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Restaurant on the first floor.

Qiaoyi, who is arranging breakfast, immediately looks up at the sound of footsteps, which surprises her. Last night, the two people who were quarreling fiercely came to the restaurant arm in arm.

To be more precise, it's not the two of them holding hands, but Ji Rou hanging Qin Yinze's arm, she almost hung on him.

Qin Yinze not only didn't push her away, but also let her jump around him: "I'll tell you, master Qin, I'm still growing up. If I don't eat any nutritious food, I may not grow up. If I'm not tall, it will have a great impact on you. "

After all, he is her famous husband now. If she is ugly, thin and short because of malnutrition, his husband's face is full of flaws.

"How old are you? How old are you this year? " Qin Yinze glanced at her faintly, and he knew that she took the initiative to hold his wrist and pretended to be intimate with him for a certain purpose. "Who else told you that only meat can nourish you?"

"I developed later than others, you should know that." Before he got up, he thought she was Wangzai's steamed bun. "I don't know if other people are like this. Anyway, I can't eat enough without meat. If I can't eat enough, it will affect my development."

Ji Rou is still working hard. In order to eat meat, she really lost the bottom line of her life, because she was mostly a person who had no meat and could not even eat rice.

Qin Yinze hooked his lips and glanced down at her: "can you grow at your age?" In fact, she has grown properly and doesn't need to grow again? Who stipulates that you can't grow at the age of 20? " She found so many reasons, but the man was still indifferent. Jirou roared in a hurry. After roaring, Jirou saw that there was another person in the restaurant, and smiled awkwardly, "good morning, Qiaoyi!"

"Good morning, sir! Good morning, Miss Ji! " Qiaoyi looked up at the clock on the wall. It was not too early. It was ten o'clock in the morning.

Before the appearance of Jirou, the breakfast time of their husband was six in the morning. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, or in the wind and rain, his breakfast time had never been delayed.

Jirou didn't appear for a long time, but not many small things that invaded their husband's life quietly changed because of her.

Like breakfast. They like to eat light food and never touch greasy things. However, they specially ordered the kitchen to improve the food and add some tastes that Miss Ji likes on the basis of healthy food.

But if you don't, Miss Ji won't know.

Ji Rou approached the table and saw that there were two bowls of oatmeal porridge, a plate of stir fried shredded lettuce, two boiled eggs and a small cage bag: "Qiao Yi, what's the stuffing in the small cage?"

Aunt Qiao said: "it's not suitable to eat too greasy things in the morning, so the vegetable stuffing prepared in the kitchen."

"All vegetable stuffing?" It's all light food. Ji Rou is in a good mood. Suddenly, she falls down a lot. She looks at Qin Yinze, "master Qin, I will starve to death if I go on like this. I will really starve to death."

Qin Yinze rubbed her head and said, "it's good for your health."

"Good for your health? Are you sure you don't want to starve me? " Ji Rou expressed doubts about his intentions.

Qin Yinze: "it's really good for me to say so. Since it's for my good, let me have a good time. " Ji Rou smiled at him, then turned to Qiao and said, "Qiao, have you heard me? Qin Da Shao is very concerned about my body. He wants me to have a good time. Later, you can prepare some nutritious breakfast. For example, chicken, duck and fish can be used in any two ways. I'm not picky about food. "

She's not picky about food? She's really not picky. She eats everything as long as it's meat.

Qiaoyi looks at Qin Yinze. He doesn't speak. She signals her to go down first. Qiaoyi receives the instruction and runs away quickly: "Miss Ji, please use it slowly."

Seeing aunt Qiao being told to go away, Ji Rou glared at Qin Yinze and said, "stingy! How stingy! You're the cheapest man I've ever met in my life. You can't bear to let your partner eat your meat. It's really blind of you to marry a wife. "

Thinking of the blind woman as herself, Jirou called it a sadness.

"I don't think she's blind. Her eyes are very bright." At the right time, Qin Yinze put a knife in her wound, which made her crazy.

Ji Rou: "forget it. She has a lot of grown-ups. She doesn't care about him as a bitch. Last night's excessive exercise, coupled with another one in the morning, Jirou is really tired. No matter whether the food is delicious or not, first eat to fill your stomach.

Sweep the few foods on the table again. Ji Rou reaches for an egg, which is the only nutritious food for her in breakfast.

Ji Rou ate the egg with two bites. The yolk was too dry for her to swallow. Fortunately, Qin Yinze sent a warm milk in time, or she would choke to death.

"Slow down!" Qin Yinze and Ji Rou are sitting on the left and right sides of the long table, face to face. He wants to reach out to help her get along with her and can't reach her.

"I want you to mind me!" If it wasn't for him not to let her eat meat, would she be in such a mess now?

Not long ago, she thought that his conscience had been discovered, so she took the opportunity to propose to eat meat. Who knows that it was the illusion he made for her.

"Sit here." Qin Yinze took a picture of the position around him.

"No." She refused to come too close to him.

"Then shall I go?" His tone was a little heavy, threatening.

"I'll have roast chicken and braised pig's hand. You let me eat roast chicken and pig's hand. I'll listen to you for everything. " She tooted her lips and tried to look pitiful, hoping that the man would find out his true conscience once.

Qin Yinze went to her side and sat down: "it's a good performance this month, and there will be everything you want to eat in the future."

"What? One month? Are you serious? " Ji Rou is so sad that she can't eat meat for a month.

For a long time, she thought Qin Yinze just said it casually, but didn't think he was serious.

Qin Yinze smiled and said, "if you do well, I can reduce it by a few days."

Jirou pulls up his hand and touches his face: "you see I'm as thin as a bamboo pole. If you let me starve for another month, then I'll only have bones. I feel bad."

Qin Yinze pinched her face, which was very elastic: "I don't mind how you feel, because your hand feel is not so good now."

"You" so dislike her, then why did you hold her last night? Who was the one who beat her to death in bed last night? /p

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