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Befriending a ghost - S01 E12

Story 2 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 12

Telling Declan about Daphne


Sasha Alfredo



What is wrong with her!why did she run off like that? Daphne asked but I ignored her……

Putting two and two together, I was trying to come up with something…..

Cory’s demeanour clearly shows she was scared of something, but what could that be?

Why was she even scared of my room! Did something happen in here!Or……….. wait a minute! I also found Daphne necklace in this room , is it some of kind of co-incidence! ………

No it can’t be , it really can’t be . I said aloud and Daphne gave me a curious look

What can’t be! She asked with a furrowed eyebrow but I shook my head negatively

Nothing. I answered and she scoffed

Are you trying to hide something from me? She asked fixing her gaze on me

No Daphne ! You know I will never do that , I just don’t want you to get upset

Upset!and why would I be!she retorted, Just tell me what is going on in your mind.she added

I stared at her for a while and then sighed

Fine! I think Cory knows something about your death .i said and she widened her eyes in shock……

My death! how is that possible! I jumped off the bridge, remember?

I know Daphne but I have good a feeling that there is more to it, can’t you at least try to get something out of your memory. I said staring directly at her face

She looked up and then shifted her eyes

hmmmmh erm…. Cory … erm hmm…she stuttered trying to rack her brain ….

Do you remember anything? I asked eagerly and she sighed

I am sorry Sasha, but my memory is completely frozen


D--n! I ruffled my hair in confusion, what am I going to do now! I muttered

Why can’t you just ask Declan about it! She suggested

Declan! I repeated and she nodded

No, I don’t want to! you saw what happened the last time, I don’t want to bring back painful memories.

Then how do you intend to go about it? She asked with an arched eyebrow and I shrugged

I don’t know , I really don’t know. I said softly and she huffed

Can’t you see asking Declan is the only option we have left

Oh right! but what if he refuses to talk!what if he avoids me instead!what if he stop talking to…….I tried to say but she cut me off ….

he won’t Sasha! I am very sure he would be eager to help…

help! and how sure are you about that? I asked with a straight face and she sighed…..

I think it is time for you to tell him everything……..

Everything!what are you even saying! Do you want the guy I love to think of me as Crazy!i retorted angrily and she shook her head negatively……

he won’t , I am very sure he would believe you once he sees the golden necklace. She said trying to convince me and I guessed it kinda worked because I was a bit convinced ……

Fine! but do you think it … I was about to ask when i heard my mum call my name .

Oh yeah! It time for questioning. I drawled

Sasha! She called again with a louder voice

Yes mum . I answered and then faced Daphne

Wait here for me. I instructed but she shook her head

I am coming with you .

Fine! I agreed and we both headed downstairs together…..


Getting to the sitting room, I came face to face with my mum angry face…

What the hell just happened! Why did your friend run off like a mad woman? She half yelled and I bent my head not knowing what to say

Talk to me, why did she run off like that!Did she see something scary in your room! She asked rushingly

No mum , we had a little argument and she got really pissed off. I lied and my mum scoffed

Do I look like a fool!how can you both have an argument within a short period of time! She retorted angrily

but erm mum that is the truth. I stuttered and she smirked

This is the last time you will invite a friend over for a sleep over. She threatened

But mum it has not. .. I tried to say but she cut me off

Set the table, dinner will soon be ready. She instructed and then went over to the kitchen….

I bit my lips in anger, no sleep over again and it is all thanks to Cory …..

Sorry Sasha. Daphne said softly and I nodded without looking at her…..

Absentmindedly, I went over to set the dinner table…

I was lost in thought wondering about the best way to go about this……

Will Declan believe me if I tell him about Daphne! I guess I need to try …….



Cory Abel



Alighting from the taxi, I paid the driver and then ran all the way to my house….

I was really scared and confused!

Stepping into Sasha’s room brought back the memories of what happened that night….

The cracked in the skull , the blood , the seizures, the tears , the pleas……..I hit my head trying to stop the memories from flowing in but it was of no use as it even became more clearer……

Oh my gawd! What will I do! What will I tell Sasha! What explanation will I give her! I am very sure she would be confused about my behaviour!


On getting home , I pushed the door opened and walked in just in time to hear Racheal call my mother a “low life”

I clenched my fist in anger because there was nothing more I could do ………

She turned to face me and then scoffed …

Where are you coming from? She asked with a frown

I looked at her and then at my mom

Mum! Are you alright? I asked and she nodded without looking at me

Did you just ignore me? Racheal asked in a huff

No I didn’t! I was just checking on my mom to be sure she was okay . I explained and she laughed loudly

Oh Cory you are so funny! Why wouldn’t she be okay , do you think I would hurt her ! She asked

Yes, you just called her a low life ! I fired at her and she smiled

So! Isn’t that what she is! or what were you thinking! do you think being friend with you stop you from being my maid …….

I didn’t say that Racheal , I am just asking you to at least give my mum a little respect. I pleaded

She stared at me for a while and then smiled lightly

Fine! So where are you coming from?she asked again ….

I already told you ma’am Racheal, I sent her on an errand. My mom answered and I smiled lightly…..

Then why is she with her back pack? Racheal asked eying me….

That is because i told her to go with it. My mum said and then faced me

Isn’t that right Cory? She asked and I nodded …….

Oh!if that is the case , let go over to your room? Racheal said winking at me and I swallowed hard ………


She led the way to my room and I followed behind her slowly…

I knew what she wanted and was really sick and tired of it…..


Getting to my small room , she pushed the door opened and we walked in…..

So are you trying to run away from me? She asked while bolting the door

No Racheal, why will I do that! I asked with a trembling voice and she smiled

Good girl!

She moved closer to me and as expected, she held my face up and gave me a deep kiss……

I closed my eyes as I tried to blink back the tears …….

She broke the kiss and stared at my face…

Why are you crying! Are you already tired of me? She asked with a sad face and I shook my head negatively

This is not right Racheal , this is really not right …..

She laughed, what do you mean! It is not like this is our first time……..:.

I know! But I think it is time to end this, or don’t you love Declan anymore? I asked and she froze

Don’t you love him again? I repeated

Don’t bring Declan into this , Declan is mine and mine alone. She yelled

And isn’t that more reason why you need stop doing this. I yelled back and she gave me a thunderous slap

Ouuuarh! I groaned holding my cheeks and she smirked

This is to teach you not to talk back at me , you are nothing but the daughter to my maid. She reminded

Racheal! I called softly

You should be grateful I treat you as a friend in school. She added

I am sorry. I apologised softly and she smiled mischievously

So let us continue with our fun. She said and before I knew it , she pushed me to the bed ….

She took off her clothes and then joined me on the bed …..

I just need a hot romance and nothing more.she said with a seductive smile and I nodded slowly

Rolling on top her, I took her breast into my mouth and suckled on it ….

Deeeeclan! She moaned loudly as I continued suckling on it

I forcefully inserted two of my fingers into her tight p---y hole and fingered her with all the anger in me……

Oh my gawd! Declan f--k me harder! F--k me harder! She kept on screaming and I increased my pace and fingered her harder…..

Go down on me ! She grunted in pleasure

What!! I exclaimed in shock

I said you should go down on me ! She repeated

But Racheal that is to gross. I queried still fingering her and she rolled her eyes in pleasure

I can see you don’t want to go to medical school….

No Racheal! I really want to, you know that is my dream….

Then do it! She barked and I nodded sheepishly

Closing my eyes, I rolled my tongue around her c------s….

Yes that is it Declan! She wriggled her body in pleasure as I continued satisfying her………….



Sitting on the bed , I watched her wear her clothes….

This must remain a secret between us and in return, i will treat you as a friend when we are in school. She said with a grin

Oh yeah! We have so many secrets . I mumbled

What did you say? She asked with an arched eyebrow

Nothing. I lied


She took a few steps out of the room and then stopped

And one more thing, severe all of your ties with Sasha.she said and I widened my eyes in surprise

But why! Sasha is my friend! I defended and she smirked

And so was Daphne.she reminded and walked out of the room …….

Daphne! Why must she remind me of Daphne again!

I shuddered a little bit , if only I had not invited… I paused and broke down in tears…….

The door suddenly creaked opened and my mum walked in….

Cory! Are you alright? She asked and I nodded…

She moved closer and sat down beside me….

Why are you crying! Did Racheal hurt you! She asked in a rush and I shook my head

I just want freedom mother …..

I know but why did you return from the sleepover, is it because of Racheal? She asked and I froze …….

Talk to me Princess, we can move out of here if you want and also….. she tried to say but I cut her off

Move! And where would we go too! How are we going to survive! how am I going to achieve my dreams of being a doctor!

Cory! She called softly

We are indebted to Racheal”s family …. Apart from gifting us this house , they pay my fees ,they feed us, they clothes us , we can’t just do without them and you know it and that is…. she pulled me into a hug before I could complete what I wanted to say …….

It is going to be alright baby , it is going to be alright…………….



Declan Davies



I woke up the next morning still feeling sleepy and also tired…..

I stretched and sat up on the bed

Following my morning routine, I opened the drawer to bring out a packet of cigarettes but could not find any …..

how is this possible! I had more then 5 packets in here !

I bend over to look underneath the bed and my pot starch was also missing….

D--n! Is this what my mum meant by helping me!

Dragging myself up from the bed , i went over to the bathroom to freshen up….

Returning to the room, I went over to the wardrobe and searched through it…..

I soon settled for a blue jean with a black shirt and hurriedly dressed up in it

I pulled a black boot from the shoe rack and wore it ….

Picking my backpack from the table, I sling it across my shoulders and was about leaving the room when the golden chain laying on the table caught my attention….

I picked it up and stared at it , it was still the same……….

Wearing it around my neck , I hid it underneath my shirt and then headed downstairs to the sitting room……


Getting to the sitting room, I met my mom setting the table for breakfast

Good morning mum! I greeted

Morning baby! How was your night? She asked without looking at me

It was fine, did you remove anything from my room? I asked and she turned her head sideways to look at me …..

I did , do you have a problem with that? She asked with a frown

Nope. I answered popping the p and she smiled

Good! If that is the case , sit and let’s have breakfast….

No mom , I will pass! I drawled and she furrowed her eye brow

But why! Are you sulking because of the stuffs I removed from your room. She retorted

No mom . I lied

Better! because if I should see any of those stuff in your room again , you will be grounded for a month. She threatened

What! A month! I repeated in surprise and she nodded

It seems like someone is trying to be a tough mum. I mumbled

What did you say? She asked with a frown

I said see you later Mum. I lied and she chuckled softly……


I was about leaving the house when she called me

I turned to look at her

What is it mum? I asked and she smiled

You are now a big boy! She remarked and i knot my eyebrows


She picked up a key from the dinner table and threw it to me

I caught it and stared at it , it was the key to her car…

What should I do with it? I asked confusedly

It is yours now. She answered with a smile and I widened my eyes in surprise

Really mum! I asked to be sure and she nodded

Wow! Thanks so much . I blew her a kiss and ran out excitedly…..


I was expecting to see a dusty car but was surprised when I saw a clean red car….

When did she do this! My mum is really amazing!

Opening the car door, I got into the driver seat and then closed the door

I inserted the key in the ignition, started the ignition and the engine started

Wow! Wow! Wow! I exclaimed excitedly… I mean I have always had eyes for my mum car and now it belongs to me ……..

Controlling the steering wheel, I drove off heading to school ………



On getting to school , I drove into the compound and parked in the parking lot ….

I alighted from the car and was about walking into the building when I heard a familiar voice call me…

I looked in the direction of the voice and saw Racheal running towards me…..

I smirked

What does she want this time around?

Hi Declan! She greeted first with a smile

hi! I responded…

I saw you alight from the red car over there , is it yours? She asked and I nodded slowly

Oh! I was just curious because you use to come to school in a black car. She said still smiling and I scoffed

The black car belongs to my dad and you should know it was badly damaged in the accident that killed him. I reminded

Oh! She exclaimed softly

So is this the reason why you stopped me ! to ask me about a black car . I retorted in a huff

No, I wanted to ask if we can meet in the empty classroom during recess. She said with a grin and I shook my head…..

That won’t be possible Racheal!

But why! Is it because of Sasha? She asked and I smiled

Something like that .i answered and she clutched her fist tightly….

Do you like her? She probed on and I smirked

I don’t like her , I love her . I corrected

No! It is not possible! What of me! You love me also right? She asked with a wavering voice and I sighed

Please Racheal don’t be hard on yourself . I said and walked past her to the class……

Declan! Declan! Declan! I heard her called but I ignored her……



Entering the class, I looked towards Sasha seat but only saw her backpack

Where could she be?

I looked around the class and smiled when I saw at the far back talking to Cory ….

I walked up to them and got there just in time to hear her ask Cory about a room….

Room! What room! I wondered and waved it off when she turned back to look at me….

Declan! She called excitedly, then jumped up and hugged me….

I chuckled softly, is she for real!

how are you! I greeted

I am fine. She answered and disengaged from the hug

But how did you know I was behind you , you both were so engrossed with whatever you were saying to notice me …….

I em kind of know erm you were there. She stuttered and I smirked

I shifted my gaze to Cory and smiled lightly

hi Cory! I greeted and she widened her eyes in surprise

Omooo! Are you really talking to me ? She asked with a surprised look and I smiled lightly

So what were you both talking about? I asked and I saw Cory go stiff

We weren’t talking, I was the one doing all the talking. Sasha corrected

And what do you mean by that? I saw both of you talking…..

No, Cory refused to talk to me , she even changed her seat . She queried

And why would she do that! I retorted and she shrugged

You can ask her by yourself ……..

I shifted my gaze to Cory and she looked away

What is wrong with her? I wondered

Declan! Sasha called softly and I shifted my gaze back to her

There is something I need to tell you . She informed

And what is that? I asked with an arched eyebrow

Come with me . She said and held my hands as she led me out of the class……

But where are we going? I asked while freeing my hands from her grip …..

To the empty classroom upstairs. She answered

But why!is it so important! Can’t it wait till after class! I queried and she shook her head


Fine! I agreed….lead the way , I will follow behind you …..


Climbing the stairs , I followed behind her as we walked through the long passage

Jeez! her big ass bounced like a ball as she walked and I was lost staring at it ….

Can any girl be this perfect!


Entering the class, I stopped to admire her as she walked over a bench at the back of the class…..

She sat down on it and then looked towards my direction….

What is wrong with you! Why did you just stand there ? She asked and I smirked

I was lost staring at your ass. I blurted out without knowing and she froze…..

What did you just say? She asked and I smacked my lips….

What is wrong with you Declan? I thought within and then moved closer to her…..

Are you interested in me because of my ass? She asked again and I sighed

Will you believe me if I tell you the truth?

No Declan I don’t want to hear… I shut her up with a kiss

She went stiff for a moment and then kissed me hard and deep …

I widened my eyes in surprise, I never imagined her to be a good kisser!

I broke the kiss and smiled

Are you ready to hear me out now? I asked and she nodded sheepishly…..

Firstly, I liked you because of your beauty and you know … your ass then everything changed . I fell hard for you without knowing the reason why , I love you because of who you are and believe me when I say I want to be with you …

Oh my gawd! Are you real Declan? She asked to be sure and then turned her head sideways

Did you heard that Daphne! he said he loves me ….

I widened my eyes in shock

Daphne! I muttered and she shifted her gaze back to me…

Are you crazy! Who are you talking to? I asked in a huff and she exhaled deeply

It is Daphne! She answered and I took a few step backward

You must be crazy! I retorted angrily

No! I am d--n serious, Daphne is beside me , she can see you , she can hear you ……

Stop it! I yelled, don’t ever talk about daphne again . I warned ….

I know it is hard to believe, but Daphne is beside me! She insisted and then turned sideways again

Daphne please say something, don’t let him think I am crazy. She pleaded with a trembling voice

I stared gobsmacked at her as she talked to herself with so much seriousness……

Is she kidding me!

Oh the necklace!She said and her eyes lit up ….

What necklace!I wondered

She loosened up the collar button of her shirt and brought out a chain….wait a minute! Is that not Daphne necklace?

Take a good look at it , do you recognise it ? She asked staring at my face ….

I moved closer to her and touched the necklace, it was truly Daphne necklace…….

Where did you get this from? I asked with a trembling voice ..

I found it in my room . She answered and I scoffed

And do you expect me to believe that , take it off now. I yelled but she shook her head

It can’t come off , it is kinda stuck on my neck .she said and I laughed loudly

Is this some kind of movie! Why won’t a f-----g chain come off! I retorted

Then you can try it out yourself. She fired at me….

Fine! I agreed

I tried to remove the necklace but like she said,it was stuck……

I shifted back in disbelief …

Are you a sorceress? I fired at her but she ignored me and turned to look sideways for the third time ……

Daphne please you need to remember something, you really need to . She said with a wavering voice , I could tell she was about to cry ….

I scoffed

This is bull shit! I remarked and turned to go when she said


I stopped and tilted my head a little to be sure I heard right….

Guapo! She repeated again and I turned back to face her ……

What did you just say ! I mean how did you get to know that name! I asked in surprise

Daphne told me that, she does not know the meaning but she said the name just popped up in her head. She explained and I ran my hands through my hair

I was so d--n confused!

Guapo is a Spanish word meaning “handsome” and only Daphne calls me that …but how is it possible for her to be here!

And as if reading my mind, Sasha said

Daphne is here and she said she loves you ……:..:



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