Little Lucy

12 hours ago

Little Lucy

Written by: KING MUFASA


This is a story of a young teenage girl called Lucy.

But everyone calls her little Lucy. I guess that’s because She is always the babyish, childish type of person around.

This is the story of her life. She h’ve been trying overtime to write a book.

She h’ve kept a full diary since she turned ten.

Now as a grown up adult, She amassed all those little thoughts, turning them into her very own story.

Now everyone has a turning point in their life and her own turning point began in 2016 when She started schooling at an all girls school.

At first, She attended middle school at a cooperate school. It was fun while it lasted cause she had tons of friends.

But her grades were terrible.

Her Mom was worried She could get carried away in a cooperate school so she dumped her in an all girls school.

To be continued in episode 1..

Little Lucy - S01

Little Lucy - S01

12 hours ago