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June walked down the hallway of the Sinclair mansion in her silver coloured pyjamas and barney plush slippers from the previous night. Her brown curls were messy and she could feel the unusual silence all over the house. The house felt empty, she knew something wasn’t right.

Just as she arrived at the living room, she met Patrick on his favourite reading chair drafting some wordings on a piece of paper.

“Dad!” June called out startling Patrick in the process.

“You almost gave me a heart attack.” Patrick said and breathed out. He pulled off his reading glasses and placed it on a side stool.

“No! You almost did!” June snapped back.

“Where were you last night? Where is mom?”

“I was home sweetheart.” Patrick said and sighed.

“Dad, don’t lie to me!” June fired.

“Geoffrey told me you were around last night and i couldn’t seem to find you anywhere. I could see the fear in his eyes when he lied for you.” She added.

“Sweetheart, please you need to calm down and let’s talk about your trip and that big news you gat for me.” Patrick said.

“Where is Mom!?” June asked calmly, trying to subside the tension building up in her. She scanned the worried look on her dad’s face, awaiting an answer but none appeared to be forthcoming as Patrick maintained his silence.

“Dad, I don’t know what you’ve done. But it better not be what I’m thinking because I’ll be the first to call the cops!” She yelled and stormed out of the living room as Patrick buried his face in his palm and sighed.


Back at the Mccarthy’s residence, Rose ran up to the front door to welcome her sister back home after months of intensive care at the hospital.

She opened up the door with a broad smile on her face as Nicole carefully pushed Scarlett into the house on a wheelchair.

“Welcome home sister.” Rose said and leaned to embrace Scarlett carefully.

“I missed you.” Scarlett said with a smile.

“Let the girl breath Rose, she needs rest.” Nicole said.

“Okay mom.”

“I’ll check up on you later.” Rose said to Scarlett as Nicole rolled her further into the house.

Shortly after the departure of Nicole and Scarlett from the living room, the retro wall phone began ringing.

“Hello, McCarthy’s residence.” Rose answered.

“Hey Rose, it’s June.” June said over the phone.

“June? Why are you calling the house line? You could’ve just called me straight up.” Rose responded.

“You forgot we don’t have our cellphones anymore?”

“Oh shit. That’s true. How are you? Are you okay?” Rose enquired.

“No. I feel miserable. I haven’t seen my mom since i got back and my dad has been acting all weird. Something isn’t right.” June said.

“Relax June, I’m sure she’s fine. Maybe she traveled somewhere and dad doesn’t wanna tell you about it.” Rose said.

“No, i don’t think so.” June said and paused.

“I found an empty pack of cigarette and bottles of alcohol on the floor. I looked into his eyes and i could tell he was intoxicated. There’s something wrong Rose.” she added.

“Relax, I’ll be with you right away.” Rose said.

“Thanks Rose, I don’t know what I’ll do without you.”

“June, Scarlett is back!” Rose said excitingly.

“Wow! That’s great news. I’ll be sure to stop by to say hello.” June responded.

“Thanks. I’ll see you in a jiffy. Love you.” Rose said and hung up.

The wide smile on her face disappeared the moment she recalled June’s complaint. She pondered about what could be going wrong with June’s family.


“Has anyone seen Dominic?” Josie asked as the family sat in the dinning for breakfast.

“No mom. The last i checked, he wasn’t answering his door.” Alexa said.

“isn’t that weird?” Josie asked.

“No it’s not. I told y’all to give him space and time.” Jacob said.

“Jacob, he skipped dinner last night and now he’s absent this morning. I’m worried about him.” Josie said.

“I’ll go check on him now.” Jacob said and gulped down a glass of water. He pushed back his chair and stood up, heading for Dominic’s room.

“Son, are you okay?” Jacob asked as he leaned closer to the door. He held on for a moment before placing a knock on the door.

“Dominic are you there?” He asked.

“I just wanna know if you’re fine. I understand a lot is happening now and it’s all overwhelming for you. Just give me a signal you’re there.” he added and paused for a response but none was forthcoming.

“Son, we’re worried about you. You’re starving. Please open the door and let’s talk about this. Scott was my son, but we just have to move on.” Jacob said again but got no response. He then decided to push the door open but it appears to be locked from the inside. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration and head back to the dinning.

“He’s not responding. I tried saying everything but no response.” Jacob said as he approached the dinning table.

“Did you try checking if he’s really in?” Josie asked.

“I tried but his door was locked.” Jacob sad and took his seat on the table.

“Give him time Josie.” Jacob added as Josie sighed aloud and kept digging into her meal.


June and Megan sat in the living room watching a sitcom show. She appeared to be glued to the TV screen but her mind wasn’t.

“Are you okay?” Megan asked but June didn’t give a response.

“June?” she called out again, softly.


“Yes Megan. I’m fine. Just stressed up.” June said with a forced smile as Rose walked in.

“Megan, will you go hangout with Leah? She’ll get you ice cream and absolutely anything to make you feel comfortable.” June said as Megan sluggishly nodded.

“Sure.” She muttered and got down from the couch.

“Hey Megan.” Rose greeted with a smile as she walked in.

“Hi.” Megan responded and head inside without taking a look at rose.

“Is she okay?” Rose asked.

“I guess. She probably isn’t happy I’m not spending time with her or anyone isn’t for that matter.” June said.

“Her new family doesn’t have time for her. My dad and mom have gone MIA and for some reasons, she doesn’t find Leah’s company much satisfying.” She added.

“June, we’ll figure this out. Talk to me.” Rose said and sat next to her.

“Ever since i got back, I haven’t seen or heard a word from mom and dad has been acting all weird.” June said.

“Did you ask him what might be the issue?”

“Yes I did. He isn’t saying anything. He tells me everything except this. I suspect he’s hiding something at the basement.” June said and furrowed her eyebrows.

“and i will tell you everything. Come, let’s talk.” Patrick said interrupting their discussion. June shot a glance at Rose who nodded in Patrick’s direction, telling her to go.

“I’ll be right back.” June whispered and followed Patrick to his study room.

“Take your seat honey.” Patrick said as they both took their seat on a couch in Patrick’s study room.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I know the last couple of days has been kind of different between us and I’ve been keeping you in the dark. but i want you to know it hurts me so much to keep things away from you.” Patrick said and paused.

“Your mother isn’t home because she has been sick and I’ve been working my ass off to procure a solution.” he added.

“Sick? What!? Where is she?” June asked and stood up abruptly.

“I’ll take you there, but you must promise me you’ll be a strong girl.” Patrick said.

“Promise me June. Please.”

“I promise dad.” June responded.

“Let’s go.” Patrick said and stood up as he opened the exit door for June to exit. He closed his eyes momentarily before exiting the room himself.

“Rose we need to be somewhere now. I promise it won’t take long. Your friend will be back in the blink of an eye” Patrick said with a smile on his face.

“Alright sir.” Rose responded scanning the worried look on June’s face.

“While you’re waiting, make yourself comfortable. If you need anything at all, you can call on Geoffrey or Leah.” Patrick added.

“Thanks sir. I’ll be fine.” Rose responded.

Mr Morgan moved a limo to the entrance of the mansion as June and Patrick stepped in, heading to see Doris at the hospital.


Alexa sat in the living room, deep in thoughts. She stood up abruptly and ran up the stairs like she had seen a ghost.

“Dom!! Dominic!!! Open up!!” Alexa yelled and banged her fist on the door.

“Do you want to bring the house down?” Josie yelled from afar.

“Sorry mom.” Alexa yelled back. She peeped into a keyhole and noticed the room was empty.

“Mom!!” Alexa ran up to her mother at the kitchen.

“Alexa, what is it now?” Josie asked as Jacob joined them shortly.

“Dominic isn’t in his room!” Alexa said.

“What?! What do you mean he isn’t in his room?” Jacob asked.

“His room is empty dad! I peeped through the keyhole and he isn’t there.” Alexa said.

“Hang on. I’ll get the sledgehammer, we’ll bring down that door. Nothing is gonna take my only son away from me!” Jacob said and rushed to the house’s store. He picked up the sledgehammer and ran up to Dominic’s front door as Alexa and Josie both followed him.

Jacob hit the door repeatedly until it was ripped off it’s hinges. They got into Dominic’s room and met the bed neat.

“He probably didn’t sleep home last night.” Josie said as they scanned Dominic’s room.

“Dad, mom, look.” Alexa said handing over a piece of paper to Jacob.

“It’s a note from Scott.” Jacob said and paused for a minute to read through it’s content.

“Oh my-” Jacob said and clenched his fist.

“Have a look.” Jacob said handing over the paper to Josie.

“No, I won’t. Just tell me.” Josie said with her eyes closed as tears trickled down her face.

“Scott had been pretending to despise Dominic all along to protect him from the Aeternae.” Jacob said as the note fell off his grip.

“The Aeternae killed our son.” he added as Josie bursted into tears. She buried her face in Jacob’s chest and wept bitterly.

“That means the Aeternae has Dominic captive?” Alexa asked.

“No, he doesn’t.” Jacob said staring at a note attached to a wall calendar.

“Dominic left to find him.” Jacob said as he fixed his gaze on the note. Alexa walked closer to read what message Dominic had left.

“The Aeternae killed Scott, I’m off to find him and kill him. No one else will ever get hurt for me. Don’t find me, I’ll be back when i kill the beast.” The note read.

“Oh my god!” Alexa exclaimed after reading the note.

“Dominic will get himself killed!! We need to find him! It’s suicide!”Alexa added.

“I’ll go find him before he does something stupid.” Jacob said and rushed out of the room.

“I’ll come with you.” Alexa said holding his arm.

“No, stay with your mom. Keep her in check please. I have to do this alone.” Jacob said as Alexa nodded and let go off him. The three of them walked up to the living room.

“Be careful dad.” Alexa said.

“I’ll get your brother back home safe, I promise.” Jacob said and rushed out of the house to the garage to get his car.

“Mom, everything will be alright..” Alexa said to Josie, trying to comfort her.

“D--n it!!!!” Jacob cursed as he burst the door open on his return back to the living room.

“What’s wrong dad?” Alexa asked.

“He f-----g took the car away! The only car! Goddammit!” Jacob barked and hit his fist on the wall in frustration.

“Dad, we need help. I need to go see June.” Alexa said.

“how is June gonna help the situation? Are you being serious right now?” Jacob said in disbelief.

“Dad, please trust me.”Alexa said and ran out of the house to board a cab to the Sinclair mansion.


Grenville Medical Center, Tennessee

Patrick and June arrived at the Grenville Medical Center, they soon were escorted into Doris’s special ward. On seeing her mom, June couldn’t believe how degraded she had become.

“Mom!? Oh my god!” she exclaimed and ran up to her.

“What’s going on mom?” she asked in a shaky voice as tears began to build up in her eyes.

“June honey.” Doris muttered.

“I’m here mom.” June said and held her hand.

“You look beautiful honey.” Doris whispered and smiled as she looked up at her daughter who had tears trickling down her face.

“I wish i could say the same for you mom.” June said and closed her eyes.

“Sweetheart, I’m working on something to get her back together.” Patrick said to her ears, trying to remind her all hope isn’t lost.

“Dad, is it cancer?” She asked.

“I’m afraid, yes. and the tumor is building up faster as each day goes by. We probably have weeks left now.” Patrick said and sighed.

“Dad, please do something. Take her to the intensive care at the facility, She wouldn’t make it here.” June pleaded.

“June, the facility is gone. You know that. Its rebuild is still under construction.”

“Then take her to the lab at the main plaza. I’m sure you have one there.”

“That would have been possible if i was still the active CEO. Joseph O’Toole won’t listen to me.” Patrick said.

“Dad, it’s still your company and you stepping aside is just a temporary issue. Please try. We both know she won’t make it staying here.” June pleaded.

“You’re right honey. I’ll go talk to Joseph about a potential move for her. While we try to keep her alive there, myself, Vivian and Dylan are all working on something.” Patrick whispered to June.

“Something we’re hoping that’ll have the ability to cure her of her current problems. If it’s a success, not only will she be okay, but we’ll make history as well.” Patrick said feeling optimistic.

“Dad, what is this thing?” June asked.

“I’ll show you when we get home sweetheart. That’s the only solution i can think of to help your mother.” Patrick said as June nodded her head in affirmation, feeling hopeful.


A cab pulled up at the front gate of the Sinclair mansion with Alexa inside. She tucked a dollar bill to the driver and burst the door open. She stood at the gate, not having a security key card to proceed.

“How may i help you?” A security growled as he approached the gate from the inside.

“I’m-I’m-” Alexa stammered.

“I’m Alexa and I’m here to see June.” She said.

“I’m afraid she isn’t home. You may leave now.” The security said.

“I demand to see her now! Or at least let me in!” Alexa said authoritatively.

“Miss, you’ll have to step back now.” The security warned politely.

“It’s urgent and I’ll tell June how much of a douchebag kept me waiting at the gate. I can see your f-----g name tag. Dustin Wood huh? I’ll make sure you loose your job!” Alexa warned.

“Is that a threat?” The security responded with a smile.

“We’ll find out. I’ll ask you one last time to let me in now!” Alexa yelled as the security gave her a suspicious look but yielded to her threats. The gates slid open as she burst her way through it taking the security by surprise at how much pace she had.

Rose and Megan were ran around the living room, having fun. Just then, Alexa ran in panting heavily.

“Alexa, are you alright?” Rose asked.

“No, I’m not. I had it tough with the security and had to run all the way down here.” Alexa said breathing heavily.

“Dominic’s missing. Is June home?” she added.

“What? Missing?! How?” Rose asked.

“It’s a long story but we think the Aeternae took him.”

“The Aeternae? You can’t be serious.”

“I am. The Aeternae killed Scott and I’m afraid of what he might do to Dominic.”

“June isn’t home now and we both haven’t recovered our cellphones yet.” Rose said as Alexa fell down on her knees.

“Oh no.” She said and ran her fingers through her hair.

“But i can get to her. I’ll use the house’s line to call her dad. Pretty sure they’re together.” Rose said as Alexa stood up abruptly.

“Thank you Rose.” She said.

“The wall phone is this way.” Megan said hilariously as she led Rose and Alexa to the retro wall phone. She punched in Patrick’s numbers as the call rang for a brief moment and he picked up.


“This is weird. The house’s line is calling me. Could it be Rose?” Patrick said to June who was lost in thoughts.

“Sweetheart, everything will be fine.” He said and held her hands, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“I’ll have to take this. A moment please.” Patrick said and answered the call.

“Hello sir. Its Rose” Rose’s voice came through at the other end of the call.

“Rose, is everything okay?”

“No sir. I’d like to speak with June please.”

“Hold on a second.” Patrick said.

“Rose, she wants to speak with you.” he whispered and passed the phone to her.

“Hi.” June answered.

“There’s trouble. Dominic’s missing and we think the Aeternae may have him. Please we need your help.” Rose said as June shut her eyes momentarily and sighed. It wasn’t the perfect moment for more troubles for her, she had personal problems of her own but she wouldn’t sit and do nothing while Dominic’s life was in danger.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” She said and hung up.

“Is everything okay?” Patrick asked.

“My friend Dominic is missing. And we think the-”

“-the what?” Patrick asked.

“The Aeternae may have him.”

“What? And you’re running off to save him? What are you? Superman?” Patrick asked.

“I’m more than that dad.” June responded with a smirk.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll tell you about it later but we have to go now.” She said.

“Okay, let’s go.”


“What’d she say?” Alexa asked.

“She’ll be here in a minute.” Rose answered as Alexa paced up and down, awaiting June’s arrival.


Dominic pulled his car to halt at the hole, he knew that was the portal to the underworld and the only place he could force The Aeternae to reveal himself.

He thought about his decision to face the underworld beast himself, he knew someone had to end him before anyone else gets hurt. He brought out the gemstone Ornelle had given him as a departure gift, he thought about triggering it to seek their assistance but at that moment, he changed his mind and kept the gemstone in a purse and dropped it on the car’s dashboard.

Dominic got down from the car and approached the hole, determined to fight the underworld beast himself.


Mr Morgan pulled the limo to halt at the front door of the Sinclair mansion. June rushed down immediately to meet with Rose inside.

“Alexa. You’re here.” June said in surprise.

“Yes, I came to you for help.”

“Rose filled me in on everything. Do you have an idea where he might be?” June asked.

“No idea.” Alexa said.

“I think i do. Please y’all stay calm, I’ll go alone. He’s too dangerous.”

“No way! Whatever powers you may have now, I am still your father and i will not allow my sixteen year old daughter go face a beast that’s over a thousand years old.” Patrick protested.

“He’s right. We’re all coming with you.” Rose said as June nodded.

“Morgan, get the car ready. We’re leaving now.” Patrick said to Mr Morgan as he nodded and left the living room.


Dominic stood at the site of the massive hole. Unsure of what to do to summon the beast out.

“You’ve always wanted me dead. Well, here I am!” He screamed as passersby looked at him and murmured, probably thinking he had gone insane for talking to himself.

“Dominic Adam Griffith.” The Aeternae called out to Dominic who lost his balance at the fright of the beast’s voice. He turned around to see the beast sitting on a rock few meters away from him with an axe as tall as Dominic himself, hooked to the ground. The Aeternae wore its silver coloured shiny armour, prepared for battle.

“I never knew you talk.” Dominic said.

“I do, when absolutely necessary.” The beast responded.

“You killed my brother!” Dominic growled as he came face to face with the beast.

“He died serving the noble cause.” The Aeternae replied.

“It ends today. You’ve done enough! You’ve killed thousands in Grenville and all over the world, you killed my parents and murdered my uncle in cold blood.” Dominic said as tears began to buildup in his eyes.

“Everything has always been for you.” The Aeternae responded, still sitting on a rock unfazed by Dominic’s fireball building up in his hands.

“You will hurt no one further. I’m here to make sure of that.” Dominic said taking his stance, ready to throw the first attack.

“Dominic Griffith, I admire you.” The Aeternae said and paused for a brief moment.

“I would give you this ultimate opportunity, join me and we will shred this world to its last piece and rebuild a new one together.” He continued.

“I will rather die than join you, you filthy ugly bastard.” Dominic fired back.

“It is a shame such power will end up amounting to nothing. I’ve always thought you’d be useful by my side but now i know, I was wrong.”

“Why come to me if you’re so scared? You’re powerful, but your weakness is the vulnerability leading to your doom. It’s a shame.” The Aeternae said and stood up, he pulled out his gigantic axe from the ground as an electric barrier began covering the site they were. Trapping Dominic inside the barrier and making sure no one else gets in either.

“Your family awaits you at the other side.” The Aeternae said as Dominic grunted and lashed out an immense fireball at the beast. The Aeternae stood firm like it was nothing.

Dominic waved his arms, uprooting nearby trees and shooting them at the Aeternae’s direction. The Aeternae slashed the trees with his axe in superspeed, beyond what Dominic’s eyes could comprehend. All that Dominic knew was that the trees were shattered to pieces the moment he threw them at him.

The Aeternae was yet to launch a single attack at Dominic, as Dominic threw everything he had at the beast but none could fatally affect him or cause a scratch at all.

The Aeternae stood at the distance and invaded Dominic’s mind as Dominic’s eye balls turned pure white. Dominic could see his family, Alexa included laying lifeless as the city of Grenville was burning to the ground.

“No! No! No! Get out of my head!” Dominic screamed as his eyeballs returned back to normal, snapping him out of the vision The Aeternae had planted in his head.

“That is what will become of this city, and your family.” The Aeternae said and stretched out his arm, drawing Dominic closer forcefully. Dominic tried to fight back but The Aeternae’s magic kept drawing him closer until the beast grabbed his neck and lifted him up high, choking him as bloodshot covered his eyes.


Mr Morgan pulled the car to halt at the roadside, they all could see the magical barrier shielding The Aeternae and Dominic from the outside.

“No!” Alexa screamed at the sight of the beast holding Dominic by the neck.

“Alexa no, don’t!” June warned but Alexa turned a deaf ear to June’s warning. She got down from the car and ran for the barrier, hoping she could get through and save her brother.

June got down from the car immediately and fixed her gaze on Alexa as she head for the barrier. Without moving a muscle, June drew Alexa back with her magic and kept her floating in the air, bringing her back to the car.

Patrick couldn’t believe his eyes, he was stunned and bewildered.

“That is a magical barrier, whoever passes through ends up disintegrating, turning into dust.” June said pointing at The Aeternae’s barrier as Alexa’s eyes widened at the revelation.

“You could have gotten yourself killed Alexa. Now isn’t the time to make hasty decisions.” June said as Alexa nodded in affirmation.

“I’ll get Dominic out of there. I promise.” June assured.

“What?! Have you lost your mind? You said it yourself, whoever tries to go past the barrier ends up becoming dust.” Patrick warned as June ignored him and charged for the barrier.

While on the run, she loosed her hair from its ponytail to spread across her back as they began turning grey, her iris turned to it’s bright green colour and her skin became pale white as green flares began running in circles over her arms.

“June, please don’t do this.” Patrick said as June kept running for the barrier. With immense force, she broke through the magical barrier as a loud explosion erupted, shattering the glasses within the explosion range including houses, and hurling off Patrick, Rose, Alexa and Morgan from the distance they stood.

June passed through the barrier and brought down The Aeternae’s magic.

“are you guys okay?” Patrick grunted and asked as he stood up.

“Yeah we’re fine.” Rose answered.

“D--n! Is that my daughter?” Patrick asked in disbelief as Mr Morgan let out a smile.


The Aeternae watched in surprise as his magical barrier was brought down by a teenage girl.

“Impossible!” The Aeternae said.

“Let him go!” June said authoritatively.

The Aeternae had a strong hold of Dominic’s neck as blood began to gush out of his nose and ears. His vision became hazy as he shut his eyes closed. The Aeternae hurled Dominic’s body to a tree as Dominic laid on the floor appearing lifeless.

“Dominic!” June yelled and made an attempt to run to his aid, just then, The Aeternae stabbed his axe into the ground, causing an earthquake as the ground began to crack, revealing a burning hot volcano erupting from beneath.

“June Madison Sinclair.” The Aeternae spoke calmly.

“Blood of my blood, how i haven’t noticed you all these years is unforgivable.” He added.

“It saddens me we have to meet this way for the first time. It has been right in front of me all along, the one i dreaded the most was never him, it was you.” The Aeternae said again pointing his sharp claws at June.

“Let him go.” June said.

“Your people will mourn you both before i shred them all to pieces!” The Aeternae roared and pulled out his axe from the ground, the axe lit up in flames as he threw it at June who began running to Dominic’s position, where he laid helpless.

Just as the axe was approaching her, she made a turnaround and used her magic to fling the gigantic axe to a tree in the forest.

No being was capable of controlling The Aeternae’s axe except himself.

The fire from the axe lit up the forest instantly like the trees were filled with gasoline.


“Oh my God! The entire forest is gonna burn to the ground.” Rose said.

“and there are houses around” Patrick added as they all watched in shock.


“Dominic are you okay? Can you hear me?” She asked as she shook Dominic vigorously.

The inferno was becoming intense as the fire began finding its way to buildings within the vicinity. The volcano erupting from the earthquake the Aeternae had caused began spreading to the surface, like water spreading on land.

June shot a glance at the volcano and another look at the burning forest. She had to do something as it seems the fire will be powerful enough to raze half of Grenville.

She stood up as The Aeternae watched her from a distance, She hit her right foot on the ground and burst herself up into the air, she spread her arms wide as the sky darkened immediately and a strong wind began hurling.

Thunderstorms followed as an heavy rain began to pour on the ground. June had just conjured a great deal of rainfall to subsidise the inferno at the burning forest.

Amidst the rain, the volcano erupting from the ground kept crawling to the surface.


“We have to find cover, the storm is too much.” Patrick said.

“No sir. This is the beauty of June’s magic and we all are spectators, watching.” Rose said and smiled as they stood in the heavy downpour watching.


“Your powers are not of this world.” The Aeternae spoke as June brought herself down, slowly.

Zombies began coming out of nowhere in multitude as they circled around June.

“It ends, now!” The Aeternae spoke as the zombies charged towards June in thousands. She shot a quick glance at Dominic who was battered by the heavy downpour after all he had suffered at the hands of the beast.

She knew she had to do something quickly to get him out of there. She waved her hands in circles as she made a giant waterbed, she lifted Dominic up with her magic and placed him on the bed of waters. She propelled the waterbed carrying Dominic off the fight scene as the waterbed transported Dominic to where Alexa and others stood watching.

“Dominic!” Alexa exclaimed as she ran to Dominic’s aid. Patrick followed and observed the injuries on his body.

“He’s bleeding through the nose and ears, we need to call an ambulance immediately. Morgan call an ambulance now!” Patrick ordered as Mr Morgan took out his cellphone.

“How will June escape that?” Alexa asked pointing at the multitude of zombies charging towards June.


June knew Dominic had been transported to safety, she now had to figure out a way to get rid of the zombies and run.

She spread her hands at her side, palms up, and lifted them. Green fire rose around her in circle, shielding her from the charging creatures coming for her.

She shoved her palm forward. Her fire burned through the charging zombies. She further burst open her palm as the green flames consumed everything within it’s part, melting every single one of the zombies to the ground.

In no time, they all were consumed by June’s powers and she was once again, left with just herself and The Aeternae face to face.

“We will meet again.” The Aeternae said and vanished.

June fell on her knees, exhausted and panting heavily as Patrick, Alexa and Rose ran towards her.

“June honey! My goodness!” Patrick screamed and he pulled her into a hug and planted a wet kiss on her forehead. Patrick stared at June from head to toe, he had never seen her magical transformation. Her hair was light grey and her skin was whiter than usual. Her eye colour was scary and beautiful in it’s bright green colour.

“How is Dominic?” She asked.

“An ambulance is here, taking him to the hospital for treatment.” Patrick responded.

“I have never seen anything like it. Thank you.” Alexa said thankfully.

“We have to go now.” June muttered, she felt weaker than ever before as she held her father for support.

Mr Morgan drove the shattered car to them and they all hopped in and drove away from the hole site.


Author’s Note: Hello everyone. Once again, you all must bear with me for the slow update.

I must commend June’s selfless act on this chapter. Leaving her mother on her sick bed to go help a friend. We all should have friends like June. Lol.

I hope y’all enjoyed this chapter? See y’all again Sunday. 3 chapters left to the end of this amazing book.

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