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Qin Yinze looks at her, and her eyes are evil and arrogant, which makes Ji Rou feel that she is a small animal that has been stared at by beasts, and may be swallowed alive by him at any time.

Ji Rou grabbed the quilt and wrapped it around her body. She glared at him: "I've told you not to look. You're still looking around. Be careful if I hit you!"

Qin Yinze raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "only you can see me, not me?" This brutality in her is quite likable.

Ji Rou: "who saw you?"

Qin Yinze: "you didn't look at me, how do you know I was looking at you?"

Although the truth can't tell him, Ji Rou takes out her best ability and is unreasonable: "anyway, I can see you. You can't stare at me anymore."

She blushed and looked so cute that he wanted to eat her again: "I'm just looking at my wife, can't I?"

"Who is your wife? I'm not! " She didn't want to admit her identity, but the two of them did all the things that should be done between the real couple. How sad!

At this moment, she could even recall how hard he had worked last night when they became one, as if he wished to rub her into his blood.

At that time, for a moment, Jirou felt that this man seemed to cherish her, at least he didn't want to kill her every day as she imagined.

"Alas" Ji Rou sighs silently. People say that men are animals that think with their lower bodies. Unexpectedly, women too.

She and he just went to bed several times. She can feel that he cherishes her. As people say, women can't leave a man because of sex.

In fact, her heart is very exclusive to him. She hates doing this with a man she doesn't love. But she doesn't know how to be seduced by him, she will become herself.

When she took the initiative, even she was afraid that the love between men and women would make a pure person degenerate.

"You are not? Who is that? " Qin Yinze's eyes are a little dark, and he pulls her into his arms. His strength is too great. Ji Rou's face suddenly hits his chest, causing her eyes to glow with pain.

"Qin Yinze, where did I provoke you? Can't you see me like that? " See, see, she said, he clearly wanted to kill her, but she still thought that he might treat her as a treasure.

"Darling, don't quarrel! Lie down with me for a while! " He pressed her into his arms, chin gently rubbed her forehead, gently, gently, how much he wanted to hold her for a lifetime.

"What are you lying on? It's late. I have to go to school. " The headmaster talked to her only yesterday. Today, she is late. She is indeed a promising student praised by the headmaster.

"Shh!" Qin Yinze's long fingers pressed her lips and pressed them gently.

"I really want to go to school." Jirou tried to lift his head from his arms. "Please, I'll come back at night and let you hold it, OK?"

This man really doesn't measure her at all. Does he think she has a lot of money to spend every day without doing anything like him?

In the past, when her father was there, it was true. She had never been bothered by money. Her father would pay a lot of money to her card every month and spend it at will.

After her father's death, the situation suddenly took a 180 degree turn. Everything she owned was robbed and the money of her private account was frozen.

She has changed from a rich family into a little gangster. She is treated with white eyes everywhere, which makes her really feel the world is changing.

"Good." Qin Yinze agrees, and Ji Rou suddenly feels as if she has fallen into the pit he dug. Who wants to hold her in the evening.

She pushed him: "then you let me go, I'm going to take a bath."

"Good." He readily agreed again. When Jirou thought he was going to let her go, he picked her up and carried her naked into the bathroom.

Ji Rou: "Qin Yinze, what are you going to do?"

Qin Yinze: "take a bath for you!"

"Who wants you to bathe me! Son of a bitch, you let me go! " Damn, this man is so shameless. She can't believe that he just wants to help her take a bath.

Soon, Qin Yinze proved Ji Rou's conjecture with his practical actions. He did not only help her to take a bath, but also helped her to review what she had done last night.

Ji Rou angrily scolded: "Qin Yinze, how about the exercises?"

Qin Dachao, who was satisfied with his face, laughed so much that he was possessed by evil spirits and crazy: "what is moral integrity? Can I have it? "

Ji Rou is speechless: "son of a bitch! It stinks! "

Qin Dabao came close to her and bit her earlobe: "I like to eat you!"

Ji Rou didn't know before. This man has such a shameless side. It shouldn't be that he has too many shameless sides. She doesn't know too much.

Qin Yinze was so tossed, an hour has passed, Ji Rou while finishing his clothes, while staring at him: "animals!"

"Did you feel sick just now?" Qin Yinze is dressed in a formal suit. It looks like a human being, but it's a hungry wolf in human skin She always said no, but she was honest when facing his demands. That's why she was very upset.

When he approached her, she immediately retreated. He approached again. She retreated. At last, she was forced to the corner. He stood in front of her.

Because he was much taller than her, he could see her eyebrows shaking with tension from the top down. He could not help but kiss her eyes.

"Qin Yinze, no more!" I'm afraid that the beast has big animal hair. Ji Rou can't move when standing. He will let him kiss her.

Kissing and kissing, he suddenly stopped and said softly, "does it hurt?"

Ji Rou is a little confused: "ah?"

He added, the voice is more gentle: "did I hurt you just now?"

Ji Rou: "br >

this mean man, do you want to ask such an unspeakable question? The question is that he didn't hurt her just now, but she felt very comfortable.

"Sorry! I'll be gentle next time! " He finished, raised her chin again and kissed her.

"Go away!" Jirou clenched her fist and hit him. This time, it's just over. He thinks about next time. He thinks about this kind of thing all day long. Is he really a brain worm?

Her fist waved, he could have dodged, but he did not dodge. He actually got a punch from her, holding her fist on his lips and kissing: "does it hurt?"

Ji Rou: "is this man really concerned about her?

Really worried about hurting her?

Did he find his conscience, or did she read it wrong?

Just as Ji Rou 's brain was flying fast, he held her in his arms again, holding her tightly: "I' m sorry!"

It seems that he really found out his conscience. Ji Rou was a little excited, so could she take the opportunity to make some small requests. /p

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