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All the things that can be handled by phone and video are handled by Quan Nanzhai in this way. If they can't be handled, he will ask people to press for another day and wait for him to go back to deal with them.

In order to spend more time with Qin lelan, Quan Nanzhai is also trying his best to squeeze out the time.

Quan Nanzhai insists on staying here with Qin lelan. Qin lelan is not only unhappy, but also guilty and remorseful.

She has always wanted to share some things with him. Now, instead of helping him, she has delayed him and asked her not to blame herself.

"Brother lie, go back and do your work. Don't accompany me. I have many friends in Linhai. They can play with me. Just now a friend called and asked if I would like to play hot pot with them. "

As he said this, Qin leran turned to the hanger and took Quan Nanzhai's coat to him. "Brother lie, go and deal with your state affairs."

"They are them, I am me." Finally, Quan Nanzhai raised his head from a pile of documents, grasped Qin leran's hand in the palm of his hand, and grasped it forcefully. "However, I'm not here because you need my company, but I need your company. Do you understand?"

Qin lelan: "..."

She didn't understand.

It's clear that he left for her. Now, how does he need her to accompany him?

Looking at Qin lelan's stupidity, Quan Nan Zhai couldn't help pulling down her head and kissed her on her forehead: "however, how important you are to me, far more than you think."

"I think I'm very important in your heart. No one can match me." Sometimes, Qin lelan is so narcissistic.

It's not that she is narcissistic, but that she believes that brother lie is the same as her. She must have put her in the most important position in her heart.

"Well, that's right." Quan Nanzhai pinched her face and took a sip of her coffee. "It's not bad."

In fact, he made coffee paste and added too much sugar. How strange was the taste? Quan Nanzhai not only didn't dislike it, but also asked her to add another cup after drinking one cup.

When Quan Nan Zhai appreciated his face, Qin lelan was happy. He gathered in front of him and said happily, "brother lie, you like my coffee. Then I will cook it for you every day."

"Good." Quan Nan Zhai nodded and handed Qin lelan a document. "Your English is good. Please translate it to me."

"Brother lie, it's not very good." Qin leran didn't reach for it. "The documents you read are all state secrets. I'm not suitable for an outsider."

The disclosure of confidential documents is a big or small thing. In case that those who want to take control of Nanzhai know about it, they can use it to stir up the flames.

Qin leran thought that she had learned her father's caution. Before her identity became clear, she still didn't touch these sensitive documents to avoid unnecessary troubles for brother lie.

"These are not confidential documents." Quan said.

He was just worried that she was too bored. He specially found an English document for her to translate and play, so that the time would pass faster.

Jingling bell -

Quan Nanzhai's work cell phone suddenly rings loudly.

As soon as the phone rang, Quan Nan Zhai knew that something important had happened. He immediately picked up the phone and answered, "what's the matter?"

Lin Jiacheng's anxious voice came from the phone: "Mr. President, something important has happened again. The blizzard came so fast that we were unprepared. In addition to the long duration, several provinces and cities have been affected to varying degrees. "

Right south Zhai Cu Cu Cu Jian eyebrow, cold voice roars: "say key point."

Lin Jiacheng said these things are known to all the people of the country. How could he not know as president of a country.

In the early stage, he has asked relevant departments to organize rescue and relief work and make every effort to ensure the personal and property safety of the people.

Lin Jiacheng's old dogma is really getting more and more greasy. He speaks very smoothly. He only chooses good words. He doesn't know how to turn around bad things.

When the president roared, the Lin family blurted out: "there was a snow treading incident at the foot of Wushan mountain. Hundreds of families were buried at the foot of Wushan mountain. According to the preliminary statistics, about 300 people were trapped at the bottom of the mountain. Their lives are unknown."

"Have the rescuers passed?" Quan Nan Zhai asked in a deep voice, a pair of good-looking swordsmen frowned more and more tightly, almost frowning into two vertical lines.

"Our rescue forces are on their way to mount Wu." Lin Jiacheng answers.

How dare he call to tell the president if there is no organization to arrange personnel to rescue.

What kind of temper is their president? How can he not understand that he has been with him for so long?

Quan Nanzhai ordered: "when the order goes down, everything is based on human life. One more can be saved, and at the same time, the safety of the rescuers must be guaranteed."

As he spoke, QUANNAN Zhai got up, put on his coat as he walked, and said, "I'll go to the disaster area right away by arranging helicopters."

"Mr. President, it's still snowing. It's too dangerous for the helicopter to fly over. Do you want to wait? At least wait for the snow to stop and then go to visit the disaster relief workers and the victims." Lin Jiacheng was really worried about Quan Nanzhai, so he made such irresponsible remarks.

After hearing this, Quan Nan Zhai's face turned black: "the members of the rescue force can go by helicopter. Why can't I? My life is life, their life is not life? "

Lin Jiacheng is also in a hurry, regardless of his identity, he refutes the right of Nanzhai: "you are our president. They can do something, but you can't. "

"What the people of country a need is a good president who can think for them, who can work for their welfare, who can make their life a higher level, rather than a president who is greedy for life and afraid of death," said Quan Nanzhai

Quan Nanzhai went to the disaster area. He didn't help in the rescue, but he went to work that could inspire people. Then the probability of the trapped people being rescued will be greatly increased.

"Yes. I'm going to arrange it now. "The Lin family was speechless and had to take the order obediently.

Shortly after Quan Nanzhai took office, there was an earthquake in Longjian. At that time, some people deliberately spread rumors that the new president was not blessed by the former president and his position was not orthodox. This was a warning from heaven.

Now, within three or four months of taking office, Quan Nanzhai has had another snow disaster that has never happened since the founding of the people's Republic of China, which has affected most provinces and cities.

I'm afraid there will be superstitious rumors spread behind his back that his position as president is not authentic, that he manipulates the ignorant melon eaters and lets them make trouble.

One's strength is small and weak, but one more, ten more and ten more. Slowly, rumors spread, and the consequences are unimaginable.

With the experience and lessons of the last time, Quan Nanzhai must take the lead in blocking those people's mouths before the rumors come out, so that they have nothing to say. /p

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