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Although Qin Yinze would like to disappear from her world and stop appearing in front of her eyes, Qin leiran's heart was still shivering when he thought that something might happen to him.

Qin Yinze can't be reached by phone, so she has to go to the door to find someone.

Qin Yinze, as Qin leran knew, lived next to her. She hurried to his door and knocked on it.

Bang Bang -

she was so eager to hit the door with her hand that she forgot the existence of the doorbell.

After knocking for a long time, there was no answer in the room. Qin lelan was a little flustered. Did Qin Yinze really have something wrong?

"Qin Yinze, are you at home? If you are at home, you can open the door for me. Don't hide in the house and pretend to be dead! " Qin lelan was so anxious that she kicked the door with her feet. She used a lot of strength. The door didn't open, but it hurt her toes.

"Hiss -" she let out a long gasp, and clapped at the door. "Son of a bitch, if you don't make a sound, I'm going to find someone to knock on the door or call the police."

"You're worried about me!"

Just when Qin lelan was so anxious that he wanted to blow up the door, a light male voice came from behind. It was not hard to hear that the speaker was slightly happy.

Hearing the voice, Qin leiran suddenly turned around and saw Qin Yinze appear at the elevator entrance completely. The big stone in her heart landed and her anger rose: "Qin Yinze, why don't I call you and answer it?"

Qin Yinze looks at her, looks at her red and tender lips, and lightly repeats what he just said: "you are worried about me."

"Worried about you?" Qin lelan gave him a fierce look, turned around and left, "I'm worried about you. I'm afraid I'll move if you die here. "

What she said was hard to hear, and her tone was more like eating dynamite, but Qin Yinze couldn't get angry at all, and he couldn't say that he was comfortable: "tell me, what can I do for you?"

He knew that she would not call him easily. When he called, he must have something to ask him for help, so he deliberately didn't answer her call.

But now, seeing that she was just so nervous about his safety, he didn't care about such a little girl as her.

Just because he was worried about Qin Yinze's safety, Qin leran forgot his original intention to call him. After he reminded her, she thought, "you and you know the snow disaster."

"Well." Qin Yinze nodded and looked at her cautiously. As he guessed, she asked him to help.

At the moment when she called, he knew that she was looking for him to handle affairs. However, Qin Yinze could not help but feel sad when he heard about the snow disaster.

What was he thinking, after all?

Is he dreaming with a little expectation that she just cares about him when she calls instead of looking for him?

He thinks he is stupid.

Silly enough to know but still have unrealistic fantasy.

Qin Yinze's eyes fell directly on Qin leran, and she was uncomfortable. He looked away and said, "I want you to donate money."

Qin Yinze's imagination was completely broken. He sneered: "Qin leran, do you think our Qin family is a charity?"

Qin lelan knew that Qin Yinze was not willing to help. She glared at him: "grandparents and parents do charity every year and donate money and materials to many remote areas. Why can't they come to me?"

"They can do charity because they make all the money, and you?" Qin Yinze smiled and said, "my Miss Qin, what did you do for the Qin family?"

Qin lelan: "..."

She and Qin Yinze are really in conflict. She was worried about what happened to him. If anything happens to him, she must clap her hands.

Qin Yinze added: "although you didn't do anything for the Qin family, how can you be the eldest miss of the Qin family? With your father's love for you, he has already donated money in your name. If nothing unexpected happens, you can go online and have a look. You should make headlines again. "

Qin lelan: "..."

She just thought of things, her father has done for her, the next time is like this.

Qin leran immediately turned on her mobile phone, opened some websites, microblogs and so on. As expected, she saw that the headlines were all about her messages -

under this title, she explained Qin leran's donation and material donation in detail, and then turned over the previous events in Longjian.

If the news about the most beautiful face in Longjian disaster area made the people of country a know Qin leran, then the occurrence of snow disaster sending warmth today has made the people of country a deeply remember Qin leran's beautiful face.

The netizens' message was almost the same as the last one, and it was full of praise. To boast of such exaggeration, Qin lelan simply boasted that this man should only exist in heaven, but not in the world.

Seeing netizens boast about themselves, Qin leran is slightly worried. Now these marketing numbers hold her so high, will this group of people step on her one day?

After all, the extremes of things must be reversed. This kind of thing often happens. If it happens to her, it is not impossible.

"Alas --" Qin Yueran sighed. I really don't know whether these things will be good or bad for the president's wife who will be her brother in the future?

After praising Qin leran, naturally many netizens can't sit down. Everyone starts to pick up the girl's information.

It's strange that no matter how they do, they can't get any personal information about this girl, as if she is the angel sent by heaven to save them.

Similarly, Lin Jiacheng didn't miss the news either. Soon he called: "Miss Qin, I want to discuss something with you."

Qin leran avoids Qin Yinze's eyes, turns around and enters the room. He closes the door and says, "Mr. Lin, I've decided something. I don't want to discuss it again."

Lin Jiacheng added: "I have seen the news on the Internet. Miss Qin, you really want to help the president and help him. "

"Then what?" Qin asked

"Mr. President's secretary team can't fit in," said Lin Jiacheng

Qin Yueran's voice sank, and his eyes were displeased: "if you can't get into the fortress, you can't get into it. I have to work with him. "

The Lin family thought that the girl was as lovely and gentle as his master, but she was very domineering. He quickly added: "but Mr. President still needs an English translator. I think Miss Qin should be competent in this matter."

Qin leran lived in New York since childhood. English is her second mother tongue. She has language talent and is a famous school bully. There is no problem for her to do English translation.

She smiled brightly: "well, I'll be his translator. But you can't tell him in advance. " /p

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