The Open Secret

1 week ago


“Honey good evening”

I greeted him, and he responded by giving me a kiss… If you ask me, I would tell you that I have a perfect husband, to me, he is everything that God could offer, so faithful, peaceful, loving and also God fearing.

Its barely one year we got married, I have nothing to worry about except that am yet to conceive, its not too long but am really worried about it because I know that a healthy man and woman have 98 percent chances of making a baby, why is mine so different, I love babies a lot and I am already running out of patience.

“Darling, Amaka put to bed today”I said to him as he sat beside me.

“Thats really great, congratulations to her” he said not being much concerned.

“I wish I can carry mine soon ” I said and he looked at me.

“I have told you to stop wishing, we will equally carry our own at the due time” he said and that is what he will always say, it never bothers him a bit.

“I know, but darling, do you think we are alright, healthy woman and man finds it easy to make babies” I said.

” you forgot something, God is the giver of children ” he said again.

“I know, but I suggest we visit the hospital to check our selves, pls” I pleaded.

“Its that all you want? ” he asked again.

“Yes darling ”

I said in a hurry before he changes his mind.

He has never agree to that, not even for one day, I wonder why he is so stubborn about this, he dont even worry about it as his fellow men will do.

“Alright, we will go, so that I can rest for you”he said and left the living room.




The Open Secret - S01

The Open Secret - S01

1 week ago