I can help you?”

Old Demon Greed shook his head while Old Demon Blight chuckled. “I appreciate your kindness. Our existence is nothing but energy. Without the protection of the destruction and life energy, we’ll end up as scattered souls immediately when we leave this place. Even though we’re so lonely here, the circumstances allow us to have long lives. There are both pros and cons. In the future, if you’re willing, you can come back and visit us. Of course, you can always return to relive your experiences here if that is what you desire…”

“Captain, let’s go quickly!” Yue Zhengyu pulled at Tang Wulin.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched, then he suddenly shouted. “Shrek Seven Monsters, stand at attention.”

The remaining six immediate stood upright alongside him. Tang Wulin spoke solemnly, “Salute!”

“Oh!” Shen Xing sat up from the bed, panting heavily.

She had already lost count of how many times nightmares awakened her in the past few months.

The dream felt so real. She was only performing her routine inspection at the fixed soul ammunition warehouse when she encountered a situation that was completely beyond her expectations. The man’s face was crystal clear in her mind. He held her as a hostage to threaten her sister. She was brought up to the Skywing F-17, and in the end, that bastard ejected her straight out of the aircraft.

The nightmare ended with the intense weightlessness one felt when falling from high altitude. Shen Xing still clearly remembered that she lost control of her bladder the first time when she had awakened from this nightmare. That was truly unacceptable.

The perpetrator was real. He was once detained by the army corps with his companions, and afterward, they escaped by actually hijacking an aircraft. Even so, these incidents were all completely unrelated to her! She did not have any contact with him at that point, so why was she having the nightmare.

It was even stranger that her sister was having the same nightmare, identical to Shen Xing’s.

‘D--n it, d--n it! Get the hell out of my dreams!’

Feeling jittery, Shen Xing gave her mattress two strong punches.

She turned over and got dressed in her military uniform before walking over to the mirror. Dark circles had formed under eyes due to poor sleep. Her training during the day was already tough, so it had become a habit for her to sleep as soon as she had returned. These days, even sleep had become so arduous for her. She had no choice but to spend more time meditating.

Shen Xing made the decision to get some fresh air outside. She would meditate after she came back, and at least she would not be dreaming during meditation.

If the bastard knew what was good for him, he would never come back from the Demon Island. If he did, she would certainly teach him a good lesson, in exchange for all the nightmares.

Shen Xing walked out of the dormitory as she strolled around the base aimlessly. Even though she did not have a high rank, but she had an extremely important inspectorate duty. The patrolling soldiers would immediately salute her when she passed by.

The Northsea Army Corps was located near the ocean. The sea breeze made the night feel cool and refreshing, and Shen Xing felt slightly less worried.

“Huh? How did I come here?” She was surprised to find that she had walked all the way to the warehouse from her dreams without even noticing.

It was the actual spot that was used to store fixed soul ammunitions.

Shen Xing frowned. “Darn it.” She turned around and was about to leave when she paused.

‘It would be better to take a look. Perhaps it’ll be a weight off my shoulders if I were to take a look at the location of my dream. Otherwise, it’s truly agonizing not being able to distinguish between dream and reality.’

At that point, she walked into the warehouse of her own accord. She used her high-ranking access pass to use the elevator and quickly arrived underground.

The soldiers on duty saluted her in succession upon seeing her. They gazed at her respectfully all the way to the warehouse.

“Staff officer Shen, are you still inspecting at this time?” the major in charge of warehouse management smiled as he asked her.

Even though Shen Xing was beautiful, he dared not have any improper thoughts for she was the high-ranking regimental commander’s sister. It was said that she would soon be recalled to headquarters for another assignment.

“Hmm, I’m here to take a look.” Shen Xing nodded in all apparent seriousness.

“Sure. Come, open the door.”

Such an important warehouse used for fixed soul ammunition required three keys and a specific passcode to unlock the door. Two lieutenants holding the keys were called upon by the major, in addition to the passcode and Shen Xing’s iris scan before the door slowly opened.

A warehouse storing so much fixed soul ammunition naturally possessed an atmosphere that felt quite ominous. Although there was no hyper strategic type fixed soul ammunitions here, but the value of the ones they had was enormous. It was one of the most important warehouses of the Northsea Army Corps.

She walked into the warehouse and felt the familiarity of her dream arise spontaneously. Shen Xing’s feeling of familiarity with this place was especially intense because she had been dreaming about it every night.

She Xing looked at the ammammunition her surroundings absentmindedly upon walking inside the warehouse. All of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks. “There should be four rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions here. Why are they missing? Show me the warehouse records.”

The spot where she stopped happened to be a shelf with a tidy arrangement of ammunition on it. However, there should have been an additional four fixed soul ammunitions, according to Shen Xing’s memories. She could clearly remember that the bastard who had held her hostage had once hidden here for a moment in her dreams. Thus, she had an especially vivid memory of this.

However, she immediately regretted asking just before she had done so, seeing that it was just a dream! She was actually inquiring in real life about her nightmares. This was truly…

Even so, there was no answer forthcoming. Shen Xing turned around to look at the major in charge of the warehouse and saw shock flash past his eyes.

‘How can she know that there should be four rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions over here? This is impossible! It has been a few months since her last visit here.’

The classifications and ranks of fixed soul ammunitions followed extremely strict storage rules, so its positions could not be changed simply unless it was used for service.

“I’m talking to you.” the highly intelligent Shen Xing could immediately sense a problem. She spoke quickly while her voice was turning stern.

The major immediately smiled apologetically and said, “The ammunitions were used for service. Please wait for a moment for the warehouse records. I’ll get them it now.”

Shen Xing commanded, “Bring it to me stat.”

The major hastily nodded repeatedly. “Please hold on. I’m going now.” He turned around as he was speaking and exchanged glances with his two lieutenants.

The three of them walked toward the outside in quick strides.

“Why is everyone leaving? One person will do,” Shen Xing shouted.

“Yes.” The major stopped walking. When he turned around again, there was a flash of light. Shen Xing shuddered as an intense numbness instantly spread through every part of her body. She slowly slumped down to the floor.

Her eyes widened as she could not believe that the situation before her was really happening.

A person capable of becoming a fixed soul ammunition warehouse supervisor would have had to pass through strict vetting, but there was no doubt that something had gone wrong with this man and his two lieutenants.

The major’s expression turned slightly ferocious as he walked to Shen Xing and pulled off the communicator on her chest. He did it so forcefully such that he tore off the top two buttons on Shen Xing’s military uniform.

As the buttons hit the ground, the snowy white complexion of her chest was revealed, but her entire body was so numb that she could not even shout.

The warehouse supervisor was breathing rapidly. “Why, why do you have to remember so clearly? Even I can’t possibly remember how many ammunitions there are on each shelf.”

Shen Xing could not speak, but only glared at him with a fierce gaze.

The warehouse supervisor spoke with a disappointed expression, “I didn’t wish for this to happen either. I know that it’s a serious offense to resell fixed soul ammunitions, but I had no choice. They took my family. My son is still in their hands. I’m completely helpless, and I have no other options. I’ll definitely have to take you as well, seeing that you’re the general’s biological sister. I suspect that you’ll surely be of great value to them, so it should be to my benefit. Help Staff Officer Shen to stand up. We must leave now. Thank god it’s still night time. Notify our escape route to make the preparations. We depart immediately.”

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