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Boarding the Aircraft

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The modern fighter aircraft was advancing in its development by reducing its number of the crew along with achieving faster speeds. With the development of soul intelligence, the next generation fighter aircraft would only need two people instead of four to manage its operation.

Lu Mu tidied up his flight suit. As a normal person, he would need the full protection of a flight suit and helmet in order to withstand the fighter aircraft’s high-speed acceleration. He was always earnest in his work which was how he became an elite flight crew member.

“Captain!” Three flight crews with the same attire as him walked in from the outside. Those were his three other companions. Lu Fu cracked into a faint smile as he greeted them.

All of a sudden, his waving hand froze in midair because he witnessed in astonishment as a figure descended from the sky. The figure flashed once after which his three companions were lying limply on the ground.

“Enemy attack!” Lu Fu reacted to the situation instantly. Just as he was about to give the warning, his vision darkened and he too lay limply on the ground.

“Scout!” a deep voice echoed. A few figures stood out abruptly and inspected the surroundings rapidly. They hid in the dark corner with no intention to reveal themselves.

The warehouse’s door was already opened in preparation for the upcoming flight mission, so the inside could be clearly seen from the outside.

The four bodies were rapidly dragged into a corner.

In the distance, a few figures gave the thumbs up to the person who instructed them.

“Board the aircraft, Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin waved his hand at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie groped Lu Fu’s body to procure a controller with a round button while simultaneously removing his helmet and placing it on Lu Fu’s head.

He pressed the button while aiming the controller at Skywing F-17. The aircraft canopy at the top of the aircraft began to open slowly.

It was the Shrek Seven Monsters that attacked the flight crew. They did not kill but had only knocked out Lu Fu and his three companions.

Meanwhile, every one of the Shrek Seven Monsters had an anxious yet excited expression. They were actually going to fly the aircraft! Moreover, none of them had ever boarded a fighter aircraft before, so this was definitely no kidding matter.

From this moment on, they had committed something against the law. Obviously, they believed that the academy would help them settle the matter later as long as they made it out of the place. After all, it had been the academy’s order initially, so they did not feel troubled in their hearts at all.

Xie Xie boarded the aircraft first and sat in the pilot’s seat. Ye Xinglan scurried over and sat in the co-pilot’s seat next to him. The seating arrangement had been discussed prior to this. Tang Wulin jumped onto the aircraft’s wing and swung out a blade of Bluesilver Emperor that wound around Xu Lizhi’s body. He then tossed Xu Lizhi’s body with all his strength and Xu Lizhi dropped into the cabin space nicely. Xu Xiaoyan was sent into the cabin by Yue Zhengyu simultaneously.

Xie Xie’s hands rapidly operated the aircraft’s monitor console. “Big brother, we need fingerprint and iris recognition.”

Tang Wulin swung his hand and unleashed another blade of Bluesilver Emperor that wound around Lu Fu’s body in the corner below. He gave his wrist a tug and the Bluesilver Emperor sent Lu Fu flying through the air akin to a trapeze artist.

Another blade of Bluesilver Emperor flicked outward and wound around Lu Fu’s body in the air. The Bluesilver Emperor pulled him downward into Tang Wulin’s grasp in the next moment. Tang Wulin lifted Lu Fu and leaped to the slender nose cone of the aircraft before handing Lu Fu over to Xie Xie.

Xie Xie lifted Lu Fu’s finger then cocked his head to authenticate the thumbprint and iris recognition.

“Beep, beep, beep!” At the sound of three beeps, the dials in the aircraft cockpit lit up gradually with all sorts of indicator lights displaying the aircraft’s condition at present.

Xie Xie cheered once. “It’s done.”

Tang Wulin swung his wrist as the Bluesilver Emperor tightened and sent Lu Fu back to the ground again.

“Turn up the dial and start the engine quickly. According to the official time of departure, we still have a minute before the confirmed time.” Everything was already within their control after a few days of observation. The entire plot was going smoothly to plan.

Xie Xie’s hand flipped the switch one by one swiftly while he showed a ‘no problem’ gesture at Tang Wulin simultaneously.

Tang Wulin bounced up and landed in the seat in front of the tail at the back of the cabin. “Zhengyu, Yuanen, take your place.”

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui were on the two sides of the wings. The aircraft could only carry four people inside. They couldn’t fit in anymore so they devised this special technique to stay on the aircraft.

Blades of Bluesilver Emperor spread out from Tang Wulin’s body and extended to the two side wings along the fuselage. At the same time, the aircraft canopy slowly closed with four people on the inside.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu crouched on the two wings separately and allowed the Bluesilver Grass to secure them to the wings. Tang Wulin’s position was behind the canopy cover. He was sitting right in the middle as if he was riding the aircraft.

The Bluesilver Emperor fastened the three people securely to the aircraft. Tang Wulin raised his hand and knocked thrice on the aircraft’s fuselage.

The aircraft canopy was closed so he could not be heard. Hence, he had to communicate with hand gestures and sound signals. Xu Xiaoyan who was seated at the back row of the cabin was in charge of monitoring Tang Wulin’s instructions.

Xie Xie burst out laughing. “My friends, we are about to take-off! It’s my maiden flight, and I’m so excited!”

“Be careful. Your Yuanen is on the wing!” Ye Xinglan reminded him coldly.

“I know. Don’t worry.”

Tang Wulin, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui were on the outside for obvious reasons. Tang Wulin had the strongest body so he assumed command as the captain. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had wings and were capable of flight. Their strong survival abilities would ensure their survival at crucial moments even if they were separated from the aircraft at a high altitude.

Thus, they were the most suitable choices for their respective positions on the aircraft.

Xie Xie took on the role of operating the aircraft. “Fire!” he shouted aloud as he pressed a red button.

All of a sudden, the Skywing F-17 shook as a piercing hum echoed. The turbine ejector at the back began to spin at full speed with an intense airflow rushing out from the inside. It pushed the aircraft into moving forward slowly.

“Sky-9, Sky-9, why are you firing in advance? Do you copy?” A hurried voice echoed from Xie Xie’s headphone at this moment.

He immediately lowered his voice intentionally and answered, “There has been a small issue. The maintenance staff is running a firing trial for me.”

“Why didn’t you report the issue and mention there has been a change in your workflow?” A solemn voice echoed from his headphone.

“I’m sorry, it’s my mistake,” Xie Xie replied.

“Order to shut down the engine immediately and await further instructions.”

“Yes!” Xie Xie answered but the Skywing F-17 had slowly exited the warehouse under his control.

There was no doubt that Xie Xie was not familiar with piloting the aircraft. The aircraft was extremely heavy. Despite Xie Xie having observed Lu Fu at work for the past few days, he was still new to the whole procedure. He was certain that his basic operations were correct. He needed to guide the aircraft into gliding forward about three hundred meters after exiting the warehouse, then turn right onto the runway before he could take off.

“Sky-9, Sky-9, what are you doing, why are you exiting the warehouse?” the angry voice echoed from the headphone once again.

Xie Xie suddenly raised his voice and spoke with fear, “Control system down, control system down. Mayday, mayday.” He mimicked an urgent-sounding voice that even Ye Xinglan could not help looking at him in alarm as he sounded completely different from his usual self.

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