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Qin Yinze would like to tell Ji Rou all these things, but he can't say that in Ji Rou's view, the relationship between them has been very unbalanced.

If Jirou knew that he had done so many things for her behind her, she would feel more vulnerable in their relationship.

"I found a talent in our company. He gave me a lot of good suggestions these days, but I don't know if I should trust him?" Looking at Qin Yinze, Ji Rou said, "I don't want to doubt anyone. As the saying goes, once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well line. I'm afraid that I'll trust someone wrong again. In case Qianshui company is robbed again, I think I'll never come back. If Qianshui company fails in my hands again, and I die later, I have no face to see my father. "

"Tell me, what kind of person is that?" That person was arranged by him to her. He knows much more about that person's everything than she does. He can absolutely believe it, but he can't tell her.

Jirou said, "what you have seen is the Zeng Yunwei who I talked to the other day. He has been working in Qianshui company for several years. He used to be a humble clerk. I didn't know him until someone recommended him to me recently. "

Qin Yinze comforted: "don't think so much. I'll take care of this matter. I'll help you to check the person's background and see if he can believe it."

Ji Rou smiled and said, "Qin Dawang, I knew you would help me! Without you, many times I don't know what to do with myself. "

Qin Yinze said, "I'm your man. Who can help you if I don't?"? Don't be so polite to me. "

Jiroutiantian said: "no matter who helped me, I should say thank you. This is the most basic courtesy."

Qin Yinze didn't say anything more. As long as she is happy, go with her and let her do whatever she wants. When

returned home, Ji ran hurriedly opened the computer to work. In order to make the company resume track, she did her best, but her efforts were not so awesome, and the result was not very good.

Seeing Ji Rou come back, she is busy with her work. Qin Yinze calls her, and she can't hear it. This makes Qin Yinze feel bad. Knowing that he shouldn't return Qianshui company to her, she is not busy all day, so her attention will be on him.

The more he thought about it, the more upset Qin Yinze felt. He grabbed the laptop in her hand: "don't be busy, take a bath first, and go to bed early in the evening."

"I still don't understand this contract. If I don't understand it, how can I talk to my department leader at the meeting tomorrow?" Ji Rou goes to rob the computer, but Qin Yinze doesn't give it back.

Ji Rou is a little anxious: "Qin Yinze, don't make trouble, OK? I'm not joking with you. It's my job. It's about whether many people can have a meal. "

For Qianshui company, Ji Rou takes out all the strength she has never taken seriously before. She wants to make efforts to make achievements, let others see that she has not lost her father's face, and let the father in the sky see that his excellent daughter is not useless.

Seeing her serious appearance, Qin Da Shao was very kind: "where don't you understand? Tell me to see? "

Although he may not be able to understand it, it's better for one more person to look at it than one more person to put his head in his thoughts. Ji Rou pointed to one of the terms in the contract: "that's it. I don't know that much."

Qin Yinze never joked about his work. Ji Rou asked him. He explained to her more seriously. Seeing his serious appearance, Ji Rou felt that she had never really known him.

In life, many times he is a very shameless person, especially like to pull her to do something shameful.

In his villa, almost all places left traces of his love for her, but in the face of work, he was always so serious, and he gave her a very reasonable analysis.

Ji Rou listened carefully and gave him a thumbs up praise: "Qin Dawang, sometimes I'm curious about you. You say that you are a second generation of people who have been doing nothing all day. How can you analyze things correctly? Even I think your ability must be above Zeng Yunwei. "

"You don't think about who I am. A lot of things have not been done, but have seen and heard more than many people Qin Yinze rubbed her head. "Is there any doubt? If not, take a bath and go to bed. There's something else to keep you busy tomorrow. "

"There is no doubt for the moment. Tomorrow I have to go to school, and I have to go to the company. I'm very busy. I have to take a bath, wash and go to bed early. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get up in the morning. " Things have been solved. As soon as Ji Rou lost her computer, she got up and went into the bathroom. Qin Dashao was left behind again, which made her teeth itch.

It's a bad mood to be ignored by her again and again, but he can't bear to pester her again. She hasn't slept well for several days. He has to let her have a good sleep, or her body will be dragged down sooner or later.

When Ji Rou went to the bathroom, Qin Yinze took out his mobile phone and sent a message to someone: "she has a good impression on you. Keep working hard to get her full trust as soon as possible."

As long as Zeng Yunwei is fully trusted by Jirou, Jirou will trust Zeng Yunwei to take care of the company, and then she will have time to accompany her husband.

I will continue to work hard, sir. I will never let you and miss Ji down

The relationship between them has not been announced. Few people know that they have registered for marriage, so we call Ji Rou Miss Ji.

Seeing this address, Qin Yinze frowned, and he who never liked to talk more in front of his subordinates replied that she was my wife.

According to the previous practice, after their BSS ordered them to do something, they would not send any extra words. After Zeng Yunwei replied to the text message, he threw his cell phone aside and lay on the sofa, red and naked, thinking about what to do next to better play this identity, so that Jirou could not find any abnormality.

Just as he was thinking about it, his cell phone rang again. It was a new message. He picked up his cell phone and looked at it. It was a message from his BSS.

On the screen of the mobile phone, there are only five words, but Zeng Yunwei is shocked. It seems that his master is dissatisfied with his address for Ji rou.

As a result, Zeng replied immediately, "Sir, I will always pay attention to my words in front of my wife."

After sending out the message, Zeng Yunwei immediately changed the Fanzhu of Qin Yinze's telephone number. It used to be Mr. Qin, but now it's called "please call his wife Mrs. Qin".

It's not so easy for him to make mistakes when he sees this remark. /p

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