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Brother, I Like You

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Na’er looked at Tang Wulin affectionately. At that moment, he was all her eyes could see. “But one would need to spend a lot of money in order to become a soul master with a spirit soul. Our family was not well off. Father and mother had already worked very hard. Thus, you were only allowed to choose to study forging when you were sixteen years old. I remember very clearly that you couldn’t even make an expression because you were so tired after class in the beginning. You collapsed on the bed, and it seemed like you couldn’t even hear me calling out to you.”

“Yet you didn’t give up. You still remained persistent in learning. You bought me candies with the remaining money after you had saved a portion of your salary every time. Those candies were so sweet.”

“Do you still remember that I once asked if you would miss me when I’m gone?”

Tang Wulin listened to Na’er’s words in a daze. His mind seemed to have traveled back to ten years ago when he was still at his home.

‘My ambition is to go to the Star Sea.’

He was a youth with black hair, black eyes, and fair complexion. He stepped into the Eastsea City alone with a vain hope as he embarked on an unknown journey.

He had a useless Bluesilver Grass martial soul and his pitiful rank-3 inherent soul power. He was ordinary in the vast city, but even that tiny grass seed that was blown everywhere could always fulfill its original intention.

While the rest of the people were still immersed in their parents’ inculcation, he had lost his home.

That dash of warm silver color was also moving away from his gaze and felt cold in his palm.

“Will you miss me when I’m gone?”

“Of course I will. I’ll miss you so, so much.”

The moist night breeze gently stroked his face. The warmth radiating from his left breast made him smile. It did not feel bitter but nostalgic as he reminisced about his past.

The silver-haired girl was never too far away in his heart. She was still living in a corner of his memories as she called out to her brother under the setting sun.

‘I’m Tang Wulin and my ambition is to go to the Star Sea.

‘When that ordinary grass seed germinates into a lush green field, will I be able to hold your hand and visit the Star Sea again?’

“Brother, I like you, I love you. I’m willing to spend all my time to accompany you in the future and be by your side always. Please allow me to love you. Is that alright? I’m serious.” Na’er’s expression was so solemn that even the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming on the towership was feeling shocked.

Tang Wulin’s originally desolate and despairing heart could not help being moved. If one were to ask about how he prioritizes the females in his heart, then his mother, Na’er and she each occupied an unmovable position.

Even so, he had never thought that she would talk about all this to him during the Sea God Fated Date Festival with everyone’s attention fixated on them.

“Na’er, you’re my sister!”

“No, I’m not. I’m only your Na’er. We are not related by blood. I’m only your Na’er. I refuse to be your sister anymore. I’m only willing to be your Na’er,” she spoke stubbornly.

Tang Wulin’s body was shivering ever so slightly.

“Time’s up, Na’er. I can’t allow you to continue speaking anymore for righteousness’ sake.” Tang Yingmeng’s voice sounded slightly odd. She could not conceal the strangeness, but at least her behavior was much more composed than the rest of the crowd who were staring in disbelief at the scene with their mouths agape.

Na’er lowered her head with tears shimmering in her eyes. She had finally poured her heart out, but she did not say, ‘Brother, if you don’t choose me, then…’

If Tang Wulin was still capable of bracing himself to withstand Wu Siduo and Dai Yun’er’s love confessions, then Na’er’s words shocked his mind and heart profusely.

He once vowed not to allow anyone to make Na’er cry, yet he had never expected that the person making Na’er cry would be himself.

‘Na’er, why do you have to be so foolish!’

Yet there was an indescribable feeling in the depth of his heart for some unknown reason. Just as Na’er had said, they were not biological siblings after all. Na’er was the sister he took in, the sister he had watched over diligently.

Na’er suddenly raised her head and looked toward Tang Wulin with a burning gaze. “There would never have been anyone else in your heart if I didn’t leave back in the beginning.”

Tang Wulin’s entire body shuddered. She was right. If she had never left at the start… if she had remained by his side all along…

On the other hand, Na’er shifted her gaze toward her back and looked at the figure still wearing her bamboo hat nearby after speaking.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng’s gaze was fixated upon Tang Wulin.

Lan Muzi could not help exclaiming, “I truly didn’t expect to meet you at such a huge scene for the first time, Junior Wulin. So many outstanding junior sisters are in love with you including our little Goddess. So this is the time for you to make a decision. As someone with experience, I would like to remind you that you ought to be decisive when a choice is needed, otherwise all will be chaotic. Make your choice, and let them understand how you feel clearly rather than hurting more people in the future.”

Tang Wulin would not have the slightest hesitation if not for Na’er’s words, but now he was truly reluctant. He did not wish to hurt Na’er the most!

‘What should I do? What should I do?’

Tang Wulin was slightly listless. As he stood on the surface of Sea God Lake, he felt that he was hesitating at a crossroad for the very first time.

If he had known that this would happen in the Fated Date Festival, he would not have chosen to participate.

He looked at them, and he was feeling highly troubled.

“Junior Wulin, please make your choice,” Lan Muzi urged with a deep voice.

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath strenuously as the energy in his entire body seemed to be shifting.

He questioned his conscience and the answer was unusually clear to him. He did not want to hurt Na’er, but more than that, he did not want to lie to her. Additionally, everything was so complicated. He did not wish to give up this opportunity even if it seemed extremely vague.

“I’m sorry, Na’er. I choose Female Number Seventeen!” Tang Wulin exerted almost all the strength of his entire body as he spoke those few simple words.

Everyone at the scene gasped in surprise for all the outer court disciples did not expect that Tang Wulin would refuse to choose despite the Dragon Spear Goddess’ weeping courtship, but he chose Female Seventeen who did not choose him or even unveil herself from the beginning to the end.

How? How was this possible?

Wu Siduo, Dai Yun’er, Na’er were three beauties! He did not choose either of them, but someone who did not even pick him to everyone’s surprise.

On the shore…

“It’s expected. The big brother is indeed the big brother, all mighty and domineering. Only that Na’er…” Xie Xie waved his fist subconsciously.

Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, and Xu Lizhi were all anxious at this moment. They knew that the most important moment for Tang Wulin was about to come.

Faint radiance shimmered in the air. Female Number Seventeen’s lotus leaf slowly floated out and arrived at the forefront.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng gazed into each other’s eyes as they saw the fear in their mutual expressions. They did not expect that Na’er would be rejected either.

On the other hand, the color on Na’er’s face faded at the split second when Tang Wulin spoke those words. She backed away for one step subconsciously with half of her foot stepping into the water. Her body swayed before she managed to stabilize herself.

Lan Muzi swallowed, and then he looked toward Female Number Seventeen. “According to the rules, you must remove your bamboo hat and veil now. Then, listen to his love confession for one minute.”

Female Number Seventeen paused for a moment before she raised her hands slowly to remove the bamboo hat and veil from her head.

It was a pale charming face with black hair and black eyes. She did not appear extraordinary when compared to Dai Yun’er and Na’er by her side. She was actually completely concealed by the radiance emitting from the two females beside her.

Her face was already covered in tears since earlier, tears that she could not control. She watched him while her lips remained trembling gently all along.

Tang Wulin smiled as he saw the tears on her face. He smiled because she was not treating him mercilessly. He could suddenly feel like everything was worth it when he saw those tears.

“You should choose her.” Gu Yue turned her head to the side and looked to Na’er’s direction.

Na’er did not utter a word.

Gu Yue spoke of something baffling again, “I don’t want to win.”

On the other hand, Na’er smiled. Her pale face was filled with a faint grin at that moment. She puffed up her chest as she suddenly looked toward Gu Yue with slight arrogance. “There are things that aren’t up to you.”

Gu Yue shut her eyes as tears streamed down her face. “However, do you know how great the price he would have to pay? Our life would be unbearably tough in the future.”

Na’er spoke with determination, “I don’t. I can only hope that I’m capable of giving myself entirely to him.”

Tang Wulin looked at them in a daze. Had he been oblivious to the fact that their relationship had really become so close? What were they talking about? How could he not understand a single word they said?

Lan Muzi could not understand either but the Fated Date Festival had to go on. “Wulin, it’s your turn. You have one minute’s time.”


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Chapter 766

Gu Yue, Do You Love Me?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Wulin shook his head and stared at Gu Yue. “I don’t need one minute. I’ll only need to ask her a question.”

“Gu Yue, I’ve only ever loved one girl in this world and that girl is you. Do you love me?”

He once had thousands and millions of words he wished to tell her, yet when he was truly confronting her, he could only speak these words. These words were already enough for him. He needed an answer, an answer that could make him stop caring for everything else or make him walk into another world.

He raised his right hand and extended his turned palm. Glossy golden scales spread from the exposed wrist all the way to his palm. Shining, golden claws appeared with his five fingers flexed inward. He pointed the sharp claw straight at the top of his head.

A gush of thick blood essence fluctuation burst out from his body abruptly. It was difficult to describe, but during that split second when the thick blood essence aura appeared, every single soul master with a dragon-type martial soul at the scene gave out a muffled grunt. They appeared ghastly pale and even Long Yue was no exception.

How was this possible? How could his blood essence be so powerful?

Long Yue’s face was dumbstruck with amazement. He thought that he had already achieved another level after his three years of painstaking cultivation. Tang Wulin was certainly no match for him three years ago. Even if his bloodline power was genuinely capable of suppressing Long Yue, he would never have defeated Long Yue if it was not for Gu Yue’s assistance.

Three years later, it was even more impossible. Long Yue was already a two-word battle armor master and he was one of the world’s most powerful. It seemed like he had already possessed the strength to confront and fight a Title Douluo.

Yet, just as that fellow’s bloodline aura burst out at that point, Long Yue fearfully discovered that there was an intense feeling of submission within his body’s bloodline power that was almost out of control due to the suppression from Tang Wulin’s blood essence fluctuation. It was as if it would only take one thought of his for the bloodline power in his body to strip away and submit itself before Tang Wulin.

His bloodline aura was several times more powerful compared to three years ago! How was this possible? How could a person’s bloodline aura be so strong?

“Brother, don’t!” Na’er shrieked yet she dared not move at all. She could clearly see the golden radiance pulsating on the Golden Dragon Claw. Tang Wulin would only need to lower his palm ever so slightly before he would graze his head.

“I’ll only need to know the answer, that is the answer in your heart. The genuine answer. Don’t lie to me. I can tell from your gaze and your bloodline. I can sense if you’re telling the truth.” Tang Wulin stared at Gu Yue with burning gaze without the slightest concession.

Gu Yue looked at him absentmindedly. Tears were no longer streaming down her face.

All of a sudden, she felt as if her entire body about was about to have a breakdown. She nodded strenuously as tears poured down her face once more. She could not help kneeling onto the lotus leaf. She could not speak anymore but only nodded vigorously.

Tang Wulin smiled proudly as he put down his right hand. He took a step forward and stood before her.

He pulled her up from the lotus leaf into his arms. An enormous creature emerged underneath Tang Wulin’s body accompanied by a valiant dragon’s roar that pushed his and her body into the air.

The massive beast’s thick and strong back limbs supported it beneath the Sea God Lake’s water. Its enormous body that had emerged from the surface of Sea God Lake’s water had already exceeded fifty meters.

That was the colossal Overlord Dragon, yet it did not look like a spirit soul but more like a genuine creature.

It had thick and heavy black scales, and blood red eyes that were huge, in addition to its terrifyingly humongous body. It displayed its incomparable power and that it was the most powerful dragon.

No matter how powerful Long Yue was, his Mountain Dragon King was just a martial soul. On the other hand, it was as if Tang Wulin managed to summon a genuine Overlord Dragon. Moreover, it was not an ordinary Overlord Dragon. There was a dark golden gloss that was shimmering faintly under its pitch black scales.

Gu Yue buried her charming face against Tang Wulin’s shoulder with her arms tightly clutching him. Just as she witnessed Tang Wulin point his Golden Dragon Claw at his head, that string that was tightly wound around her heart all along finally snapped. It had ruptured completely, and she could no longer suppress the emotion in the depths of her heart anymore. Her uncontrollable emotion burst out and drained through her tears profusely.

How could she ever forget the bits and pieces of their past, and the warmth she felt when she was with him once again? How could she forget about how he had always placed himself before her without hesitation when they faced danger together?

‘A man is not a stalk of grass or a tree!’

If her initial encounter with him was due to some ulterior motives, then with the passing of time, all her purpose had vanished in silence.

Despite knowing that she should not behave as such, she did not mind in the beginning because she trusted in her self-control. Just as she realized that everything had already begun to break away from her control, it was too late. Everything was already too late.

Tang Wulin’s silhouette had already rooted into the deepest part of her heart. How could she stay away from him so easily?

During that split second when she witnessed his appearance on the opposite side in the Sea God Fated Date Festival, she had almost lost control of her emotions. She used such tremendous energy in order to suppress the emotions in her heart!

She knew that she should absolutely never couple up with him even if she were to admit her defeat. Otherwise, everything else would be affected by him.

Hence, she refused to reveal herself from the beginning to the end. Part of her was even hoping for him to turn his back on her and leave with another lover.

Yet, she knew that she was wrong when he spoke of those words. At the same time, her face was covered in tears, her heart was filled with gratification.

Everything that she stopped herself from doing broke down during that moment when he raised his Golden Dragon Claw in the end. She only wished to hold him tight at that point. She leaned in his embrace as she sensed the warm hug that she had not felt for the past three years.

She cried her heart out. Every pent-up frustration that was accumulated in her heart seemed to have vanished without a trace at that point. She refused to think about anything else. She only wished to be a woman quietly for that very moment.

Tang Wulin hugged her tightly. His heart suddenly felt fulfilled. He knew that she still loved him when he saw tears streaming down her face and that time did not manage to weaken his feelings for her even a little. The words that she used to hurt him back then were nothing but her masks. As for why did she choose to put on those masks, did it matter? Was it still important now?

Dai Yun’er raised her head absentmindedly and looked at those two persons hugging tightly on the giant dragon’s head. She suddenly felt like her appearance was unnecessary. She did not resent him at all for it was precisely as he had said, they were acquainted with each other too late.

Na’er did not cry nor was she sad. She was smilingly joyously with a smile that was filled with gratification. No one knew what she was smiling about because there were very few people who saw the smile on her face at that exact moment.

“The ceremony is completed. I wish to congratulate Tang Wulin and Gu Yue for being destined for three reincarnations, and I wish the both of you to stay happily ever after,” Lan Muzi’s voice echoed through the entire scene.

Meanwhile, it was time for bride kidnapping, but for some unknown reason, Long Yue found he was unable to take a step forward reason despite having already been prepared to attack.

When faced with that enormous Overlord Dragon and the powerful bloodline aura emitted from Tang Wulin’s body, he found that he had no way to summon up the urge to attack.

Moreover, was this not something he wished to see? Tang Wulin did not couple with Yun’er anyhow.

He subconsciously took a glance at Xu Mi’er standing by his side. He looked toward that stern and even slightly aggressive maiden and discovered in astonishment that tears were gliding down Xu Mi’er’s eyes soundlessly. Tears streamed down her face because she was moved as she watched the two figures on the Overlord Dragon’s head. It was also at this point when Long Yue’s heart was suddenly stirred as if some feeling was being moved. This was a feeling that he had never felt before in his life.

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