My crazy P.A

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“Arggg”i screamed as my butt landed on the floor

“Mom”i whined as I glared at her “You are late for work again Rose…do you want to get fired again?”she shouted like a mad woman while I just laughed

“You look like Cinderella’s evil sister”i said still laughing

“You ungrateful girl! “She shouted as she took her shoe off to hit me but I was too fast to get to the bathroom door and lock it

“Yeah sure evil step sister “I said I could feel her boil the more with anger

That is just our everyday routine…Oh mind my manners..I am Rose Turner a 22 year old girl who has been fired more than five times since I graduated 2 years ago

You could say I am crazy with the brains…Cause every boss of mine like me for my smartness but I annoy them with my craziness and disobedience attitude that they end up firing me

I am now working for Mr Jordan Johnson but I call him double J…he is quiet serious and scary for a human being but I don’t care

I finished bathing and got out from the bathroom to find my mom gone

I went to my closet and wore my street dancing clothes…today is my dance day

I bounce walked downstairs and as I got downstairs my mom and dad were seated eating breakfast

“Hello my Rose flower”my dad said dramatically making me laugh…you could say I got my craziness from him

“Hello my crazy buddy “I said sitting down to eat pretending like I don’t see my mom’s glares

“You are going to work like that ?”mom said looking at me from head to toe

My hair was even tied up as a messy bun..”Yes evil step sister “I said trying to eat

“Rose you do realise you are a P.A not some joker”she said while I mimicked her…That has been her motto for the past few months

Dad laughed as I mimicked her but my mom picked an apple to hit me but I caught and ran out

“Bye crazy buddy and evil step sister”i shouted as I went to my car

It was really cute with its blue perfect colour…I started to play the 80s hip-hop and made sure I increased the volume till the end

Mom came into the garage running while I just rode away nodding my head to the music

People were looking at my car weirdly but I didn’t care as I got to work and got out people were shocked to the point that they started laughing while some took videos

My crazy P.A - S01

My crazy P.A - S01

1 week ago