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Yuanen and Xie Xie’s Happily Ever After

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Everything was like illusions in the clouds during that split second when she shook her head. At that moment, it was as though a sharp blade had dropped down from the sky, slashing the heavens and cutting the earth.

For over three years’ time, over one thousand days and nights of separation, there was only she in his heart.

On the other hand, she was not even willing to reveal herself to him when he met her at the Sea God Fated Date Festival.

It had all become bitter, and an indescribable pain had spread out from his heart.

“Brother…” Na’er’s soft moan echoed at his side. Tang Wulin turned his head. He looked at her stiffly and smiled.

Na’er was stunned. She had never seen her brother smile like that. It was a stiff, awkward smile with a dash of despair and desolation. She suddenly felt that her heart was hurting, an excruciating pain. She clenched her fist subconsciously.

She looked at him from afar under her bamboo hat and veil. He could not see that her eyes had already filled with tears. He could not see that long lashes of hers were gently trembling.

She truly wished that she could unveil herself, but it was quite clear that she was indecisive when a choice needed to be made.

On the train, they were discussing goals. Some as ambitious as Xie Xie, some as ordinary as Xu Xiaoyan and some as comfortable as Xu Lizhi.

And also…

“Marry you.”

The joke had clearly made her mood much more gloomy. This was the first time he had seen her so depressed, like the desolation during autumn.

What had actually happened to her? Her ambition was perhaps genuinely very heavy. It was such a burden that all doubted and opposed her but still, she had to bear it and go on.

She did not wish to hurt her group of companions, so she chose not to speak rather than lie about it.

“Everyone has his or her own secrets. It’s fine if you don’t tell.”

“How about your ambitions then?”

“Military. I’m going to enlist.”

He wished to become even stronger so he could look for his parents and Na’er. He gazed out the window as he smiled absentmindedly.

She seemed to have recalled his expression like a memory, in the past… Then, in the future as it all flashed past her eyes one by one…

That night, her hair was blowing in the wind. Her eyes were no longer black in color but exuded a faint purple glow.

Orbs of light danced on her palms. A dash of dark purple leaped up in the end and vanished after a flicker.

She was as beautiful as the mystery of the night. In her eyes, all were like deep pools of water.

‘Life is truly a journey with travelers and scenes you find along the way.

‘There will come a day when I disembark the train, but I’ll leave behind the most wonderful memories of you.

‘Let the memories of me freeze in your mind, so I’ll never disappear from that scene.’

The fourth segment of Sea God Fated Date Festival had come to a close on the Sea God Lake. Destined for Three Reincarnations had ended.

His original assumption of being destined for three reincarnations was exchanged for only a gentle shake of her head.

A wordless rejection disheartened him. At that moment, he was actually hoping to make a quick escape so he could look for a place to bury himself.

“Alright. Since Female Number Seventeen is unwilling to choose, we will not force her hand. However, you’re not allowed to leave yet because there’s still one final segment. Will all our females please return to your positions. Your choices earlier have already been recorded. Next is our final segment of the Sea God Fated Date Festival, known as Happily Ever After.”

“According to the rules, the power of authority will be reversed in the Happily Ever After segment. The males are given the opportunity to make the final choice. If all of you pick the females who chose you earlier, then we’ll be sending you our greatest blessing and congratulate all of you on the success of love. In this segment, the Sea God maidens who have already chosen the males, have thirty seconds each to express to them something you wish to tell, especially to the males which many females have chosen. Our Sea God maidens will need to work harder to impress their beloved males. If a male chooses a female who didn’t choose him, then both of you have one minute’s time for confession. However, I must also remind all of you that if you were to choose a female who didn’t choose you earlier, then the rate of failure will be extremely high. The rate of failure for the previous years’ Sea God Fated Date Festival exceeded eighty percent.”

“At the same time, there’s also one more rule that all of you should be aware of. In this final segment, the successful dating couple may possibly be the victims of bride kidnapping later. In the bride kidnapping segment, both of you are to confront the bride kidnapping together. If you are capable of reaching the Sea God Lake’s shore with ease, then both of you are considered successful.”

“Very well. Please make the necessary preparations. Happily Ever After begins now.”

“We shall follow the previous arrangement of drawing lots. The first person to come forward is Xie Xie. Oh, that is so soon. I didn’t expect to draw your lot immediately. It seems like we can congratulate you in advance, but those who wish to kidnap the bride can also begin preparing.”

Xie Xie first took a ferocious glance at everyone around him. One of the males beside him could not help speaking, “Don’t worry, brother. No one’s going to kidnap her. I think that you alone have the courage to pair up with the Titan Giant Ape. Go on, quick.”

Xie Xie glared at him unpleasantly, then he urged his lotus leaf into floating out. He joyously arrived at the spot at the front of all the males.

“I choose Yuanen Yehui.”

He had already lost his patience and shouted before the lotus leaf had completely stopped.

“Hey, hey. It’s not your turn yet.” Lan Muzi could not help laughing.

Xie Xie puffed up his chest and spoke with a bold and confident tone, “I’ll choose her regardless. I have no other choice.”

The lotus leaf underneath Yuanen Yehui’s feet floated out. “I don’t know if picking this embarrassing fellow is the right choice, but I just really wish to leave this place now.”

Xie Xie laughed aloud. “I’m your man from now on.” He touched the tip of his toes gently against the lotus leaf as he crossed the water toward Yuanen Yehui at lightning speed.

Yuanen Yehui truly wished to give him a tight slap, but it was during that moment when he had held her hand earlier, she knew that she would never again treat him the way she had done before.

He had not given up throughout all these years. How was she oblivious to his effort in painstakingly cultivating all along for her? She had not accepted his courtship, but that did not mean that she had not been paying attention to him.

He had many weaknesses, but his strength was his loyalty. He had never shown any interest in other girls, and he was always hounding at her side.

Perhaps he was unaware that she was touched not because of his repeated love confessions, nor his willingness to cultivate for her, but because of his sweeping the floor and fetching her a basin full of fresh water every morning when they were at the working student’s dormitory.

She enjoyed seeing him working hard for her. He was quiet and focused at the time, and there was a sense of gentleness in his eyes.

Perhaps she was moved by the view from the side of his face from that day.

In her heart, she had already chosen him for quite some time, but she had been fearful. She was afraid that he was only acting on impulse.

The trial that lasted over a thousand days and nights was the evidence of his persistence. His hard work paid off, and he could finally return with this beauty in his arms.

“Alright. I’m declaring the first successful couple from this year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival. They are Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. Congratulations. Both of you shall receive the sea god’s blessing and the academy’s good wishes. I wish that the both of you are destined for three reincarnations and live happily ever after.”

Speckles of light rose up from the distant Sea God Lake’s shore, and exploded into dazzling fireworks in the sky.

The smile and cheekiness on Xie Xie’s face had completely vanished under the glow of the fireworks. He held Yuanen Yehui’s hands as he spoke softly, “Yuanen, I’ll treat you well. I certainly will do so. I’ll protect you with my life, and I’m willing to give up the entire world for you. I love you and I’m sincere. You’re the only person I love in this life.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at him in a daze. His sincere appearance made her heart shudder gently. She lowered her head with a little shyness. “Hmm.”

Xie Xie could not control his emotions anymore as he suddenly opened his arms and hugged her. This time, she did not push him away but wrapped her arms around his waist.

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