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Long Yue Versus Xu Mi’er

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Long Yue smiled. “Okay, let’s do it then. Let’s take it to the skies.” As he said this, he leaped with all his strength while his body began quickly increasing in size as he propelled himself upward. As he continued his ascent to the skies, dazzling soul rings began appearing from beneath his feet as well.

However, Xu Mi’er did not show any weakness to her opponent. She leaped and charged toward the skies as well.

Be it the male or female students, they could not help but feel slightly speechless when they saw the events unfolding before their eyes. ‘Are these two really here to date? Isn’t their dating process a bit too fiery? They’re already fighting it out before the final segment where we actually fight each other to claim our partners.’

The glow from the soul rings on Long Yue’s body was terrifying. They were mainly black and although the glow from his soul rings was dull, a light seemed to radiate around them as they enlarged alongside his body. The imposing manner of his entire being also began to intensify multiple times over.

Although Tang Wulin was standing below them, he could not help but feel shocked in his heart when he felt the wave of soul power emanating from Long Yue’s body. This person was exceedingly more powerful than he was four years ago. He must have already become a two-word battle armor master. To top it all off, he’s probably only twenty-four years old this year at the very most. For someone at that age to be able to cultivate up to this level was truly shocking.

Before long, Long Yue’s body had enlarged until he was ten meters tall and it gave off an unparalleled powerful aura. With that aura came thick, heavy, yellowish-brown scales that appeared on the surface of his skin, and a huge tail that extended from his back.

Although he was in mid-air, his dense aura that now felt as heavy as a mountain on one’s shoulders still felt incredible imposing.

On the tower ship.

Yun Ming nodded lightly. “This must be the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. When you truly feel it, you’ll realize that its bloodline aura is extremely powerful. In terms of bloodline power, their bloodline powers are generally stronger than the Soul Masters on our Douluo Continent due to the influence of the aboriginals on Star Luo Empire. However, this will also present a clear problem — under the influence of their bloodline power, the fusion between their spiritual power and martial souls won’t be perfect. With that, when their powers reached a certain rank, they would no longer be able to control their strengths.

“Still, it’s still rare for this Long Yue to have such a cultivation base at such a young age. It’s no wonder our students rose to fame after defeating him on that Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition three years ago. Mei’er, your judgment is spot on.”

Elder Cai looked at Yun Ming and nodded her head lightly. After they returned from the competition, she was the one who strongly recommended Gu Yue and the others to take on the names of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

The strength of Tang Wulin and the gang could be clearly seen from the opponent they had defeated. Long Yue’s increasing strength only served as evidence that the strength displayed by their group back then was even more powerful.

“This Long Yue is growing at too fast a pace. However, his martial soul has its defects as well. Once he unleashes his full force, he’ll be in a state where he can no longer control himself. He might even go mad. He probably came here as an exchange student to overcome this problem of his as well,” said Elder Cai.

Yun Ming gave a slight nod. “The martial soul and bloodline of one of the Nine Dragon Kings can’t be borne that easily. Let’s wait and see.”

Currently, Long Yue and Xu Mi’er were already in midair. Unlike Long Yue, Xu Mi’er’s body did not grow that much. However, a mecha as dark as ink had already appeared behind her.

The mecha was black all over. If not for the shine of the lights from the Sea God Fated Date Festival, it might even be too easy for the others to overlook its presence in the night.

When he saw this mecha, Long Yue’s could not help it as he raised both his brows. How violent does this lady have to be for her to design her mecha like this?

Xu Mi’er’s black mecha did seem slightly exaggerated. Her mecha was about ten meters tall and for a black mecha, this was already very huge.

Usually, the stronger a mecha was, the smaller its size would be. This was because it could be nimbler this way. The energy source attached to it would also have a greater capacity that would be sufficient to power the mecha for a longer time.

However, the aura of this black mecha was different. Although it was ten meters tall, it still looked slightly bloated. There was nothing about it that seemed nimble.

On the shoulders of the black mecha were soul cannons with a caliber of more than 200 millimeters. Other than that, its limbs, torso, and even its waist were equipped with large soul cannons. What was even terrifying was that there were even relatively smaller gun barrels on its arm.

As an outstanding student in Monster Academy, how could Long Yue not recognize that those nozzles were there so it could shoot fixed soul cannonballs?

Fixed soul cannonballs had been the most terrifying of soul tools available for the past ten thousand years. After ten thousand years’ worth of development, the fixed soul cannonballs had turned into destructive weapons. Civilians were definitely not allowed to wield them. Even in the military, its use was strictly regulated.

However, Shrek Academy was, without a doubt, an exception. In the name of research, it was not out of the ordinary for a fixed soul cannonball to appear here. However, the one who possessed the fixed cannonball was his opponent.

Long Yue did not have a shadow of a doubt that there were real cannonballs within those barrels. This was because he had seen the faint glimmer they gave off.

How could this still be considered a mecha? This was practically a slaughter machine. The amount of energy that was required to power this machine alone was already an astronomical figure. With the addition of those fixed soul cannons and the condition in which it was built, the cost of building this mecha alone was already enough to make three black mechas.

Even Long Yue drew some cold breaths when he saw just how violent this lady was.

Xu Mi’er made a hand sign to him with disdain. Moving quickly, she had already transformed into a beam of light that fused into her own black mecha.

Although Xu Mi’er was also a seven-ringed expert, she was not a two-word battle armor master. She was only a one-word battle armor master because she had poured most of her energy into researching and improving her mechas. She had a burning passion and a wild obsession regarding various soul tools. As long as there was a powerful soul tool that she fancied, she would always figure out a way to attach it to her own black mecha.

The expression on Long Yue’s face turned grave. He grabbed at the air with his right hand, causing a beam of golden light to flash past before a thick, heavy lance appeared in his grip. For him to use his weapon immediately… It was clear that he took Xu Mi’er seriously.

“Be careful,” Xu Mi’er’s ice-cold voice sounded electronically before the black mecha moved just a mere moment later.

It raised an arm, and it showed no signs of making preparatory movements as a beam of strong light shot straight toward Long Yue with great force.

Long Yue’s fighting style had always been to fight fire with fire. He swung the lance in his hand, and a beam of bright golden light shot forth as well.

“Boom!” The intense sound of an explosion erupted in the skies. Countless lights and shadows were scattered everywhere, causing the outer court disciples to watch what was unfolding before their very eyes with intent and focus.

Long Yue did not budge in the air, especially since his huge body was as dense and heavy as a mountain. On the other hand, the black mecha began moving as fast as lightning. As it moved, its body swayed gently, leaving behind after-images. Shortly after, beams of light burst forth as it bombarded Long Yue with an onslaught of attacks.

Long Yue wielded his long spear as he withstood and blocked the attacks from above and below him. He was blocking attacks from soul cannons and soul beams that were raining on him like a furious storm. In midair, a series of explosions could be heard like rolling thunder. What was even more terrifying was that clusters of light continuously erupted on Long Yue’s body.

Long Yue’s first soul ring was already lit up. His soul skill, Mountains, was directly applied to himself, making himself as large as a mountain. The lance in his hand brought with it his flowing water soul skill as huge currents of water charged ceaselessly toward the black mecha.

However, the black mecha displayed a nimbleness that was completely discrepant with its large size. It carried out a series of evasive maneuvers under Xu Mi’er’s ingenious controls. Only her attacks landed on Long Yue’s body whereas none of Long Yue’s attack had even touched her black mecha from the beginning until the end.

‘What brilliant mecha operating skills,’ exclaimed Long Yue in his heart. He even showed a bitter smile, because the feeling of those soul beams and soul cannons impacting his body was not exactly an enjoyable feeling. His defenses were already very powerful, but Xu Mi’er’s attacks were truly too violent. It was so violent that he seemed as if he would buckle under them. He needed to utilize a large amount off of his soul power to block them.

‘This cannot do!’

Long Yue pointed with his lance, and another soul ring of his lit up.


In the skies, a portion of the space around him suddenly turned muddy. Although it was only a formless swamp created by energy, it was no different from an actual swamp.

Long Yue was very formidable in the timing of his moves. He had unleashed his soul skill on a route which the black mecha had to take as it maneuvered evasively. Almost immediately, Xu Mi’er’s black mecha seemed to have crashed into a large web, causing it to instantly slow down.

Countless currents raged towards the mecha from all directions. In an instant, they charged straight toward the black mecha like rivers running into the sea.

Long Yue’s mastery of the coordination between each and every one of his soul skills had already reached a level where he could control them with the highest precision. He did not give his opponent the slightest of chances.

However, a shocking scene to him appeared. A silver light flashed, and Xu Mi’er’s black mecha vanished in thin air. His currents had all crashed into an empty spot.

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