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Are You Stupid?

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Xie Xie suddenly vanished in midair. The Light Illusion Dragon melded into the night sky. It was invisible in an instant.

Yuanen Yehui squinted her eyes slightly. The wings on her back were extended as she hovered in midair. Spots of light began appearing all over her body. Surprisingly, she unleashed her battle armor at this moment.

The dark purple battle armor covered her entire body fittingly. Among her peers, her battle armor was the more difficult to craft as she had to accommodate two martial souls. It was slightly inferior to the others in terms of the battle armor’s strength.

However, the battle armor looked exceptionally gorgeous when she donned it. Although she appeared vicious, her red hair and matching purple armor made her alluring at the same time..

The headpiece was a ring formed by two protrusions which resembled sharp horns. It did not completely protect her head, but it looked nicer this way. The purple glow flowed to form a pale purplish region in the air. It appeared to be a realm of sorts. However, its coverage was not as wide as Long Yue’s.

‘Was it truly a realm?’ Tang Wulin was astonished, and so were Long Yue and Dai Yun’er.

Also, it was apparent that Yuanen Yehui was being very careful. She respected her opponent. Xie Xie had gotten stronger as well, so he should be much more powerful than he was before.

All of a sudden, the purplish halo vibrated violently. The feeling was as if someone had cut across the realm with a paper cutter. The realm was split horizontally.

Yuanen Yehui let out a sharp cry. She turned half a circle and slashed horizontally with the Shadow Demon Sword which had already transformed into the form of a purple crystal.

Amidst the crisp sound, a figure appeared faintly only to disappear again. In the next instant, it forcibly cut open the envelope of the purplish realm around it and forced its way out. It disappeared without a trace.

Even Yuanen Yehui had to search for him using her abilities of realms.

Apparently, Yuanen Yehui was not injured by his sneak attack, but she still appeared cautious. She did not unleash more of her soul skills as she waited in silence.

At this moment, another change occurred in the purple realm. In the next instant, three golden figures appeared, then disappeared again. Six sharp beams of light crisscrossed as they struck the purple realm in six different directions simultaneously.

At the same time, the fifth soul ring on Yuanen Yehui’s body suddenly shone brightly. The purple battle armor on her body burst forth with an attractive, bright glow. She seemed to have been waiting for such a move.

On her forehead, she grew two horns which connected with the headband of her battle armor. This was probably why her battle armor did not have a helmet.

Her body instantly grew until she was three meters tall. A purple light wheel shone behind her. A huge eye appeared in the center of the light wheel. The purple realm which she kept at a diameter of thirty meters suddenly increased until the diameter was more than a hundred meters. In the sky, another huge purple eye appeared. A huge purple light column shot down from the skies and covered an area with a diameter of more than thirty meters.

Six swords gleaming charged into the purple light. They were instantly met with a great obstructing force. However, they pressed on determinedly. A sonorous dragon’s roar sounded. The six swords suddenly connected with each other, weaving together to form a tornado which spiraled into the skies. It forcibly collided with the purple light column.


The intense explosion sent violent ripples across Sea God Lake’s surface. Later, more lights appeared that rose upward like a whirlwind.

A myriad of gleaming swords danced in the skies in a complex pattern. A terrifying wave of energy burst forth continuously. The light shining from the purple eye seemed to swallow everything. The tornado gradually diminished in size and barely managed to maintain its form.

At this moment, the tornado formed by the six swords merged into one. A figure also appeared. It was an impressive Xie Xie.

His body was covered in grey battle armor. Shortly after, another figure appeared behind him. The figure donned pale golden battle armor. The two figures slowly merged into one. The fifth soul ring on his body shone brightly.

“Twin Dragon Transformation!” Xie Xie growled.

A dagger that was longer than both the Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger appeared in his right hand. The dagger’s long blade was half golden and half translucent grey. It looked striking. Near him, two dragon-shaped shadows circled around. No matter how the purple light came at him, they would be severed when they reached within three feet of him. He was steady as a rock amidst the crashing waves.

He sliced at the air with the bi-colored dagger in his hand. The purple light was effortlessly repelled by him. The battle armor on Xie Xie’s body was also bi-colored.

Yuanen Yehui looked at Xie Xie who had appeared before her with shock. When she saw the dagger which was very close to her, a faint smile appeared at the edges of her lips.

All the purple lights were retracted at this instant. The horns above her head and her enlarged body returned to normal.

Two dragon-shaped shadows circled around her and Xie Xie’s dagger was before her.

“I’ve lost.” Yuanen Yehui looked at him with keen sparkling eyes.

“You didn’t used your full powers.” Xie Xie seemed to be in a daze. “This couldn’t have been the full extent of your Demon’s Eye. Also, you didn’t utilize your Titan Giant Ape’s ability even once.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke without answering his questions, “You’ve always kept your fifth soul skill a secret from us. Were you waiting for this day?”

Xie Xie nodded without hesitation. Indeed, he was waiting for this day. He had waited patiently for this day to arrive after having gone through a lot of trouble.

Under his relentless efforts, he was finally able to merge his two martial souls into a single soul skill, Twin Dragon Transformation.

Even though this was not a true martial soul fusion skill, it was similar enough. He got the idea when he saw Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger. With the help of Tang Sect’s Speed Hall hall master, Liang Xiaoyu, he was able to achieve this feat.

He clearly knew that it would be difficult for him to defeat Yuanen Yehui. He could only win against her by using some special technique. Fortunately, he finally found such an opportunity.

Twin Dragon Transformation combined his two great martial souls into one. Although he could not superimpose his cultivation bases together, he could somehow superimpose the special characteristics of his martial souls instead. With the enhancement of his battle armor together with the Twin Dragon Transformation, his explosive powers could be increased to a formidable level.

He knew that Yuanen Yehui would use the Demon’s Eye to counter his Illusion Dragon joint attack. He had been waiting for this opportunity to use the Twin Dragon Transformation.

In truth, if Yuanen Yehui had used her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, it would have been difficult for him to succeed. Titan Giant Ape’s strength and defensive powers were truly too powerful. Even Xie Xie did not have the confidence in overcoming them.

He had made countless preparations for this day. He had predicted early on that the Fallen Angel martial soul was more suitable for combat because it could fly above Sea God Lake’s surface. His strategy was pre-arranged to counter this aspect.

Everything went smoothly according to plan just as he had imagined. The Demon’s Eye was not as powerful as he thought. Maybe Yuanen did not unleash the force which she should have. Her Demon Eye was easily defeated by his Twin Dragon Transformation. It seemed he could shatter it with his Illusion Dragon joint attack alone without even using the Twin Dragon Transformation.

He had worked hard for many days, and his victory seemed to have been too easy. It came so effortlessly that even Xie Xie found it unbelievable.

“Are you stupid?” Faced with Xie Xie’s question, Yuanen Yehui rolled her eyes at him.

At the same time, she reached out and grabbed his shoulder so that it would not be difficult for him to remain in midair after he lost the enhancement from his soul skill.

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