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I should take you home,Ayo ,are you sure this is save,how would your mum feel like seeing you in this condition and you remember you told me she is hypertensive,and seeing her only child in this condition might worsen the condition

Ayo replied

Just take me home,am dying here , even if it’s my last breath ,let me use it to talk to my mum pls

Ayo ,God forbid,you won’t die ,I said as I quickly picked my phone to call a taxi

In no time,the taxi had rushed to the compound,the driver helped me as we bother carried Ayo at the back seat .

Easy ,easy ,I nagged at the driver

Driver replied

Sorry madam ,but this is more like an emergency,this woman at the back is not fine you know

I know but , patient and hurry are almost the same thing,what if any other things happen while you speeding?

God forbid that,the taxify replied

We arrived at Ayo’ home ,I allighted the car and ran inside the passage where we met them months back

I met Ayo’s mum and some other relatives

“It’s Ayo ,she there,right inside the car”..

Mum Ayo replied

Omo mi(my daughter) what happened to her ,she Swifty stood up and ran after me

She’s over here ma,I pointed to Ayo

The look on her face was surprised,but she never waited further ,she entered the cab with us

I don’t know where she was taking us to but two of her relative followed us immediately

Mum Ayo

Stop here,stop here

My daughter oo

Pastor ,pastor ,please help me ,my daughter oo

Ahh,God ,I served you and no one else,God the world must not mock me , let them know I serve a living God ,God of mercy,He who delivered the lame ,he would open the eyes of the blind,I call upon your name oo

Crying and roaming on the floor


I stare at Ayo laying helplessly on the floor ..

Let’s pray

In Jesus name

Father in Jesus name..

For no one calls your name and go in vain

Heal her

“Amen” chorused

Let’s all sit down

Everyone sat down as I continued my talks

“Mum Ayo,there is something you need to do if you want Ayo to deliver safely”

“What is it pastor”,mum Ayo replied

You know,just remember,you were told something when Ayo was still little

“Yes,I remembered and I made do of everything” mum Ayo said

Can you tell me the things .

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