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"This time, I'm 200% serious." Qin Yinze wants to laugh. This stupid woman doesn't know that she is jumping into the hole he dug.

"Pull hook!" Jirou insists on a ceremony.

"Good." Qin Yinze no longer dislikes her childishness, and reaches out his finger and hooks her, "then we'll make up our mind. Next time you bully me."

"Well, it's settled." Ji Rou answers in a daze, but before she is tired and about to fall asleep, she suddenly thinks of something, "no..."

"What's wrong?" Qin Yinze said with a smile

"Qin Yinze, are you cheating me again?" She always felt something was wrong, but she was too tired to think about it. She rubbed against his chest twice, closed her eyes and went to dream of Zhou Gong happily.

This time, Ji Rou is really tired by Qin Yinze. She lies in his arms and soon falls into her dream. However, she was not stable after sleeping. She frowned, tooted and scolded Qin Yinze: "son of Qin! Beast! "

"Ji Rou, you can't escape any more!" Listen to her scold him, Qin Yinze's eyebrows light and light Yang, her dream finally has his existence, this is a good start.

He succeeded in replacing the man with his own efforts and appeared in Jirou's dream. Even if the dream was not a beautiful dream, he felt it was worth it.

The little woman in her arms moved a little bit, reached out to hold him, changed a more comfortable position, and continued to snore and sleep in his arms.

"Silly woman!" He reached out and pinched the tip of her nose.

Her appearance is really beautiful and lovely, her forehead is full and bright, her eyes are bright and vivid, especially those two pairs of eyelashes, long ones and two small fans.

If she just sits quietly, doesn't speak and doesn't use some rude actions, then she can definitely draw the fairy in the picture.

But she can't be quiet. After knowing her for so long, he hasn't seen her quiet. She is like an endless energy, fighting, drinking and swearing. She has done what she should not. She is a typical bad girl.

However, it was such a bad girl who firmly grasped his eyes and let his eyes fall on her and never move away from her again.

He got her by his own means She doesn't know, and he won't let her know. Even if she knew one day, he would not regret it.

Even if she hates him, even if she hates him But it doesn't matter, he won't let go, he will brand her indelible trace in her life.

For example

His hands caressed her abdomen. Tonight, they didn't take any contraceptive measures. Maybe a small life was born here.

Ha ha -

it's funny to think about it. As a big man, he can't even get a woman's love. He even wants to keep her in this way.

In the past, his life couldn't turn out the magic claw of fate, everything was not as he thought, but in the future, he would try his best to rewrite his life and fight against fate.

"Qin Yinze, son of a bitch! You can't bully me! I want beef and roast chicken! I want to eat meat... " In her sleep, she suddenly frowned and murmured.

"And meat? Just didn't eat enough? " Looking at her silly and cute appearance, Qin Yinze's heart is also soft, "then I'll meet you." He raised her chin and kissed her hard. "Enough?"

She didn't answer. She just licked her lips with indescribable intent. This unintentional action was too destructive for Qin Yinze.

"Damn stupid woman!" He swallowed his saliva. If it wasn't for his strong self-control, he might have rushed to eat her again.

After all, he was reluctant to hurt her. He did not do anything to her, but gently pushed her out of his arms and got out of bed.

He went to the bathroom, found a towel to wet with warm water, and then went back to the room to help her gently and carefully clean the sticky things on her body.

Jirou sleeps like a dead pig. She doesn't know what he did.

Qin Yinze shakes his head. It seems that he will have another job in the future. If he can't lock her around every night, he should train her vigilance, and can't let her relax her vigilance.

If this person is not him, but someone else, will she also sleep like a little dead pig?

He would never allow this to happen.


I have no dream all night. When I wake up at dawn, I am in a good spirit. Ji Rou stretches his waist lazily, but at this time I find that there is still an arm on his waist.

"Ah -" she remembered what happened last night. Damn it, why hasn't he left? He still held her like this.

"Wake up." The voice of a man with a little slouch comes from his ear. When he wakes up in the morning, he just wants to make people commit crimes.

"I didn't wake up." Jirou gets into the quilt again. She is a little shy every time after the event. I don't know if the neural response curve of her brain is longer than others.

"Then go to sleep." He said.

"Do you think I'll sleep if I sleep?" But she didn't want to fight him. She lifted the quilt and sat up.

But after sitting up, Jirou regrets, because she still has nothing on her like last night.

She wanted to nest in the quilt again, but saw Qin Yinze's eyes falling on her without concealing, as if there was still a little disrespect.

Ji Rou grabbed the pillow and threw it at him: "what are you looking at? Look around again, and be careful that my aunt digs your eyes. "

Qin Yinze smiled: "today is to eat Wangzai steamed bun!"

"You son of a bitch!" How hateful and hateful that he should dislike her for being small!

Ji Rou grabs the quilt, which exposes Qin Yinze under the quilt to the air. Like her, he is naked without wearing anything.

But he's a man. He's not shy. He looks at her with that kind of evil eyes. He asks her in his sexy voice, "are you satisfied with what you see?"

Jirou hates Qin Yinze's calmness and calmness. Without thinking, she blurted out: "I'm not interested in Flammulina velutipes!"

"Flammulina velutipes?" At this moment, Qin didn't understand the meaning of Jirou's words until he overheard the conversation between Jirou and Dai Li one day later.

He didn't understand!

He didn't understand!

He knows Wangzai's steamed bread, but he doesn't know "Flamingo mushroom". It's incredible!

Ji Rou raised her eyebrows proudly, trying to laugh at him, but she couldn't stir him up. She quickly changed her tune. "Yes, Flammulina mushroom is stuffed with teeth. I don't like it!"

Although Ji Rou suddenly mentioned Flammulina velutipes, it was inexplicable, but after eating and drinking enough, master Qin was in a good mood and didn't go deep into it. Look at the late night welfare movies, please pay attention to WeChat official account: okdytt/p

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