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Time To Leave

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Tang Wulin took a close look with his inner eye and immediately discovered that the soul power vortex in his body was still there with the two green and purple light spots. All that he had learned was deeply seared into his mind as well.

The illusion was so dreadful that he had managed to live in it for over a year.

“Time in the illusion moves at one-fourth the speed of the outside world, thus you’ve only been here for just over three months,” Old Demon Greed spoke.

“Your companions have yet to complete all the trials, so they’ll still need more time. I should let you know that it’s not good for them to end the training before they finish all the tests. They’ll need to experience the full process and rebuild their mental state. For example, that brat over there.” Old Demon Nightmare pointed to Yue Zhengyu.

Tang Wulin immediately recalled Yue Zhengyu’s tragic encounter. He looked at the seven old demons surrounding him and felt like he could really trust them now.

“Alright, I’ll tell all of you. Firstly, I really don’t know how the so-called life tide and destruction tide are triggered. During the end of my meditation, I felt that the life force surrounding my body suddenly became intense, and then I began to see a bizarre scene.”

Tang Wulin went on to relate what he had witnessed in the illusion. During the explanation, he hid the fact that after everything had happened, the two sparks of light had appeared in his soul power vortex.

Deep down, he was still on his guard, so naturally, he would not be revealing all that took place. However, he described what he had seen in the hope that the Old Demons could help him analyze it. They understood life and destruction energy more than anybody else, so their analysis was undoubtedly the most dependable.

The seven Old Demons all frowned upon hearing Tang Wulin’s description. They seemed to be pondering very deeply.

“There’s no doubt that purple should be destruction while green represents life. In other words, it’s highly possible that you saw the projections of the Life Goddess and the Destruction God in your vision. On the other hand, there’s only one place that they could be guarding, and that must be the Divine Realm. Perhaps, what you saw is precisely why we can’t sense the Divine Realm anymore. This is truly of the utmost importance. I’ll be recording your description in detail and sending it to the Sea God’s Pavilion after you’ve returned for the Pavilion Master’s perusal,” Old Demon Greed spoke with all apparent seriousness.

“Sure.” Tang Wulin nodded immediately.

Old Demon Greed said, “However, I still don’t know why you are triggering these events. Did you feel anything else at the time? How about the golden spark of light?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I don’t know either. It was just when I saw that golden light spot, I felt as if I was experiencing emotional turmoil. It was a pang of sadness as though I had encountered some heartbreaking event. It was a little like when my parents suddenly left years ago.”

Old Demon Greed nodded ever so slightly, “This is unprecedented and also very difficult to analyze. Alright, you should continue to meditate and see if you can enter that state once again. Sense the illusion while waiting for your companions here. However, you can’t return to Nightmare’s illusion once you’re out, so just wait at this spot.”

“Sure,” Tang Wulin answered immediately, then he looked toward Old Demon Devour. “Is the scrumptious food of yours real? Do you still have some?”

“No, no. I’m running out of food because of you, brat. Do you know how much you ate? The life force here is so thick, there’s utterly no need to eat. Cultivate by yourself. Go!” Old Demon Devour spoke with fury before he vanished into thin air.

Tang Wulin turned and faced Old Demon Sloth. His countenance had remained unpleasant the whole time. He flung his sleeves once before he turned around and disappeared.

Old Demon Lust chuckled. “Sloth is badly rattled by the blow this time. Your companions are truly piteous. They’ll certainly infuriate him. Greed, are you truly not planning to give him a test? You’re the most incisive one amongst us.”

Old Demon Greed shook his head. “There’s no need for it anymore. Unless I can erase a part of his memories, it wouldn’t be very effective. I doubt this young lad would be blinded by greed.”

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin thought to himself, ‘My main vice is indeed greed! I’ve loved money ever since I was young.’

The old demons left in succession leaving Tang Wulin by himself. His companions were still doing various things. At long last, Tang Wulin was relieved to find that his companions were safe and sound. He did not know what else he could do other than continuing his meditation. At the same time, he wished to learn the purpose of those purple and green sparks in his body.

However, it was easier said than done. He did not manage to enter deep meditation anymore, and he could not sense the two sparks’ function despite repeated attempts.

His soul power was cultivating normally, his soul power vortex was spinning as usual, but it was as if the green and purple sparks were completely unrelated to Tang Wulin. There was no way for the energy in his body to affect the two specks of light.

One month in real time, which was equal to four months in Old Demon Nightmare’s illusion, passed quickly. The remaining six of the Shrek Seven Monsters all ended their nightmarish journeys in turn.

The second person to end Old Demon Nightmare’s illusion was Ye Xinglan, followed by Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan.

Yue Zhengyu was the last person.

When his companions learned about Yue Zhengyu’s encounter through Tang Wulin’s description, Xu Xiaoyan’s face was blushing for a full two days, while the rest of them could not laugh about it either. They were still terrified. These Old Demons were truly too frightening. They had already achieved perfection with their test of humanity.

Tang Wulin was feeling a little odd as he looked at his companions. Even though it had only been just over four months here, less than two years in the illusion, everyone seemed to have grown so much from the experience. There was no doubt that this would be the most unforgettable trip of their lives.

Yue Zhengyu finally woke up seven days later.

His body shuddered a little before his gaze turned crystal clear. The first person he saw was Xu Xiaoyan.

Yue Zhengyu’s lips twitched as he sat onto the ground. “Xiaoyan, I’ve let you down.” Tears streamed down his face almost instantly.

The group of people had strange looks on their faces. Xu Xiaoyan hastily dashed forward and hugged him. She patted his back gently. “It’s over. Everything is over now. You didn’t do anything wrong, nothing.”

It took more than half an hour before Yue Zhengyu gradually recovered. He could not help clenching his teeth in hatred when Old Demon Lust was mentioned.

“All of you should leave.” The seven Old Demons appeared before everybody with a burst of shadow. Their expressions were all different, and they each held a unique posture. Other than Tang Wulin, everybody else could not help feeling fearful upon seeing the entire group of them.

Yes! Their ordeal here was truly horrifying, and they were tormented far too much.

Old Demon Greed smiled. “I trust that all of you will always remember everything you’ve felt over here. Congratulations, all seven of you have officially graduated. You’ve managed to endure until the end, and that’s no easy task. As the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters, all of you deserve the title. Now, you’re about to carry out your final test. No one is sending you back. You must depend on your own strength. I should also remind all of you that the events that follow are no longer illusions. You’ll need to face the Northsea Army Corps on your own. Of course, the aircraft you stole in the illusion earlier isn’t fake either. At least I can confirm that the military officers in your illusion absolutely loathe all of you to their very bones. Alright, you’re free to leave at anytime.

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