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Defeating the Enemy

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The scorching dragonfire swept past them leaving a trail of ashes in its wake. The Dragon Clan’s dragonfire did not invoke the origin energy’s fire element of the outside world. Instead, it was a special type of fire nurtured within its own body. Its temperature was much higher than Gu Yue’s blue fireball which she unleashed previously.

Moreover, with the tenacity of the Overlord Dragon, the flames it shot out in a flash was overwhelming in its volume!

Dazzling Starlight could freeze a person’s movements for a second. It was during this split second in which the fates of countless men decided. The tide of the battle seemed to have reversed in an instant.

Xu Xiaoyan’s controls were not done yet. A circle of golden halo seemed to have appeared instantly under the skeleton evil soul master who was sent flying previously. He had just recovered from the Dazzling Starlight and was experiencing intense pain. Now, his body was wrapped by Starwheel Shackles which bound him to the ground and completely restricted his movements.

When Yuanen Yehui struck out with her pair of hammers just now, she had sent him flying in Tang Wulin’s direction. She saw that Tang Wulin had already taken care of his own opponent and was rushing over. Although they were not familiar with the Overlord Dragon of Tang Wulin, they had absolute confidence in Tang Wulin’s strength.

When the skeleton evil soul master’s body was fixed to a spot, he could not do anything except to stare as the humongous entity came toward him.

The Overlord Dragon’s tail curved upward. It retracted its pair of foreclaws before its chest. It made a skip-step with its overly thickset legs and leaped.

With its humongous body, it looked a little clumsy when it leaped. Its gaze was not as fierce as it was before.

On the other hand, the skeleton evil soul master’s gaze showed despair!

With a height of more than sixty meters, the colossal creature with a body as massive as a lofty mountain descended from the skies.

The skeleton evil soul master was ten meters tall and was considered huge. However, when a height of ten meters and a height of sixty meters were compared, the difference in their bulk would not only be six-fold, but more than sixty-fold.

The most terrifying part of the Overlord Dragon was its body which turned out to be incredibly tough.

“Craccccckk!” Amidst the continuous sound of breaking bones, the skeleton evil soul master turned into a pile of shards.

Yuanen Yehui brandished her pair of hammers and went straight toward the dark rider who was enveloped by Yue Zhengyu’s Light of Judgement. Without a doubt, victory was imminent for the Shrek Seven Monsters.

The clown evil soul master who has been hiding behind his accomplices suddenly registered shock on his face. When the Overlord Dragon shattered the skeleton evil soul master’s body with its feet, his Slow Curse had been cast on the Overlord Dragon.

The Overlord Dragon roared furiously. A layer of dark golden glow shone on its body. The Slow Curse was ineffective!

This was the Overlord Dragon’s inborn ability which was known as Overlord. The effects of all control-type soul skills would be extremely weakened in its presence. Although the clown evil soul master had six rings, his life’s rank was vastly different from the Overlord Dragon’s. That was why his Slow Curse did not even have the slightest impact on it.

The clown evil soul master’s curse had failed as he turned to flee. He could tell that things were not in his favor. He raised a hand and a ball of yellowish light shot into the sky. Immediately, a ferocious yellow skeleton’s shadow burst forth.

The Overlord Dragon shot out a mouthful of dragonfire which encompassed a large area and blocked the path of the clown evil soul master. Golden light flashed in the skies. In the next instant, the terrified clown evil soul master was impaled by the golden light and nailed to the ground. It was the Golden Dragon Spear hurled by Tang Wulin.

The time of the Overlord Dragon was also up. It transformed into a shadow and merged into Tang Wulin’s body as it vanished. The nine-colored bracelet on Tang Wulin’s wrist flickered faintly for a brief moment. Light swirled within the crystal on the bracelet. It looked exceptionally beautiful in the darkness of the night.

Tang Wulin leaped forward and landed close to the Golden Dragon Spear. The instant he gripped the Golden Dragon Spear, the clown’s body which was impaled by the dragon spear trembled. His body swiftly withered turning into a dried carcass. Tang Wulin felt pure life energy from the Golden Dragon Spear entering his body. It was not that powerful. Its energy did not seem to be proportionate with the clown evil soul master’s six-ring cultivation base.

He understood a while later after a slight shock. There was a close relationship between the mildness of the evil soul master’s life energy and his evil abilities. He reckoned that the evil soul masters would have weaker life energies. However, the aggressive nature of the Golden Dragon Spear was apparent.

He raised his head and glanced at the yellow skeleton fireworks which were still in the skies. Tang Wulin wore a slight frown. Was this a signal for a retreat or a request for reinforcements?

If it was the latter, then he was afraid that they would have more trouble coming their way.

The nearby city must have received word of the derailed train by now. However, he was not sure when the rescue team from the federal government would arrive.

The skeleton evil soul master and clown evil soul master had fallen consecutively. With the combined strengths of everyone, the other evil soul master experts were also dealt with swiftly. With Xu Xiaoyan’s powerful controls, these evil soul masters could not run away even if they wanted to.

From afar, Goldsong had scurried back swiftly. It killed all the people in black who had been slaying the passengers.

Goldsong looked less like a snake right now. It was more than seven meters in length, and its body was a brilliant golden color with the two protrusions on its head. It even grew a pair of foreclaws under its belly. The sharp claws clutched at the ground enabling it to move faster. Its pair of brilliant golden eyes would display a gentle glow only when they were looking at Tang Wulin, otherwise, it was always cold.

It was Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul. The soul skills Bind and Bluesilver Impaling Array were given to Tang Wulin by Goldsong. The tenacity of its body was nourished by the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. It seemed to be growing into the semblance of a dragon with each passing day.

It was possible for a spirit soul to grow. Usually, the spirit soul’s growth relied on absorbing spiritual energy on the spirit ascension platform. It was apparent that Goldsong not only absorbed spiritual energy, but also the blood essence power which originated from Tang Wulin.

It would evolve with every unsealing of the Golden Dragon King’s seal. Tang Wulin had spent three years in the Dragon Valley. Absorbing those dragon spirits had brought immense benefits. Although it was weaker than the Overlord Dragon, its evolution had been continuous. It would eventually evolve into a dragon one day.

“Come on, let’s hurry to rescue the other people. We don’t know If the evil soul master had fired a signal for reinforcements or not. I hope that the Federation troops will arrive soon.”

“First, let’s rescue the people,” Ye Xinglan said with a frown.

Regardless of whether the evil soul masters called for reinforcements, they could not just leave. Countless passengers were killed inside the train, and many more needed help. The dead needed retrieving while the wounded needed healing.

None of them were skilled in healing, but Xu Lizhi’s Recovery Pork Buns could at least increase the likelihood of the wounded passengers being treated.

Tang Wulin said to Xu Lizhi, “Lizhi, give us each of your third, fourth, and fifth soul skill buns. We might not make it in time if the evil soul masters’ reinforcements arrive.”

“Okay!” Xu Lizhi replied and started chanting his spells.

Buns started appearing one after another. The others quickly retrieved them. With the enhancement of his soul power from his battle armor, the overall density of Xu Lizhi’s soul power was the most powerful among them all.

He continued producing the buns as they charged swiftly toward the cars.

When they were rescuing the passengers, Tang Wulin demonstrated his advantage of being heavily gifted with nature’s endowments. He unleashed his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul and the huge vines surged into the cars like large pythons. They acted like lifting jacks as they braced the compressed space. They also acted as stretchers by transporting the casualties out from the wreck. With Tang Wulin’s Spirit Abyss spiritual power’s control, using the vines were the quickest way in rescuing the passengers.

The others simply followed beside him. They carried out some first-aid treatment on the casualties being brought out by the Bluesilver Emperor from the cars. Later, Xu Lizhi fed them a Recovery Pork Bun each. They did their best to stabilize the condition of the casualties.

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