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Reinforcement, Sacrifice

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It was obvious that the evil soul master could sense that Tang Wulin did not pose his biggest threat in the frontal assault amongst the Shrek Seven Monsters. Instead, it was the tenacious control of Xu Xiaoyan. Without her control, how could Tang Wulin harm his Hell Tortoise earlier?

Thus, he used his sixth soul skill to overcome Xu Xiaoyan first.

The Ultimate Yin Boundary was akin to a coffin that covered Xu Xiaoyan’s body completely. The Golden Dragon King’s aura produced by the Golden Dragon Rage Domain was being rapidly consumed. It would only take a few breaths before Xu Xiaoyan’s defense would be broken. By then, both herself and her battle armor would be melted instantaneously within the Ultimate Yin Boundary.

“Xiaoyan!” Yue Zhengyu screamed as the wings behind his back flapped once. He did not have the slightest hesitation as he dashed into the Ultimate Yin Boundary valiantly.

The Ultimate Yin Boundary had an extremely powerful attacking ability. At the same time, it was also a hyper-powerful control-type soul skill. Otherwise, it would not have been chosen as the evil soul master’s sixth soul skill. The only problem was that its attack range was limited such that it could only be used to attack one person at a time.

A puff of pure white holy flames was ignited on Yue Zhengyu’s body. Surprisingly, the holy flames were burning on the wings behind his back.

The pure white flames appeared gentle, warm and had a soothing comfort. Yue Zhengyu dashed into the Ultimate Yin Boundary and closed the flaming wings inward to protect Xu Xiaoyan within his arms.

A miraculous scene emerged. The powerful attacking ability of the Ultimate Yin Boundary did not manage to extinguish the flames but was blocked on the outside by force.

“Sacrifice! Holy Angel Clan!” the evil soul master gave a cold humph but his voice sounded a little worried this time.

Sacrifice? The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters were stunned for a moment upon hearing the title.

It was precisely then when a sharp howl echoed from afar. The evil soul master’s expression changed into fear. He looked coldly at Tang Wulin and the rest before he suddenly vanished.

Just as Tang Wulin and the rest were defending Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu in preparation for an even more intense battle, the evil soul master vanished into nothingness.

“Huh, sacrifice?” an astonished voice suddenly echoed in the air. Soon after, the air seemed to be torn apart as a silver-white figure descended out of the void.

The silver-white wings spread open to carry his body into a slow descent. A silver-white soul ring glowed brightly underneath his feet.

He was a three-word battle armor master! Another three-word battle armor master. In this case, however, he was definitely not an evil soul master judging by the light source emitting from his body.

He wore a helmet and a mask, so his face could not be seen. Silver light flashed once on the person’s body as a silver little hammer flew to the sky above the Ultimate Yin Boundary. Streams of dazzling silver light bloomed and formed an array of mirror-like surfaces. “Whoosh.” The Ultimate Yin Boundary disintegrated under the reflection of those pieces of mirror-like surfaces.

What was that…

The burning white flames were extinguished, but Yue Zhengyu remained to hold Xu Xiaoyan tightly.

“I’m sorry, Xiaoyan,” Yue Zhengyu whispered softly into Xu Xiaoyan’s ear before collapsing limply on her.

Tang Wulin’s body shrank as he retracted the Golden Dragon Rage Domain. He spoke to the three-word battle armor master clad in silver battle armor respectfully, “Thank you for rescuing us. How may I address you?”

The three-word battle armor master was shimmering in silver light. It was as if every piece of his battle armor was a mirror reflecting light off its surface. Later, the battle armor bored into his body and disappeared silently revealing his face.

He was a handsome middle-aged man that appeared to be over thirty years old. His short, blue hair made him appear energetic. His eyes were brimming with vigor but most peculiar of all was the color of his pupils was silver.

“I’m the associate War God Luo Shaofeng from the Federation’s War God Hall. All of you are rather impressive to be able to resist Zun Fang for such a long duration.” Luo Shaofeng looked slightly astonished at the young people clad in one-word battle armors before him.

Tang Wulin asked anxiously, “Senior, can you please help take a look at my companion. He…” Tang Wulin had already picked up Yue Zhengyu from Xu Xiaoyan’s hands as he was saying that.

Luo Shaofeng waved his hand and spoke, “He’s alright. The Holy Angel clan member will not be harmed so long as his sacrifice flame is not extinguished.”

Xu Xiaoyan appeared to be in a daze at present. She had yet to recover from the earlier sensation she felt.

When the Ultimate Yin Boundary enshrouded her body cutting off all the Star Chains, her first reaction was that she had lost. She could only feel the extremely ghastly cold aura surging in from all directions at the time. She could not budge at all. Neither could she move the soul power in her body. She could only feel the Ultimate Yin Qi which was rapidly corroding her bloodline aura.

It was also precisely that moment when a white figure filled her vision. In the next instant, she was hugged by a pair of warm arms, and the hug felt so strong. She then heard his thumping heartbeat and muttering, “I’m sorry.” He used his wings to wrap around her and block the grisly cold corrosion from her.

Xu Xiaoyun’s heart was aching at that moment. She yearned to break free from his hug because she did not wish to make him suffer the fatal blow for her.

Yet, his hug was so tight that there was no way she could struggle free. He entered the Ultimate Yin Boundary and was similarly rendered immobile like her. Both of them were trapped within a world that could rob them of their lives at any moment.

She saw Yue Zhengyu smile when he collapsed into her arms. It was a gratified and relieved smile. His apology no longer sounded arrogant but was warm and sincere.

Tears flowed down Xu Xiaoyan’s cheeks uncontrollably. Her voice sounded a little shaky as she spoke, “Senior, he’s going to be fine, right? Why is that ability known as Sacrifice?”

Luo Shaofeng raised his brows. “I thought that you’re friends with each other. Hasn’t he told you about the Holy Angel Clan’s natural endowment ‘Sacrifice’? The reason why Holy Angel Clan is the highest grade clan in the soul masters’ world today is because of the natural endowment ‘Sacrifice’. They can burn their vitality as the price for unleashing the Sacrifice flames when they’re confronting enemies they cannot resist. The Sacrifice Flames is equipped with the ability to resist any negative effect with a three-fold amplification effect on their own Holy Power. It’s capable of equipping a Holy Angel Clan member with double fighting capacity during an emergency. Of course, everything comes at a price. One’s lifespan will be reduced by ten years each time the natural endowment ‘Sacrifice’ is used.”

Ten years of life? In other words, a lifespan that would be shorter by ten years!

Yuanen Yehui who initially felt good about Yue Zhengyu, due to Xu Xiaoyan’s earlier issue, changed her opinion of him. Everybody else felt the same. Xu Xiaoyan was already covered in tears by now.

Luo Shaofeng was also speaking with admiration in his eyes, “The Holy Angel Clan’s lineage is most proud of sacrificing themselves to protect others. This young boy didn’t disgrace his clan. The Holy Angel clan holds proudly onto their belief of self-sacrifice no matter how arrogant they are.”

Tang Wulin felt a lump in his throat, and his gaze almost in a daze. They were still weak when they had been confronted by a true powerhouse. Were they truly worthy of the title Shrek Seven Monsters? If it was not because Yue Zhengyu used the Sacrifice, chances are Xu Xiaoyan would be dead already. Tang Wulin had no excuse for not performing his duty as the captain.

Yuanen Yehui walked forward and held Xu Xiaoyan in her arms. Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “Xiaoyan, stay here and keep Zhengyu company. We’ll continue to rescue the casualties.”

Meanwhile, lights were illuminated afar as the mechas descended from the sky. There were battle-type mechas as well as some that were meant for rescue missions. The mechas transformed into small-scale first aid platforms upon landing. A large number of medical personnel disembarked from the mechas to rescue the casualties.

The War God Hall’s associate War God three-word battle armor master, Luo Shaofeng did not participate in the rescue mission but was hovering in midair on the lookout for enemies that could reappear anytime.

Someone else was supervising the rescue mission now so Tang Wulin walked in quick strides to the spot beneath Luo Shaofeng. He raised his head to look up at Luo Shaofeng and asked, “Senior, who’s Zhun Fang whom you mentioned earlier?”

Luo Shaofeng took a glance at him. “If I’m not mistaken, all of you should be from Shrek Academy, right? Inner court disciples?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment before he nodded.

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