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Seeing Qin Yinze's gloomy face, Ji Rou suddenly felt uncomfortable.

She guessed that he thought she had disgraced him by fighting.

Well, then she will take advantage of today to let him see her as she is and let him know that she is a bad student and a bad girl who is so bad that there is no remedy for her. Maybe he won't leave her.

Ji Rou saw Qin Yinze get off the bus, of course, others saw Qin Yinze. The noise of the scene suddenly stopped, and everyone's eyes fell on him.

He was dressed in a blue suit and white shirt. He was straight and straight. When he stood there, he was a man who came out of the dream world.

Ji Rou knew that Qin Yinze's appearance would definitely cause a sensation, but she didn't expect the reality to be more exaggerated than she imagined.

Even Xie Xiaohua, who thinks that he is superior to others and can't be seen by any man, is fascinated by him.

Ji Rou wants to block these people's eyes, not to let them look around, but she wants to hide Qin Yinze to the place that only she can see.

Jirou was frightened by the idea that came out of her mind. She thought, with Qin Yinze such people get along for a long time, the idea has become domineering.

After a little silence, the girl beside Xie Xiaohua began to whisper: "God, this man is so handsome!"

"Yes, yes. It's much more handsome than that man yesterday. This is the real diamond king, but how can he look at the woman named Ji? "

"The woman surnamed Ji is the most able to pretend. He may be blindfolded by her. But I think he will know what kind of woman Ji is when he sees her fighting with his own eyes. "

Shit! Jirou wants to hit again!

What kind of woman is she? She's a daughter's house, which makes her a little slut.

However, she didn't want to argue with them. She also wanted Qin Yinze to see her bad habits of biting people violently and savagely. So she went out and said, "Xie Xuehua, if you want to do anything, just come to me. Don't lead a group of eight women to bite the tongue in the back."

Xie Xiaohua is also looking at Qin Yinze, but she is not as naked as other women. She glances at him and takes back her eyes with shame and timidity.

Men like fresh and exciting things. For them, the less they get, the more they want to conquer.

As a big school flower, she looks good and has sweet temperament, is good at singing and dancing, and has good academic performance. Compared with Jirou, she doesn't know how many times stronger. Besides the man named Xiang Lingfeng, she can snatch all kinds of men from Jirou.

At this time, she was named and criticized by Jirou, and even put on a delicate and pathetic look: "Jirou, what are you talking about? It's not right for you to beat people and not apologize, but to look upright. "

Xie school lace said that she also backed away and deliberately put on a poor look that she was afraid of Ji Rou and had not been bullied by Ji Rou before.

"Ah..." Jirou sneers. "You bitch, don't you tell me? You're right to lead people to trouble me? "

Xie Xiaohua said wrongly: "you Don't spit your blood. " When she spoke, she glanced at the excellent man quietly, and saw that he didn't mean to help Ji rou. She was a little proud.

Jirou glared at her angrily: "don't pretend to be pitiful and compassionate, and then pretend to believe that I tear up your white lotus?"

The most annoying thing about Jirou's life is that Xie Xiaohua, who is so bad but has to pretend to be a good man, pretends to be a poor green pond. Compared with this kind of woman, Dai Li's direct woman is so cute.

So Ji Rou can seduce Qin Yinze with delusion and scold Dai Li, who doesn't want to be shameful, to become a friend. It's just that she can't get along with Xie Xiaohua.

"Ji Rou, we are all classmates. It doesn't matter if you scold me, but you have to apologize to the classmates you beat, or they will go to the academic affairs office to sue you."

While pretending to be pitiful and compassionate, Xie Xiaohua has not forgotten to glance at the man over there quietly. If she can snatch this man from Ji Rou's hand, she will get a bad breath, proving that she is the true school flower of A.

Ji Rou narrowed her eyes and looked coldly at the girl she beat. "You asked me to beat you. I helped you so much, didn't you thank me?"

"Ji Rou, how can you be so reasonable, you You are too much. " After receiving the signal from Xie Xiaohua, the beaten woman immediately stood up and retorted, but the fist just hurt, and she was afraid that Ji Rou would give her another fist, and then she quickly hid behind Xie Xiaohua.

"Yes, you all know that I'm a woman who never speaks sense and even attacks people." Jirou wants to fight Xie Xuehua most now. Seeing her coquettish energy, it makes Jirou itch.

Especially Xie Xiaohua's eyes glanced at Qin Yinze from time to time, and made her look really dazzling. Ji Rou wanted to dig her eyes out.

Qin Yinze that bitch is also, was seen all don't know to hide, he is not to feel that a woman adores him is a very proud thing.

"You're trying to make sense! You are shameless! Ah... " The girl was scolded and scolded, but was quietly pushed, her body to Jirou.

This girl is tall and big. If she bumps into her, she will definitely fall to the ground. Jirou wants to avoid it, but she doesn't know who has tripped her. The girl hasn't met her yet. She fell to the ground first.

"Shit!" Ji Rou doesn't want to fall, especially not to lose face in front of the bitch Qin and Xie Xiaohua.

But Jirou's outstretched hand didn't catch anything. When she was about to make close contact with the hard ground, a pair of strong arms caught her in time and she fell into a strong chest.

The heroine was calculated embarrassment, the hero appeared in time to save the heroine. Ji Rou only saw such scenes in novels and TV. In real life, she saw them for the first time and experienced them personally. For a moment, she felt that the person who caught her must be a noble person in her life.

However, when she calmed down and saw the person holding her clearly, her brain was almost disordered. This person was definitely not the noble person in her life, he was the disaster star in her life.

She didn't want him to see her embarrassment, but he saw everything Jirou wants to take off from his arms, but he holds her tightly. "Don't move!"

She glared at him and whispered, "what do you want to do?"

"They don't want you to go to the school affairs office, so I will accompany you to the school affairs office."

Jirou pushed him: "it's my business. It's nothing to do with you. Don't be busy here. I'll deal with it myself." /p

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