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A lady in white uniform holding a tray was approaching me as i try to open my eyes. Where am i? I asked with my weak voice. This his Albert hospital. Hospital? Why? What happen? How did i get here? I asked many questions with waiting for the answers. Just calm down you are still weak for this stress..

Thank God u are alive, my mum screamed with a mark on face near her ear, immediately i remembered what actually happened. Dear am sorry for not given you chance to explain your own story side. The doctor came in some minutes later. You will be discharged dis evening, you are now very much better.

Later that day @ 6pm

your principal and the disciplinary committee send us a letter and thus it read. She brought out the letter and read to my hearing.

Dear sir/ma

As a result of the act of immorality that your son(adeleke Julius) and Spencer jessy got engaged in at school compound(toilet) which is against the school rules and regulations. The school authorities and the disciplinary committee has taken the necessary action. And this is expulsion of the students involved from the school.


yours faithfully

the principal.

I think you understand what that mean? My dad asked. I available contact my mum(my own grandma) my dad said. Which means you are going to Nigeria on the next available flight which is Friday. Please daddy. I pleaded. That’s the final he finalized his words in a command tone. I looked at my mum’s eyes and saw dissatisfaction in her eyes.

Honey i have no choice than to be on your dad side, she said hugging me (my dad has left for his room then). Thanks mum, you are the best mum in the world. I love you mum. I cried out. I love you too. she said in a broken voice.

The rest of the days(Wednesday and Thursday) was so torturing. I didn’t give racheal any chance to lure me into any sexual activity.

Friday morning 6am

hurry up dear i don’t want you to miss your flight my mum said you know airport is about 3hours journey from our house. I move out of my bed, had a quick shower, brushed my teeth and clad in a blue t-shirt and a pant trouser.

At 7am

I gave racheal one last hug and a drop of tear dropped from her left eye. I knew in my mind that she is not sad because am leaving but because no one will satisfy her sex urge again.

I broke from her arm and headed to my dad’s car with my traveling bag which i drag on the floor(the wheeled type). My mum tried to keep me busy with her talk through the journey so that i won’t feel dejected.

At 9:45am we arrived at the airport i gave my mum a tight hug as i set to leave and wave at my dad..at 11:15am our plane took off……………..

Abeg you need to laugh small(this next lines are not part of my story but u must laugh small)

A Jamaica guy was my seat mate.

I have heard stories about the jamaicans that most of them are dumb.

I asks if the Jamaican would like to play a fun game.

The Jamaican is tired and just wants to take a nap, so he politely declines and tries to catch a few winks. I persists and says that the game is a lot of fun.

‘I ask you a question, and if you don’t know the answer, you pay me only $5; You ask me one, and if I don’t know the answer, I will pay you $500..’

This catches the Jamaican’s attention and to keep me quiet, he agrees to play the game.

I asks the first question.

‘What’s the distance from The Earth to the moon?’

The Jamaican doesn’t say a word, reaches in his pocket pulls out a five-dollar bill, and hands it to me.

Now, it’s the Jamaican’s turn.

He asks me, ‘What goes up a hill with three legs, and comes down with four?’

I used my laptop, searches all the references i knew.

I uses the air-phone; i searches the Net and even the Library of Congress.

I sends e-mails to all the smart friends i knows, all to no avail.

After one hour of searching, i finally gave up.

I woke up the Jamaican and hands him $500.

The Jamaican pockets the $500 goes right back to sleep.

I was going nuts not knowing the answer.

I woke the Jamaican up and asks, ‘Well, so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?’

The Jamaican reaches in his pocket, handed me $5 and goes back to sleep.

I got angry and slept off……….

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