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A stir fried meat with green pepper, a heart of garlic, a beef with pepper and a soup of ribs, three dishes and a soup finally came on the table.

It seems that such a simple soup with three dishes takes Qin leran a whole afternoon to make it.

Of course, it can take such a long time, that's because Qin lelan's cooking skill has not reached the level of success once.

For example, the simple stir fried meat with green peppers in the three dishes, the first time, the second time, the color is good, but it's too salty.

After wasting the ingredients for three times, Qin leran vowed that he would not eat them if they did not stir fry well again, so the fourth stir fry was barely enough.

The other dishes, needless to say, were fried several times, and finally the results are now.

Looking at the three dishes and one soup on the table, thinking of brother lie's praise while eating for a while, Qin lelan was so beautiful that he forgot how many bubbles his hands had been scalded.

The clock on the wall is about six o'clock in the afternoon. Calculate the time. Brother lie should be almost there.

Brother lie went back to Beigong three hours ago from the disaster area to deal with some things. He told her that it would be about six o'clock for him to come to her from Beigong after he had dealt with the things.

Because eager to see brother lie, Qin leiran looked at the clock on the wall, followed by seconds one by one.

It was only 120 seconds before two to six, but she felt that this period of time seemed to last as long as an hour, and could go out as long as a minute in a second.

But two minutes later, brother lie didn't show up on time.

Now it's snowing outside. The city is blocked. It doesn't matter if it's late. Qin lelan looks at the clock and waits.

Ten minutes later, half an hour later, and an hour later, when the hot dishes on the table became cold, Qin lelan finally couldn't sit down, picked up his cell phone and called Quan Nanzhai.

Through, the cold machine voice came from the mobile phone: "the subscriber you dialed has turned off, please dial later!"

One time it was like this, Qin leran fought for the second time, the second time it was like this, three times, four times and five times It's all like this.

This number is Quan Nanzhai's personal number. He once told her that this number will power her on 24 hours a day.

As long as she thinks about him, she can call him at any time

So why can't we get through now?

Qin leran has a bad premonition in her heart. She calls Lin Jiacheng again, and soon Lin Jiacheng answers the phone.

"Hello, Miss Qin!" said Lin Jiacheng, still respectfully

Qin lelan was so worried that he didn't have the heart to be polite to him. He said directly, "what about your president? Where is he? "

"Mr. President is in a meeting. It's not convenient for him to answer the phone," Lin said

"This is the time," Qin said. "What else can I do?"

When brother lie went back to Beigong, he promised to come back and have dinner with her on the phone. If there was any delay, he should tell her in advance.

"State affairs," said Lin Jiacheng

National affairs!

Qin Yueran was speechless in four words.

Yes, state affairs are the most important thing. How can she let her children pester her brother so that he can't work hard.

"Well, I see." "Mr. Lin, how long can he be busy?"

Lin Jiacheng added: "Miss Qin, the snow disaster affected a wide area and affected too many people. In these days, the president is afraid that he has no spare time."

Qin lelan: "..."

Lin Jiacheng continued, "Miss Qin, you are a smart, magnanimous and sensible girl. I don't think you should blame the president."

As soon as Lin Jiacheng said this, Qin lelan's fire came: "Mr. Lin, I'm just calling to care about him. Do you think I'm not sensible enough to pester him not to let him deal with state affairs?"

"I don't mean that," said Lin Jiacheng

Qin said: "no matter how busy or how many things, there is still time for him to answer my call."

Lin Jiacheng: "..."

Qin leran's firepower is fully open: "after his meeting, you ask her to call me back. I will wait all the time. If he doesn't call, I won't sleep. Please tell him what I said. "

After that, Qin leran hung up the phone, then took the mobile phone and waited for brother lie to call her back, and waited until midnight until brother lie didn't call back.

If nothing is delayed, brother lie will never stop calling her back. Will he Qin leran dare not think about the bad.

Qin leran dials Quan Nanzhai's phone again. This time, without any accident, the cold machine voice comes from the handset: "the phone you dialed has been turned off. Please call again later."

Hearing the cold sound of the machine, Qin leran's heart shook. She knew that brother lie must have had an accident, but she didn't know what happened to him.

Qin lelan is very flustered and scared, but she uses the fastest time to calm herself down. How can she panic when brother lie has something to do.

She immediately dialed Chang Li's phone. Before she could ask, Chang Li said, "Miss, something's wrong with the president."

Sure enough, there is no mistake in looking for Chang Li. He is as well informed as the National Intelligence Agency.

She said, "tell me more about it."

"There was a problem with the helicopter that Mr. President went back to Beigong from the disaster area today. The plane crashed and the casualties were unknown," Chang said

"What?" Qin leran expected that Quan Nanzhai had an accident, but he didn't think it was such a big thing. When she heard Chang Li's words, her feet were soft and she slumped on the sofa.

Chang Li continued: "I know so much news at present. But I will send someone to continue to check and report to you as soon as there is any new situation. "

After hearing the accident of Quan Nanzhai's helicopter, Qin leran's brain was blank at first, and then like paste, it was so paste that she could not think anything and could not see anything at present.

"Miss, miss..." At that end of the phone, Chang Li shouted again and again, again and again. Qin lelan didn't respond.

So he came from the floor where he lived to the floor where Qin leran lived and knocked on her door. When the door banged, Qin leran was back to his mind.

She calmed down and said, "I'm fine."

Chang Li said, "open the door."

Qin Le ran shook his head: "you do your business."

She hung up Chang Li's phone and dialed Shen Lingxi's cell phone. How can we say that Shen Lingxi still holds the title of president's fiancee? If there is something wrong with President, they can't hide it from her.

Soon, Shen Lingxi got on the phone and said, "what's up, lran?"

"Sister Lingxi, brother lie......" After making a phone call, Qin leran was so shaken that he couldn't even say a complete sentence. /p

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