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Come on, come on, she doesn't quarrel with him, she doesn't care about him, he can eat all these foods, can't she?

Ji Rou took the oatmeal porridge, took a spoon and took a big mouthful to drink it. After eating it, she even wanted to eat another bowl of porridge, because the taste is much better than she thought.

Qin Yinze is slow, calm and graceful. It's a kind of enjoyment to watch him eat breakfast.

The more elegant he was, the more hungry she seemed to be, the less tasteful she was.

Ji Rou stares at him discontentedly.

Qin Yinze smiled and didn't say a word.

"I have finished." After she finished eating the porridge, a plate of shredded lettuce came into her stomach, and two eggs were eaten by her.

"Well." He nodded.

"I'm going to school now. In the afternoon, I will go to the hospital to see my mother, so I don't need a driver to take me today. I'll take a taxi myself. " Only when he was free from the driver and without his eyes fixed, could she eat the carnivorous meat that he wanted.

Qin Yinze nodded, "OK."

Ji Rou thought that he would not agree, but did not expect that he would agree so happily, cheering in his heart, but listening to Qin Yinze again, "today I will drive you to school."

"What?" Ji Rou exclaimed, "you No, I don't need to. How can I trouble you to be my driver. It's very convenient to take a taxi now. I'll take a taxi myself. "

This cheap man, also don't know what medicine gourd sell in the end, why suddenly put forward to send her to school?

Qin Yinze said: "take the time to drive my wife to school, no matter how much trouble it should be."

It's so reasonable, but Ji Rou doesn't want to. She thinks, "I'm still a student. I have a luxury car to pick up every day, and I will be gossiped by other students."

Yesterday, the driver sent her to school was pointed out. If Qin Yinze sent her to school, she would surely be surrounded.

I don't know why, Ji Rou just doesn't want Qin Yinze to appear in front of those people, don't want others to see him, don't want others to point her out in front of him.

Qin Yinze put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a paper towel: "China's marriage law says that women can register for marriage when they are over 20 years old, and there is no law that stipulates that women who go to university cannot register for marriage."

"That's right, but..." Jirou was surprised, but did not expect that the second ancestor, who relied on his father's power to make trouble, still made law. As the saying goes, we are not afraid of hoodlums playing tricks on them, but we are afraid of hoodlums having culture.

Qin Yinze added: "our husband and wife relationship is reasonable and legal. If you want, I can open our relationship."

Ji Rou didn't think about it, so she refused: "no!"

She didn't want to get involved with him and admit that she was his wife. If it is hard to say what relationship they have, it is at most the personality AI partner.

Qin Yinze picked up the eyebrows and repeated, "no?"

Ji Rou is a little guilty: "it's so sudden that I'm not ready for it."

Qin Yinze asked, "how long do you need to prepare?"

To be honest, she didn't really want to live a good life with him. She felt that their marriage, which you don't like and I don't want, would not last long, and could collapse at any time.

There are some words that Ji Rou has been holding in her heart for a long time. Since they have talked about this topic, she should have a good talk with him. While there are not many people who know their relationship, she should quietly apply for the divorce certificate and go home to find each mother.

"Qin Yinze," she said seriously, "do you want to keep this relationship with me

Qin Yinze frowned: "what do you want to say?"

Ji Rou said, "don't forget that you may meet a girl you really like in the future. You may really want to marry her, not just because you have a relationship with her and you have to be responsible for her. Do you understand?"

Looking at her serious little appearance and her urgent desire to push him away, Qin Yinze's mood was not good for a moment.

"My wife is you," he stressed solemnly. "This is a fact that no one can change in his life!"

Ji Rou smiled and smiled bitterly: "Qin Yinze, why are you so persistent? Although you took my first time, you don't have to be responsible for me, because I'm happy. We are all adults. It's normal for us to go to bed. We don't need to be happy for the rest of our lives. "

After hearing Ji Rou's words, Qin Yinze wanted to tear her up.

She thought he could sleep with any woman? She thought he could register with any woman who got into bed?

He hasn't slept with anyone but her!

Qin Yinze looked at her, saw the firmness in her eyes, saw her inner resistance, yes, she never disdained his wife's identity. He was annoyed by this recognition.

Under his fixed gaze, Ji Rou took a deep breath and said, "don't it be nice to let go of me and yourself, master Qin?"

"Leave you alone?" Thinking of her so eager to escape from him, Qin Yinze could not help but knead her to death. He sneered, "don't forget how you came to my side."

"Never forget, I never forget." Hearing that he mentioned the past, Ji Rou's heart seemed to be pierced by something. She said stiffly, "I owe you money, and I will try my best to give it back to you."

"Ji Rou, just want to leave me?" He smiled cold and frightening.

"Then tell me, why do you leave me by your side? Don't say you love me! " She knew that he didn't stay with her because of love, so a marriage that was only responsible for no love really didn't need to continue.

In her opinion, marriage is a very sacred thing. It is a warm home built by two lovers for their love, not because they have to be responsible when they get into bed.

She was going to leave her first time to her beloved brother Feng. Now there is no need for her. After all, society is changing, and chastity is not so important.

She asked him why he wanted to keep her by his side. Qin Yinze didn't know how to answer this answer. He only knew that he wanted to keep her by his side, so he did.

He didn't think much about the deep meaning behind this matter, perhaps because he took her for the first time and was responsible for her, or because he didn't know it.

In a word, he would not let her go by any means, so his answer was: "because I am happy!"

That's the answer he gave her!

After listening to his answer, Ji Rou reluctantly smiled bitterly: "why is it necessary for Qin Da Shao? Think about it. If you ever meet a girl you like, isn't my presence just a stain in your relationship? " /p

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