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Setting the Strategy

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“Sure, come.” Tang Wulin made a gentle slash with his Golden Dragon Claw and cut open the vent. The soul ring on Xie Xie’s body flashed once before a Shadow Dragon clone split from his body with the Shadow Dragon Dagger in his hand and bored into the vent silently.

The clone shrank under Xie Xie’s control and squirmed out. He was soon on the outside.

It was a corridor with a row of solitary rooms on each side. Xie Xie observed his surroundings for a moment, but there was no movement.

He walked cautiously along the wall. He observed his surroundings as he walked.

He was not afraid of being discovered since he was a clone and an invisible one. Nevertheless, he could not allow anyone to discover him near the solitary room because the Northsea Army Corps’ guards would associate his presence to their escape.

Fortunately, there was no energy analyzer here. The solitary room was not an important military restricted area as it was mostly used to detain soldiers with military discipline issues.

There were prison cells and security locks along the way. Finally, he arrived on the outside without any incident.

The skies had already darkened on the outside, but the Northsea Army Corps base was still bright as day with soldiers jogging past occasionally.

Xie Xie observed quietly in a dimmed corner. His clone was incapable of functioning too far away from his body. The farthest distance he could go was a kilometer with his cultivation base as a Soul King currently. His soul power and spiritual power consumption would increase tremendously if he were to maintain the control of his clone beyond this distance.

The place was so spacious and vast that Xie Xie had no way of determining his location. Fortunately, he soon stumbled onto the aircraft.

A giant warehouse door opened slowly not far away from the solitary room. An aircraft that had just landed was cruising over and stopped in the warehouse.

Xie Xie was surprised to find the warehouse for parked aircraft was situated next to their solitary room separated by only two walls.

Xie Xie dashed into the warehouse just in time to watch the aircraft canopy opening and four members of the flight crew disembarking from the aircraft.

Xie Xie took a few leaps and landed on top of the aircraft. He then probed around and explored the aircraft.

It was a four-seater fighter aircraft with tight spaces inside. There were all sorts of gauges and complicated instruments while the lights on top were gradually switched off at present. The flight crew chatted as they got off the plane. The lifted aircraft canopy was slowly closing.

There was also another aircraft that was similar to this fighter aircraft in the warehouse.

Xie Xie squinted as he got off the plane silently and quickly returned to the solitary room.

Tang Wulin listened as Xie Xie reported on the situation after which he pondered for a long while. “This is truly a good opportunity. However, I’m afraid it’ll difficult for us to fly the aircraft. It’s best for us to break into the warehouse and wait until the aircraft is going for a mission. This means that we can’t just hijack the aircraft because we’ll be easily discovered. Yet, the inside of the aircraft is too small that there’s barely space for us to conceal ourselves.”

Xie Xie spoke, “There were a few specialized maintenance staff who went into the plane to check its condition after those flight crew left. I suspect they’ll be performing another check before the next flight.”

Yue Zhengyu spoke, “The fighter aircraft’s superiority lies in its high speed. It can fly thirty kilometers in the blink of an eye at full throttle. However, the fighter aircraft has too few seats. We’ll also need a professional flight crew to fly the plane anyhow. There is utterly no way the plane can take so many of us. Moreover, the risk of two aircraft taking off at the same time and getting caught is high. The capacity of a transport aircraft or helicopter is enough but its slow speed won’t even make it out of the Northsea Army Corps base before we’re caught.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Xie Xie, do you think that it’s possible for all of us to squeeze into a fighter aircraft without taking the flight crew into account?”

Xie Xie answered hesitantly, “Tough. There are only four seats but seven of us. I’m afraid Xu Lizhi can’t fit in one seat. The plane is just too small.”

Tang Wulin squinted. “It’s not impossible if some of us can pilot the aircraft. However, we must be able to fly the aircraft.”

“We flying the aircraft?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “The aircraft’s control is certainly more complicated than a soul car’s, but it may not be more complicated than a mecha’s. I think that it’s even simpler than the mecha. Leaving with a flight crew is too risky and not within our control. What if we were to meet with a flight crew who faces death with no regrets? Thus, I came up with this idea…”

“Perhaps we have to fly our way out. Yet, who’s going to fly the aircraft?” Ye Xinglan asked in puzzlement.

Tang Wulin looked toward Xie Xie, “We still have nine more days. I believe the aircraft in the warehouse will take off once again during these nine days. So, you can take the opportunity to observe how they control the aircraft during take-off and learn the procedure. I’m not asking much of you so long as you can take off and take us where we want to go. We’ll only need to fly thirty kilometers.”

Xie Xie widened his eyes as he stared at Tang Wulin. “Big brother, aren’t you afraid of a crash? Do you trust me that much?”

Tang Wulin shrugged and spoke, “There’s always a possibility of that, but we probably won’t end in a crash with Zhengyu and Yuanen present. However, I’m afraid that we may not be able to join the military training anymore if we fail. So, we’re counting on you.”

Xie Xie swallowed a gulp of saliva. “Well, I’ll give it a shot.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “We still have time so we must organize our plan to our best abilities. Xie Xie, thank you for your effort you’ll need to observe and learn about piloting an aircraft. Please pay attention to every single detail.”

For the next few days, Northsea Army Corps would send someone over to monitor the situation in the solitary room daily. The helmet’s inner system and handcuff were first damaged before they were donned again. It was an easy task to feign.

After all, the solitary room was so low that the soldiers who were keeping guard only took a glance. They left upon seeing no movement in the solitary room.

It was finally the seventh day.

Xie Xie returned stealthily.

“How’s it?” Tang Wulin asked softly.

Xie Xie answered, “I can now confirm that the two aircraft in the warehouse conduct reconnaissance flight missions separately every morning and every night. I’ve already memorized the procedures of their take-offs. I don’t think it would be a problem for me to pilot the aircraft at full throttle. So, when should we take action?”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “We’ve already planned the measure for every possible emergency except for this final bit. The situation this time will be dangerous. However, the Shrek Seven Monsters would never return in defeat. Let’s make a move tomorrow morning. It should be easier in the morning since the guards on duty at this time would most likely be tired.”

Early morning the next day.

As the leader of the flight crew, Lu Fu was the first to arrive at the warehouse. He greeted the maintenance crews who were just done examining the aircraft. His face was filled with satisfaction as he looked up to his aircraft.

He was fond of airplanes ever since he was young. He enjoyed the feeling of flying in the sky. He had undergone grueling training in order to become a qualified flight crew. He began flying five years ago after his relentless efforts.

He had invested countless hours of hard work as a flight crew apprentice in the beginning until he became a flight crew chargehand. He was truly passionate about flying.

The aircraft before him was a new model of the Federation’s fighter aircraft named ‘Skywing F-17’. It was the seventeenth generation of fighter aircraft equipped with soul turbine ejector capable of instant acceleration and breaking the sound barrier within twenty-six seconds. It was equipped with four soul-destroy cannons for continuous attacks and built to carry eight fixed soul bombs for high altitude long-range attacks. It was a new generation of attack aircraft that could launch attacks from the air. This generation of fighter aircraft was adopted by the Federation six years ago and had been in active service ever since. It was well known for its stability and super fast attacking speed which was most suited to execute continuous attacks in tandem with the mecha. Alternatively, it could be used as the mecha troop’s fire support.

The fighter aircraft Skywing F-17 had a length of thirty-six meters and a twenty-nine-meter wingspan. It was equipped with one turbine ejector so it needed a distance of nine hundred meters to take-off.

All this information was deeply seared into Lu Fu. He loved his fighter aircraft and was thoroughly familiar with its every detail.

The Skywing F-17’s complete flight crew team was made up of four people, namely the aircraft captain who was also the chargehand of the team, the co-captain, the cannon shooter, and the missile shooter.

The captain’s main responsibility was flying the Skywing F-17, while the co-captain was in charge of navigating, communicating with the control tower, and monitoring the radar.

The missile shooter and the cannon shooter were in charge of handling the missile and cannon control systems respectively. Hence, the necessity of equipping the Skywing F-17 with four flight members.

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