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Northsea Army Corps Base

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There must be someone that graduated from Shrek Academy in the Northsea Army Corps, while the first benefit that Shrek Academy gave its graduates was a high starting point in life.

If a Shrek Academy’s graduate were to join the army, it would be unlikely that he would be made a mere cadet. At the very least, there was no way he would be a cadet forever. Otherwise, he would not be qualified to graduate from Shrek Academy.

Everything would be much easier to handle as long as there was someone on their side. As for the excuse, Tang Wulin had already thought of a good one in a jiffy.

The Northsea Army Corps was founded one thousand six hundred years ago. It was an organizational system with a long history in Douluo Continent’s Federation. The Northsea Army Corps possessed very powerful naval and aerial warfare capabilities. There were three divisions in the army corps, namely the Northsea Air Force, the Northsea Marines and also the Northsea Fleet.

The Northsea Fleet was the largest among the divisions due to their over thirty warships docked in the Northsea Army Corps’ free port. This was the main line of defense against the sea soul beasts. As the Northsea water’s sea soul beasts were among the strongest in the entire Douluo Continent, the Northsea Fleet’s deployment was also the strongest of all navy forces. Even though there was no pier or port in Northsea City, the Northsea Fleet was certainly more powerful than the Eastsea Fleet judging by their fighting capacity.

There was a total of over twelve thousand fighters in the Northsea Fleet and a diving support staff of over thirty thousand.

In turn, the Northsea Air Force possessed over seventy different types of aircraft. Other than airplanes, there was also the special rapid reaction force that was also known as the Mecha Force. The Federation’s air power was mostly a combination of mechas and fighter planes together and there were many technical arms involved.

An ordinary land army corps prioritized its fighters as the main personnel, so it would have about thirty to forty thousand members. As the Northsea Army Corps requires a large amount of support staff, the entire army corps had a total of over eighty thousand personnel. It was worthy of the being the main army corps. For this very reason, the Northsea Army Corps’ military rank was half a rank superior compared to another army corps of the same rank.

When Tang Wulin and his companions left the rental car, they could not help feeling shocked by the sight in the distance.

The rental car dropped them off at a location about one kilometre away from the Northsea Army Corps Base, as beyond that was the restricted military zone.

The first impression they had of the Northsea Army Corps was one of boundlessness stretching beyond infinity.

From where they were standing, it seemed the periphery of the Northsea Army Corps had no walls. It was surrounded by iron wire-netting a few dozen meters tall.

This was, in fact, an electric fence. Any living creature that came into contact with it would be tested by high-voltage electricity.

As the gazed into the distance, they could see large military vehicles coming and going through the front, and there were several airplanes positioned in the inner part of the base. There were numerous other military installations that they could not identify.

“It looks impressive. I suddenly feel like Big Brother’s ambition to become a soldier is a very good choice!” Xie Xie spoke with some excitement.

Men were inherently attracted to military affairs. The current development of soul technology had already allowed weapons to become extremely powerful. Even the most powerful soul masters dared not confront such soul weapons that were capable of destroying both Heaven and Earth.

A powerful military force, along with the Federation, was the safeguard for everything.

The entire Douluo Federation had two million standing armies in six great military zones. The Northsea Army Corps precisely belonged to the northeast military zone, and it was also the most powerful air force-navy army corps among the three northeast army corps.

“Come, let’s go over there. Everyone act natural.” Tang Wulin walked at the front with a smile on his face while the rest followed behind. The group did not carry anything else other than some simple soul storage tools on their bodies.

Yuanen’s pair of damaged giant hammers was also kept in her soul storage tool.

They were blocked by a troop of patrolling soldiers before they could even approach the main entrance of the Northsea Army Corps Base.

“Stop. This is a restricted military zone. Stay away.” The patrolling soldiers approached them with a car. It was apparent that the base had been aware of their presence for some time.

Tang Wulin took two steps forward and spoke, “Hello. We are Shrek Academy students, and we’re on a testing mission. The academy arranged this mission so that we could undergo training with your respected army corps. Please help us to circulate the notice for a moment.”

“Shrek Academy? We haven’t been notified.” It was apparent that the patrolling soldiers were not so easily fooled.

Tang Wulin shrugged. He spoke with a helpless expression, “If you had been notified, then it wouldn’t be a test anymore. The fact is, the academy wanted us to come for the training, but we were given no assistance. We had to figure out a way to enter your respected army corps for training. All of you know very well there’s nothing much we can do. We can only come over as such and follow the direct path to inquire if we can arrange for our training here.”

The patrolling soldier raised his brows. “Are all of you really from Shrek Academy? How can you prove it?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Prove it? That’s easy.” As he was saying that, he made a gesture to his companions. In the next moment, all seven of them unleashed their martial soul simultaneously.

When the seven of them unleashed their martial souls simultaneously, with their numerous soul rings of impressive levels, it was an exceedingly shocking scene, especially before a troop of ordinary soldiers.

When soldiers in the patrol car witnessed the soul rings bloom before them with rather high ranks, they could not help widening their eyes in surprise.

Five soul rings. All of them had five soul rings!

Tang Wulin and his companions maintained a complete flying wedge formation. Tang Wulin stood at the front. Behind him was a row of three with Xu Xiaoyan in the center, flanked by Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. At the rear was another three in a row, with Xu Lizhi in the middle. Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie stood at his sides.

Even though they were not combat-ready, but they still maintained the battle formation out of habit. Especially after they had acted so passively when they were confronting the evil soul masters earlier, they frequently discussed each others’ issues during their drive to this city.

Tang Wulin stood at the head with three purple, one black and one green soul ring on his body. More precisely, it was one green-gold soul ring.

Even though the soldiers were not soul masters, they still could not help staring in bewilderment when they saw the green soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body. On the other hand, they did not see any soul ring below purple-rank on the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters. This signified that these people were above all else.

Seven five-ringed Soul Kings and these youths appeared to be only about twenty years old! The soldiers in the patrol car were around the same age as them.

Admiration, envy and all sorts of different emotions shot through these soldiers’ hearts in a split second. They were all peers, but how was there such a huge disparity?

The soldier in charge of the patrol car gulped. He calmed himself down before he raised his military soul communicator and pressed a button.

The interesting thing about such a military soul communicator was that it was completely different from civil soul communicators. It had no dialing function. Instead, every button represented a specific line of communication. Thus, the soldier had only pressed once, and the call was immediately picked up.

“Report. Discovered seven suspicious persons claiming to be Shrek Academy students wanting to enter the base for training. All seven of them are five-ringed Soul King soul masters, aged about twenty years old. Please advise.”

The soldier listened to the order that came from the soul communicator before he immediately responded, “Yes, sir!”

He hung up the communicator as he stared at Tang Wulin’s group of seven with a peculiar look in his eyes. He spoke, “Please hold on for a moment. A car is coming over right now to pick you up.”

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