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Gu Yuena

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Na’er sighed softly. “Back when we were betting, I made a firm resolution to place the bet because I knew that you only pretended to kill him yet you wished to appear flawless in your soul. I didn’t have the choice but to comply with you. Otherwise, you would have a flaw in your soul at the time which meant you would kill him without the slightest hesitation.”

“Do you regret your choice now?” Na’er asked.

Gu Yue was slightly stunned. “Regret? I don’t know.” She genuinely did not know if she regretted or not.

Na’er spoke, “If you didn’t wish for all of this to happen then you shouldn’t have established the method to integrate into the human world back in the beginning. Facts proved that your practice was right. Only by understanding mankind, can you truly discover the method to destroy them. However, we’ve discovered that not all mankind is completely useless. At least, mankind’s empathy is something that we don’t have. That’s why there are you and me when we were young. We had no choice but to seal ourselves in order to become more like human beings, so we could truly integrate ourselves into human society. That was how part of our spirit that belonged to mankind was born.”

“When you realized that mankind’s sentiment in you was getting out of control, you requested me to erase it by force. By then, it was already impossible. It would’ve caused you great harm. On the other hand, all this was because my brother brought me love and warmth so I understood mankind’s sentiment.”

“You stripped me away from your body because you had no other choice and made me into an autonomous individual. However, I would always be a part of you even when we’re two separate individuals. That was why you placed a bet with me to find out whether my brother would fall in love with you and abandon me. If you were to win, then it would prove that mankind’s sentiment was fake, so I would merge into your body once again. On the other hand, if you were to lose, then you would make me into a complete individual as you promised. Isn’t that correct? What a waste that I have your intelligence but mankind’s sentiment. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was utterly impossible. I take up thirty percent of your overall power. You would never be you anymore if I became an integral whole in the end. Thus, you’ll never abandon me. The only choice is either we merge back together or you have a flaw. Hence, if you were to lose then you’ll certainly kill my brother and force me to merge with you. Am I right?”

Gu Yue stared at Na’er. Her charming face turned pale as she listened to Na’er’s rhetoric.

“Gu Yue, do you know that I was willing to bet with you because you totally don’t understand mankind’s emotions? You thought that my brother and I had a romantic relationship which you assumed. Actually, you’re wrong. We have a family relationship. Perhaps I did not treat him as such, but he considers me his sister. On the other hand, he is not treating you with affection but true romantic love.”

“Love and affection are two completely different things. Thus, he has never abandoned me nor betrayed me despite choosing you. In that sense, I’ve lost. Yet, you won’t be getting the result you wished for. Thus, it’s truly difficult to tell who won actually.”

Gu Yue looked at her deeply. “Do you really think that I don’t realize you’ve been planning all these?”‘

Na’er smiled. “Of course you knew. How can you possibly not figure this out being so intelligent? Just as when you attempted to be estranged from my brother, you already sensed that your feelings were affected. Unfortunately, love has a subtle influence on your character. It was already too late when you realized that something was wrong because he already had a place in your heart. Thus, you’ve been attempting to break free with great effort for a long time. Yet, the more time passes, the more he begins to grow and take root in your heart.”

“Gu Yue, do you realize that we are inherently too naive whether we are soul beasts or divine beasts? Moreover, no matter how powerful your energy or how vast your spiritual power, there’s no way you can resist that emotion once we are engaged with matters of the heart. It has no form or shape, yet it truly exists.”

Gu Yue spoke bitterly, “So do you think that he won’t matter anymore by saying this? Do you really think so?”

Na’er sighed softly. “At least he’ll live longer. When he becomes powerful enough with time or when you’re incapable of fighting him anymore, i believe that no one will be capable of killing him. Gu Yue, face your emotions or enmity will only blind you.”

Gu Yue suddenly spoke in rage, “You’re just like a human being now.”

Na’er smiled. “I’m a human being initially! I’ve always thought so. That is why I refuse to destroy mankind and I’m even willing to see us living together in peace. I love my brother and our parents too. I enjoy mankind’s world and its idiosyncrasies. You’ve won, yet you’ve lost too. However, I truly wish that you’ll have better results in the future. No, that all of you will have better results.”

Gu Yue’s breath quickened. “You really think that I’m incapable of killing him mercilessly?”

Na’er shook her head. “Of course you can’t. You can’t since the beginning. Even in my absence, you can’t either. Otherwise, why do you wait until now? Since when have you been so hesitant? Perhaps, you stood a chance when you were hesitant the first time, but you’ll probably never kill him again after you’ve been hesitant thrice. I understand you well enough, so you must be clear about this in your heart too. After we’ve merged, you’ll be me and I’ll be you. You’ll be affected even more and have great difficulty in making up your mind. You must love him. My brother is truly outstanding. Even though we don’t know where his Golden Dragon King bloodline came from, I’ll admit that he’s the only one worthy of being our companion in the human world.”

Gu Yue’s face was filled with disappointment. “My biggest mistake was my decision in placing the bet with you back then. I shouldn’t have made you into a separate whole at all. At least, I would still be able to exert my subtle influence if we had remained as one.”

“You’ve lost, and I’ve lost too. You’re right that I couldn’t bear to kill, that was why I could only leave him and allow time for our love to fade. Perhaps by doing so, I can kill him one day. Maybe, he can grow fast enough so he can kill me one day. You understand that the conflict between us can’t be reconciled. This is the conflict between mankind and soul beasts. It’s also the conflict between Godhood and divine beasts. It’s a conflict that we are incapable of resolving.”

Na’er was quiet. She had become desolate. “When I’m gone, you’ll be gone too. He’s going to be sad.”

Gu Yue’s body shuddered. “It’s still going to be better than me staying by his side and our people losing control and taking the initiative to kill him. I’m still far from being able to walk out of the seal completely. The core is already awakened, but you know there are many powerful creatures amongst our people. There are even some powerhouses capable of becoming divine beasts that I’m incapable of suppressing. Hence, I’m destined to leave.”

Na’er bit her lips. “Perhaps you’re right. Gu Yue, you’ve truly changed. You know how to take others into consideration, especially him. I understand now that you must leave in order to give him more space to grow. You wish he’ll become powerful enough one day that there’s no way you can kill him. However, you know that’s impossible. The divine realm is non-existent. He’ll never achieve your level till eternity.”

Gu Yue smiled. “You know it but you don’t understand it. You have no idea what he means in my heart. Neither do you have any idea what percentage of me belongs to mankind now. You’re right that I do have regrets. I regretted my decision to issue the order to integrate into the human world at the beginning. However, I’ll need to fulfill my mission, yet there are those I’m unwilling to harm. Thus, let me face the contradiction alone. I don’t know what to do either but I’ll need to move forward anyhow. Come back, Na’er. I’m no longer Gu Yue from today onward. My name will finally be complete, only that he won’t know it’ll be Gu Yuena!

Speckles of radiance shimmered as Gu Yue’s body suddenly turned translucent. It was a white silvery translucence as the hexagram underneath her feet conjured a layer of formless shield that enshrouded both of them.

If one were nearby, one would realize that there was not an ounce of energy fluctuation seeping out from that white, silvery world.

Na’er’s body turned translucent as well. She began walking toward Gu Yue one step at a time with tears streaming down her face.

“It’s hard for me to leave all this behind, everyone around me, my teachers and my brother!”

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