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Life Tide

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Besides the original six demons, there was one more. This old demon had unusual features with small eyes, a big nose, a huge mouth with an especially long jaw, and a slight hunch. However, the rest of the six old demons stood below him naturally just as he turned up.

“Big brother, why has the life tide appeared all of a sudden?” Old Demon Blight anxiously asked this newly arrived old man.

The elder shook his head with a frown on his face. “I don’t understand either. I’ve been suppressing the destruction energy all along. Usually, the energy abruptly weakens just before the coming of the life tide, but this time it feels different. Under normal circumstances, I can feel the life tide a decade prior to it emerging. It will build up gradually until it finally bursts out. On the other hand, there was utterly no indication for this life tide. Release the few young fellows so they can receive the life tide’s baptism. They’re very fortunate. It’s a lucky chance for them to make it in time for the life tide.”

“I’ll go!” Old Demon Blight hastily spoke.

“Wait. Look at the life tide’s direction,” the fat elder suddenly interjected.

“It’s from his side?” Old Demon Blight immediately realized as well.

“What’s going on?” the leading old man asked in a deep voice.

Old Demon Lust spoke, “It’s Tang Wulin. It has already been over three months since he entered deep meditation. It doesn’t seem like the life tide’s energy is coming out from the Destruction Fragment’s surroundings but from the point he is meditating. It’s so strange.”

“Could it be that his meditation triggered the life tide? How is that possible?” Old Demon Loathe’s face was filled with disbelief.

The numerous old demons stood gazing at one another as they could not help feeling shocked.

It had already been over a millennium since they had arrived at this place. They had figured out the natural surroundings and routines of the entire Demon Island on their own. Nevertheless, every time a situation occurred without following a regular pattern, this signified that there was more to understand about the island.

Even though they all existed in the form of energy, the ability to learn everything about the area was the most important task for them as the guardians of the island.

“Go over and take a look!” The lead elder waved his huge hand as radiance flashed over the seven old demons’ bodies. In the next moment, they had all vanished.

Tang Wulin was completely unaware of what was going on outside. He could only feel as the life force around him grew thicker and thicker and swaddled him like a cocoon.

It was an extremely wonderful feeling.

It was obvious that he had already lost the ability to breathe, yet it was soothing like nothing he had felt before.

He could not see that a soul ring had slowly started to glow on the surface of his body. It was not the Bluesilver Emperor soul ring nor the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s golden soul ring, but it was actually that green-gold soul ring.

The green-gold soul ring shimmered with an otherworldly radiance. When he first obtained this soul ring, no matter how much he infused his soul power into the soul ring, it would be engulfed into nothingness. He had only managed to launch it once for a short period of time with Atlas Douluo’s assistance.

Tang Wulin named the soul skill brought by this soul ring ‘Nature’s Child’.

At that moment, his fifth soul ring shone more brilliantly than ever while exuding a thick vitality that complemented the life tide that had enveloped him.

The Demon Island began to tremor ever so slightly during the coming of the life tide. In the distance, all sorts of sea soul beasts had gathered and swam around Demon Island.

More and more sea soul beasts rushed over and joined the formation to enjoy the benefits of the dense life essence.

Tang Wulin’s consciousness was gradually immersed in life source. He was surprised to see scenes playing out like mirages in the depths of his mind.

He saw a colorful ball of light that was shimmering with a strange radiance and halos glowing about it. Every time the light flickered, he felt his spiritual state fluctuate.

The ball of light gradually grew until it was several times its original size. The orb turned translucent as if its surface was becoming thinner.

Tang Wulin could clearly see that there were wispy clouds, rivers, and mountains within the radiant orb. It was very peculiar.

A powerful gust of grey wind blew in from the distance at that exact moment. The wind was so strong that it blotted out the sky and covered the earth. Everything within his field of vision was all blanketed by the wind including the ball of light.

The glowing sphere began to flicker rapidly. Every time it did so, its energy would shake violently as fine cracks began to form. It seemed like the ball of light was about to shatter after being engulfed by the wind.

However, something odd suddenly happened upon the orb’s surface. Two shadows, one green, and the other purple, manifested and fused together, forming a peculiar halo. This white halo covered the entire ball, while the cracks healed and the ball shrank once again. Everything on its inside gradually blurred, but it did not break.

The terrifying wind rolled on as it rattled the colorful ball of light, shaking it continuously. The ball merged with the grey wind before it blew into the distance.

For some reason, sorrow arose from the deep within of Tang Wulin’s heart at this point. At that point, what he wanted most was to let out a scream and grab the ball of light.

In a blink, he saw three speckles of light just out of the corner of his eye. Two of them were purple and green, only that these two light speckles were much weaker when compared to the purple and green lights that guarded the ball of light earlier. The light speckles collided into each other and gradually became clearer to Yang Wulin’s eyes.

They were two figures, but they resembled phantoms. He could vaguely tell that the purple figure seemed to be a man, while the green one was a woman. They were attempting to hold on to each other, but they failed to do so.

Finally, the purple figure disintegrated during the next collision and transformed into countless bits of purple fragments that scattered everywhere. The other green figure seemed to scream out in sorrow as she disintegrated as well. Sparks of green radiance shot out and found those purple fragments and transformed into rings of green energy that entwined like vines around the purple fragments before flying away.

A third spark turned clearer at this time as well. It was a ball of golden light. Tang Wulin felt his heartbeat quicken as it filled with intense anguish and grief when he witnessed the scene unfold.

That golden radiance swiftly enlarged before him. In the next moment, the entire scene vanished completely.

Tang Wulin’s body was trembling, and he was quite shaken mentally. It took him a long while to get back to his normal self.

He lost count of how long it had taken for him to recover. Life and destruction. This was precisely what life and destruction felt like.

The purple seemed to represent destruction while green represented life, so what was the golden radiance representing?

What was the ball of light being protected by destruction and creation?

Even though it had only been a short period of time, it felt like a century had passed for Tang Wulin.

He could clearly feel that something had been added to his mind, yet he could not manage to grasp it and figure out what had actually happened.

He exhaled and slowly opened his eyes. It was only then that Tang Wulin was astonished to see that glowing halos of green and purple had surrounded his body and were slowly dissipating.

His body remained unaltered, and he did not feel any different. However, there was a wonderful feeling in his heart. He focused his attention and discovered in that there was something else added to the middle of his recently formed soul power vortex.

There were two tiny spots of light, one green, and the other purple. They were revolving around each other, slowly spinning.

Tang Wulin tried to sense what they were, but his spirit became confused the instant his consciousness approached the green and purple specks. He could not perceive anything clearly.

His perception soon recovered, and he could still see those two light spots.

Was this…brought by life and destruction? Then, why had they entered his body? Was it not crowded enough with the Golden Dragon King Bloodline and the Mysterious Heaven Method soul power already in there?

More importantly, Tang Wulin could not confirm if the addition of this energy to his body was a boon or a bane.

Speechless, Tang Wulin shook his head slightly, then he opened his eyes once again.

“Oh. All of you…” He was startled this time, because seven pairs of eyes were glaring at him in bewilderment from all around, staring attentively.

Other than the six old demons he was acquainted with, there was also one more standing right in front of him now.

“The Life Tide and the Destruction Tide appeared simultaneously, and it was you that triggered it. Tell me at once, what did you actually do?” the old man asked anxiously.

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