Caged by Lucifer

1 day ago

Subtitle:- He’s my father’s killer?

Genre: Romance, Action.

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust…..

Rated: 🔞🔞 (strictly Adults only 😚)

Location: America, Greece.


Lucifer Khalid Madden:_ A 25years old, 6ft3, gray eyes, jet black hair, olive skin guy. Very muscular and strong abs…… America’s Mafia King, heartless monster who kills for the fun of it. Doesn’t do love or relationships, just fk and go….never fks the same woman twice.


Catherine Debby Justin:_ A 22years old, 5ft2, ocean blue eyes, blond hair, fair skin, with a model like body….. A works as a waitress in a small restaurant, soft spoken with a ever warm smile. Believes in fairy tales and happy endings.

But what happens when she meets Lucifer who doesn’t believe in love?

Can she restore a heart to this heartless monster?


Caged by Lucifer - S01

Caged by Lucifer - S01

1 day ago