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After taking a bath, Ji Rou comes out and sees Qin Yinze hasn't left. She immediately raises an alarm: "Qin Yinze, why are you still in my room?"

"Why do you think I'm still in your room?" When he was in need of it, Qin Da Shao cried out delicately. After using him, he immediately turned his face away. Qin Yinze thinks that this woman is not clean up.

"How do I know Come back to your room, I'm going to have a rest. " Sure enough, as she thought, this man is full of energy. If he doesn't hold her back at night, he can't sleep.

He has nothing to do and is full of energy. However, she is almost tired from morning to night. Where can she have the energy to accompany him.

"You don't know?" He asked with a smile. He looked bad. Ji Rou hated it, but there was a little bit of it.

Damn, damn! How could she find the man attractive? He's a nasty devil.

Ji Rou knew that it would always be her who suffered from the hard encounter with this man. She immediately switched to the gentle attack: "my most lovely young master Qin, I am very tired these two days, and I have no energy to accompany you. Please forgive me more."

Qin Yinze knew what was on her mind, and immediately got up and walked towards her. As expected, she was scared to step back: "master Qin, I'm really tired and tired. Please let me go!"

Qin Yinze, with a cold face, gradually pushed her to the corner of the wall and controlled her between him and the wall: "silly woman, what do you think of me?"


Qin animals!

What else could he be?

I think so in my heart, but Ji Rou didn't dare to tell the truth. She could only pick up good words and tell him: "you are a good person, Qin Dawang. I'm sure you will understand me if you are so kind. "

"Hum Don't think I don't know what you're thinking. " Qin Yinze looks down, spits the warm breath in her ear, "Ji xiaorou, if I don't do something to you, will you be disappointed?"

"Why?" Ji Rou's eyes were wide, and she was surprised, "Qin Yinze, how can you see me like this? Am I like that? I... "

Well, she can't make it up, because when he gets close to her, her heart really wants him to do something to her.

She has been with this man for a long time. Unconsciously, she has become as shameless as him. She wants to do something shameless every day.

When Ji Rou was full of expectation for him, Qin Yinze let go of her: "since you don't want me to do something to you, then sleep well, I won't disturb you."

Then he left!

Just go like that!

He walked clean and did not take away a cloud!

Looking at the closed door, Jirou felt like thousands of grass and mud horses galloping past. How could she tickle people and retreat like him?

"Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! You have a good memory of today's event. I will report it some day. " Ji Rou falls on the bed and lies in a big shape, scolding Qin Yinze for her pain and happiness.

Because the work these days is too tired, scolding, Ji Rou fell asleep, but she didn't sleep well.

She dreamed of Ji Chendong's gang of villains. Ji Chendong pointed a gun at her and said grimly: "xiaorou, some days are gone, do you know me?"

The enemy was in front of her and pointed a gun at her. Ji Rou didn't even have a hiding place. She was so scared that she was stiff: "Ji Chendong, didn't you and you get caught? Why are you here? "

Ji Chendong sneers: "do you think they can lock me? Do you think Qianshui company is yours now? Xiaorou, you have grown up, but how come your IQ has not improved at all? "

Ji Chendong surprised her with every word: "Ji Chendong, what do you mean?"

"Xiaorou, what do you think someone in minluo really dares to do to me? Do you know who took Qianshui company? Ha ha ha You don't know! " Ji Chendong laughs, but laughs, and suddenly the person in front of him becomes Qin Yinze.

"Qin, Qin Yinze? How could it be you? " Jirou doesn't want to believe it, but the man who points a gun at her in front of her is Qin Yinze.

The same facial features, the same clothes, and the smile like radian of the corner of the lips are all the same with him, 100% of them are him, no mistake.

"Yes, it's me! That's me! You didn't expect that I was behind all this. " Qin Yinze is also smiling. He laughs ferociously. He is no longer the man Ji Rou is familiar with.

His familiar Qin Yinze is sometimes domineering, sometimes cold, sometimes poisonous But he has never been so frightening. At this time, he is like a devil from hell, terrible.

"No, no, no It's not you. How could it be you? You will never do that. This is a fake, it must be a fake... " Ji Rou shakes her head back, trying to let herself out of the nightmare that scares her.

Qin Yinze is the one who rescues her when she is most helpless. How can he be the main messenger behind the scenes?

Impossible impossible It must not be him, it must not be him, it's her dream, it's fake, it's all fake!

"It's me!" His voice fell, a bang of the gun immediately sounded, the bullet flew out through Jirou's chest, blood spray on her face.

"No..." Jirou wakes up from her dream and is scared out of a cold sweat.

This dream is terrible. She even dreamed that Qianshui company was robbed again, and the person who robbed it was It's Qin Yinze.

"Jirou, what's the matter?" Before he calmed down, Ji Rou's ear suddenly heard Qin Yinze's voice.

When Ji Rou opened her eyes, Qin Yinze's enlarged face was in front of her eyes, which scared her to hide behind and hit the head of the bed: "who are you? What do you want? "

She can't care about the pain on her body. She tries to avoid him with her teeth and claws. She looks like a hedgehog. No one can get close to her.

"Who do you say I am?" Because without her in her arms, Qin Yinze couldn't sleep, and secretly ran to her room. Unexpectedly, she didn't get on her bed, and saw that she was awakened by nightmares.

"Who are you? Don't come here! Stay away from me! " Jirou screams and shouts, grabs the pillow on her bed and smashes it at Qin Yinze, who is close to her.

"I'm your man!" Qin Yinze grabs the pillow, turns over to bed and lies beside her, hugs her in her arms. "Ji Rou, you have a nightmare. It's just a dream. Wake up. I'm by your side, I won't let anyone hurt you. "

"Dream? Is it just a dream? " Why is this dream so real? It's so real that she's afraid and can't accept it.

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