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Qin Yinze said coldly: "there will be no more people in this life, I want you."

Jirou is a little angry: "why do you want me? Because you paid for me? Or do you think it's fun to bully me? "

She is not him. She doesn't know what he thinks inside. She only knows that if it is her, she will never marry a man she doesn't love.

Of course, the premise is that her marriage with Qin Yinze has not been her turn to say "no" from the beginning to the end, otherwise it will not be such a beginning.

Qin Yinze: "I want you, don't need any reason?"

Ji Rou: "..."

Forget it. Don't argue with him. It's a waste of her saliva to talk to him.

Since this fact can't be changed for the time being, accept it, so that her life will be much better.


Qin Yinze, who was driving to school, had a calm face because of an unpleasant conversation at the dinner table. He was unwilling to speak to Jirou.

Ji Rou glances at him quietly. She is stingy. She doesn't care about a little woman. She doesn't expect that he is so stingy.

Hum hum He didn't pay attention to her. Did he want her to pay attention to him?

Ji Rou takes a look at him, and doesn't start. Looking at the front of the car, she sings a song of her own - you are electricity, you are light, you are the only myth

She sang louder and louder, more and more harpy. Immersed in her happy world, she totally ignored the man driving beside her and regarded the car as a KTV compartment.

It wasn't until Qin Yinze slammed the brakes and nearly threw her out of the car that Ji Rou closed her mouth. She gave him a sad look: "I've offended you by singing?"

Qin Yinze looked at her, his eyes were gloomy, still silent, and he started the car to move forward.

She sang, and he had to take care of it. Ji Rou sat in the copilot's seat and glared at him viciously: "what are you thinking, master Qin?"

She really can't understand him. She hates her so much that she doesn't like her, but she has to stay by her side and send her to school?

How free is he in a day?

He's also a man in his thirties. Isn't he ashamed of doing nothing all day? Does he want to go to the company to help his father?

If something happens to his father one day in the future, no one will take care of the company's affairs, and he won't be able to do anything, then he will cry and no one will pay attention to him.

Just like her, when her father passed away, she didn't know anything. Qianshui company was robbed by Ji Chendong's gang. She really called it "not working properly every day". That feeling was so desperate that she was afraid just thinking about it.

Qin Yinze still does not look at her, ignore her, when she is transparent air.

How could there be such a stingy man in the world, and she met him. Ji Rou shook her head and sighed: "I said master Qin, why drive me to school since you are so upset with me? You put me down at the front intersection. It's not far from the school. I'll go by myself. "

Qin Yinze still doesn't speak, and Ji Rou knows that he won't agree. She added: "Qin Dashao, the driver sent me to school yesterday, and I've been envied and envied. If you go to school again today, I'll be the public enemy of the girls in the school again."

"Again?" Qin Yinze caught the key words and finally said a word.

"It is You can't take me to school anyway. " Damn it, this man looks so good. Those girls would rush to see him like a hungry wolf to see a lamb.

And she didn't want him to hear about Xiang Lingfeng at school, not at all.

Qin Yinze didn't speak any more. He resolutely refused Ji Rou's request and drove to the main gate of their school.

It's very tragic that it's time for lunch and rest. Pedestrians come and go at the school gate. Qin Yinze's silver luxury car stands out in the crowd.

Ji Rou doesn't want to get off at this time, but she doesn't want to face Qin Yinze's face. After struggling, she still chooses to get off.

She just opened the door and got out of the car. Unfortunately, she bumped into Xie Xiaohua, who was unhappy with her.

Xie Xiaohua followed a group of girls everywhere. When she saw Ji Rou, one of the girls stood up and said, "Oh, who is that? It seems that she caught a big fish by changing a car every day."

Don't want to lose face in front of Qin Yinze, Ji Rou chooses to be silent and leave the right and wrong place as soon as possible, but instead of letting the other side shut up, she makes the other side furious: "Ji, change a man every day, can your thin body wait for you?"

Shit! When did she change a man every day? She likes a man when she is so old and sleeps with another man.

Jirou wants to tear up the nonsense woman, but she doesn't want to make trouble in front of Qin Yinze. She chooses not to quarrel with these women and continues to go to the campus.

However, several women thought they caught her weakness and were unwilling to give up easily. They blocked her way: "they are not very capable at ordinary times. How can they be a shrinking turtle today?"

"Go away!" Cried Jirou in a low voice.

"Well, we won't roll. You can beat us." Two girls in Jirou's way shouted proudly when they received the eyes of Xie Xiaohua's emissary.

"Then I will complete you." They all let her beat them. Jirou has no reason not to help them. She punched the blind girl in the face with a fist. "Dead woman, I'll blind you BB."

The purpose of Xie Xiaohua is to force Ji Rou to fight people. As long as Ji Rou does, they can tell the school affairs office that Ji Rou, who has a long history, can't bear it.

"Ji Rou hit people! Jirou is hitting people at school again! " With a group of girls behind Xie Xiaohua, they yelled and attracted all their eyes for a while.

"Shit!" It's not good for Jirou to whisper. Yesterday they provoked her so much. She didn't want to hit people at all. What's the matter today?

Is it because Qin Yinze hasn't left? She didn't want him to see her wimps?

Ji Rou has some regrets after hitting people, but it's useless to fight. She can't care so much: "what's wrong with hitting people? I'm fighting you bullshit women! "

The girl beside Xie Xuehua yelled: "it's reasonable for this woman to beat people. Today's matter can't be solved like this. Let's go to the school affairs office and report the matter to us, so that the school can give us an explanation. "

The opponent is shouting, but Jirou doesn't pay attention to them at all, and she doesn't know why. She glances at Qin Yinze's car and sees that the man is driving down. He looks gloomy and unhappy. /p

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