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Their Story

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Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. “According to my estimate, I think I’ve been here for six months. The academy told me that this was a two-year military training program before I came. Yet, you’re telling me I’ve passed? I’m afraid that you’re mistaken if you think you can fool me.”

The huge old man walked to a spot in front of Tang Wulin. “Why would I fool you? That was meant for ordinary people. Do you think that everyone can complete the task of crossing the sea and hijacking an aircraft in three months like you? Actually, none of your friends can complete it. You’re the only person capable of completing it at present. It’s impossible to pass without completing that task.”

“I believe that you have some expectations of your own too. How can Shrek Academy possibly send all of you to your doom? These are all arranged by the academy. As a matter of fact, do you know our past history?” the huge old man spoke smilingly.

Past history?

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes as he did not have any intention to trust the huge old man.

The huge old man chuckled. “It’s fine if you don’t believe me. When I’m done narrating, I bet you’ll begin to believe me. Let me tell you how the Demon Island was formed.”

He took the liberty to approach Tang Wulin before he took a seat as he was saying that. Despite being seated, he was still slightly taller than Tang Wulin.

He waved his right hand once and conjured a table before him. Then, he began pulling a variety of food from thin air and placing them on the table.

Tang Wulin took two steps back. A strong fragrance filled his nose making him feel terribly hungry. However, he would not act rashly after having gone through Old Demon Devour’s training.

The huge old man waved his hands. “Come out, Lust.”

In the flash of a shadow, the young version of Old Demon Lust appeared out of thin air once again and sat down on one side of the table.

The huge old man spoke, “When I’m done, you can begin to teach him those knowledge.”

Old Demon Lust nodded. “Sure. I think a month should be enough for him with his natural endowments.”

Tang Wulin was still vigilant despite everything before his eyes appearing genuinely realistic.

The huge old man smiled. “Alright. Let’s begin right from the beginning. The Demon Archipelago appeared suddenly over a thousand years ago. Its appearance was inevitable but it was by chance also. To be exact, we have no idea what really happened even till now. Of course, we were not truly demons back then. In fact, we were once humans.”

“The Demon Island was formed after countless fragments fell from the sky into the sea. There are two opposing energies in this Demon Archipelago which I believe you sensed already. One is the incomparably dense life force, while the other is the destructive energy capable of destroying everything. It was brought by the Destruction Fragment which you’ve seen before.”

“Old Demon Blight wasn’t lying to you. There’s a piece of the Destruction Fragment on each island, differing only in size, but there’s also a dense life force with each piece of the Destruction Fragment. It’s precisely because of the equilibrium between these two energies that resulted in the destructive energy not leaking to the outside and causing a fatal catastrophe on Douluo Continent.”

“According to our research for many years, we’ve accumulated a number of discoveries. We suspect that the dense life force and destructive energies don’t originate from the continent itself, perhaps not even our planet.”

Tang Wulin could not help responding to what he heard, “Not from our planet? Could it be that it came from external worlds?” Mankind, with the advancement of science, had discovered that Douluo Continent, where they were living at present, Star Luo Continent, and Heaven Dou Continent were all situated on an enormous planet.

The planet was named Douluo Star. At the same time, countless stars were discovered in the vast galaxy through astronomical observations. There were many more things that the current technologies had not discover yet. Nonetheless, Douluo Continent, with the most advanced technology amongst the three continents, was already developing their technology for space exploration.

The huge old man spoke, “That’s right, it’s probably from an external world. Moreover, it could possibly be related to us according to our analysis. You probably know that it has already been a very long time since someone from the human world managed to achieve Godhood, such as Tang Sect’s first ancestor Tang San, and Spirit Pagoda’s founder Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao.”

Tang Wulin asked, “Does the Godhood truly exist?”

The huge old man replied without the slightest hesitation, “Yes. There are many detailed ancient recordings about the first ancestor Tang San’s Godhood on the continent. There were more than just him who achieved Godhood, the rest of the six people from the Shrek Seven Monsters whom he led had all become Gods and inherited different Godhoods before ascending to the Divine Realm. Even the first ancestor Tang San handed down some information about the Divine Realm too.”

“To our knowledge, the Divine Realm exists. The so-called Divine Realm is actually the world where the powerhouses lived after they had achieved a certain level in life. That world administers the low-ranking worlds like ours. There are also ranks within the Divine Realm. The lowest rank Godhood is known as God King. The Five God Kings form the council of Divine Realm Committee in the Divine Realm to administer the destiny of the small worlds like ours. However, it seems that due to some legal constraints, they can’t interfere too much in our low-ranking world.”

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever heard of such a story. Even though he was still vigilant, he was attracted to the huge old man’s narrative.

The huge old man continued, “After the first ancestor Tang San became a God, he was in one of the Five Great God Kings’ good graces and finally became the God King’s successor. He inherited the Godhood positions of the Sea God and the Xiu Lo God thereby becoming one of the Five Great God Kings. The remaining four of the Five Great God Kings were the Kindness God, the Evil God, the Life God, and the Destruction God.”

“The five of them took charge of the Divine Realm. So naturally, they assumed full charge of our Douluo Star as well. For a few millennia, we didn’t have any powerhouse capable of sensing the Divine Realm’s existence ever since Spirit Ice Douluo’s ascension.”

“There is no need for you to doubt this information that has been passed down from Shrek Academy, Tang Sect, and Spirit Pagoda’s high-ranking officials for generations. When the top powerhouses of these three great organizations achieved a certain level, they would attempt to sense the existence of the Divine Realm, but no one has managed to sense that world anymore. I can’t think of any other explanation apart from there being something wrong with the Divine Realm itself.”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “So you’re saying that the Divine Realm doesn’t exist anymore?”

The huge old man shook his head. “No one knows the actual situation and no one knows what happened to the Divine Realm. However, we believe that something must have happened to the Divine Realm.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “So how is that related to the Demon Island then?”

The huge old man spoke, “You already heard me earlier that there are the Life God and the Destruction God amongst the Five Great God Kings. Well, can’t you make the association?”

Tang Wulin was shocked. “So you’re saying that the existence of the Demon Island is related to the two Great God Kings?”

The huge old man smiled while Old Demon Lust who was by his side spoke, “Precisely. About two thousand years ago, the life force and destructive energies suddenly descended from the sky. The destructive energy made those fragments and formed the Demon Archipelago, while the life force acted as a restraint on the destructive energy.”

“The antonym of destruction is creation. The final objective of creation is the creation of life. Destruction and creation are opposites, yet they exist side by side and are inseparable. The existence of these two energies produced a massive influence in the sea region around here. The sea soul beasts that were already domineering at the time suddenly had such vast developments that it became a huge threat to the continent’s coastal areas. From that time onward, the Northsea Army Corps was assigned here. Later on, our expedition took place.”

The huge old man smiled. “Of course, Old Demon Nightmare is just messing with all of you. In reality, how can we possibly harm you all? Even though we are truly lonely here, we all originated from the same source.”

“Same source?”

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened.

The huge old man spoke, “That is because we were the Shrek Seven Monsters back in those days. We were duty bound to explore the mysteries of life and destruction. Thereupon, we were sent here. Needless to say, we had a tragic encounter.”

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