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Hard Sell

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A figure that was as dark as ink appeared and hovered above his back as a dazzling beam of light descended from the skies. It was a huge saber that was more than six meters long. Its broad blade was 1.5 meters broad, and it flickered with a dazzling purplish-black glow as it directly slashed Long Yue’s shoulder.

Amidst the deafening sound of friction, the huge blade that vibrated at a high frequency stubbornly cut into his scales even with the defenses of his thick, heavy scales and his soul skill, Mountains. The immense force from the slash sent Long Yue crashing downward from the skies.

In the air above Sea God Lake, a light barrier had risen up before anyone noticed. Like a cushion, it bounced Long Yue’s majestic body from it.

Four columns of light immediately shot out from the black mecha’s shoulders bring along with it four huge balls of light that erupted mercilessly on Long Yue’s back.

The intense explosion sounded amidst Long Yue’s furious howl. Then, the sixth soul ring on his body suddenly shone brightly.

The entire skies seemed to have turned a scarlet red in an instant. Shortly after, Long Yue’s body enlarged again.

Although his ten-meter-tall body was already very huge, it grew to more than fifty meters tall after he utilized his sixth soul skill, much to everyone’s surprise.

The large gaping wound on his back was very obvious, and his back was even charred from the explosion. However, under the effects of his sixth soul skill, the damage done by that attack seemed to be very limited.

Shortly after, Long Yue’s seventh soul ring lit up.

Sixth soul skill — Mountain Dragon King’s Wrath! Seventh soul skill, Martial Soul True Body!

His huge body stretched as he transformed into a giant dragon more than fifty meters long that was covered with extremely thick and heavy scales in mid-air.

The wave of soul power sent out from Long Yue’s body even caused a tremor in the space surrounding them. Although he did not utilize his battle armor, the aura he was giving off in this instant even made the Title Douluos slightly intimidated.

It was then that the black mecha rose in the air as strong beams of light endlessly bombarded Long Yue.

However, Long Yue, who had already transformed into the Mountain Dragon King at this exact moment, raised his right foreclaw and swatted the space before it directly, causing a sudden tremor in the air. The air around them was immensely distorted before it imploded from a powerful gravitational pull.

Xu Mi’er could only feel her black mecha sinking before it instantly fell from the skies like a meteor chasing after the moon as she dropped toward the front of the Mountain Dragon King.

However, a silvery-white glow suddenly appeared on the black mecha’s body. Layers upon layers of spatial waves appeared in midair and the black mecha flitted among the silver-white light as it slowly reduced the effects of the gravitational force.

“Rawrrr!” the Mountain Dragon King let out a skyward furious roar before it lashed out with its right foreclaw once more. This time, it caused the entire space surrounding them to distort, shattering the silvery-white layer of light just like that.

Xu Mi’er, who sat in the black mecha, shifted her gaze. “Realm!”

The external pressure had reached the interior of the mecha. Then, the huge saber appeared in the black mecha’s hand once more as it slashed at the air and forcibly tore an opening into space. Silver light flashed again and this time, it appeared higher in the air.

The Mountain Dragon King raised its head. Suddenly, it arced its wide and thick back, and a lofty mountain suddenly emerged from its back before instantly shooting into the sky.

The mountain continued to enlarge in the air. Almost instantly, it had turned into a lofty mountain that was hundreds of meters tall and thousands of meters in diameter. It moved to cover the black mecha completely.

Mountain Suppression!

This was an especially powerful soul skill that could be used while he was under the effects of Martial Soul True Body.

The lofty mountain gave off a yellowish-brown glow. Tang Wulin felt his body heat up a little the moment it appeared. The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone had reacted to it.

The immense gravitational force twisted their surroundings completely. Xu Mi’er could no longer use Spatial Retreat. She also frighteningly realized that her actions have slowed down under the effects of the lofty mountain. She could only stare blankly as the lofty mountain descended from the skies and crashed straight toward her!

“Humph!” she yelled furiously. A barrel on the mecha’s arm was raised as its interior flickered with light. Xu Mi’er could no longer restrain herself as she prepared to unleash her greatest move.

Because she spent more energy on researching soul tools, more than seventy percent of her strength was on her soul tools. Aside from the extremely important ability — Spatial Retreat — her soul skills and martial soul were only used to improve her soul power. That was why, in terms of the density of soul power alone, she was even superior to Long Yue. However, the advantage of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul was too great. In the end, this peerless martial soul managed to surpass the limits that her super mecha could stand up against.

That was why, Xu Mi’er would have to use her ace-in-the-hole secret technique — the fixed soul cannonball — if she wanted to defeat Long Yue.

In the field of fixed soul cannonball research, Xu Mi’er was an absolute expert.

“That’s enough!” a deep voice sounded in the skies.

Suddenly, a white light appeared silently in midair, causing Xu Mi’er’s body to freeze instantly. She could not even move an inch so naturally, she could not launch her fixed soul cannonball.

On the other side, a crack appeared underneath the mountain. The huge loft mountain, with its formidable pressure, was directly swallowed up by the crack. At the same time, Long Yue only felt a tremor within his body. Then, a fearful feeling originating from the depths of his soul released him from his Martial Soul True Body without him being able to control it. He returned to his original form in the blink of an eye.

“In this contest, Mi’er has lost,” Atlas Douluo Yun Ming’s voice resounded in the skies.

“The fixed soul cannonball has the ability to turn the tides of the battle. However, if you want to defeat him, you must be willing to let jade and stone burn together. Still, Long Yue hadn’t used his battle armor from the beginning until the end. Even if you fought with all your might, the one who’ll die in the end is you, and you alone. At most, he’ll be gravely injured so after taking all factors into account, Long Yue has won.”

Yun Ming’s words were absolute and fair. Long Yue and Xu Mi’er descended from the skies and returned to the surface of Sea God Lake.

Xu Mi’er put her black mecha away. She did not look any different from before. Only her gaze toward Long Yue had changed somewhat.

Long Yue was in a much more ragged shape than her. There was a wound on his back and although it healed quickly, the clothing on his upper body was gone, exposing his strong muscles.

“Thank you for the match,” said Long Yue to Xu Mi’er with a solemn expression. He had not thought that he would definitely win. There was a reason behind him not utilizing his battle armor.

With the improvement in his cultivation base, the control he had on his emotions grew increasingly weaker. That was why he dared not fight with his full force in a battle on a whim. This was because he might just bring about a catastrophic disaster with a single slip.

He did not use his battle armor because he was afraid that he would go wild, not because he did not want to use it. When Xu Mi’er was about to use her fixed soul cannonball, he had a feeling of shock in his heart and he was jumpy. Without a doubt, if that fixed soul cannonball was fired, the situation would be difficult to predict. Also, Xu Mi’er had more than one fixed soul cannonball! This object was definitely a great killing tool. It was a strategic weapon.

Xu Mi’er urged the lotus leaf under her feet on and drifted toward Long Yue. She said joyfully, “You’ve won. I choose you.”

Long Yue nodded toward her. As he looked at the young lady who was approaching him now, he could not have associated her with the black mecha that was brimming with a domineering aura in the air just now.

Xu Mi’er stood steadily beside Long Yue and looked very calm. On the other hand, everyone let out sighs of relief. If this violent lady truly ended up with Long Yue, they reckoned that he would not have any peaceful days as well. More or less, the boys rejoiced in his sufferings.

Long Yue was also slightly troubled. It was only after he exchanged blows with Xu Mi’er that he truly understood why the boys dared not fight her. She was a being that would whip out her fixed soul cannonball at any given moment!

Xu Mi’er glanced at Long Yue and said drily, “You’re not allowed to choose anyone else after you’ve chosen me or I’ll blow you to pieces.”

The edge of Long Yue’s lips twitched. ‘What’s that?’

“You were the one who chose me!”

Xu Mi’er replied, “It’s the same thing.”

Long Yue finally held his tongue. ‘How could she hard sell herself?’

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