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In the past years, it snowed in Linhai City, but no year has been so big, no year has been so long.

Today, it's the third day of heavy snow. The heavy snow is still going on. It seems that it's going to finish the snow for several years at a time.

Because of the heavy snow, because the snow is too thick, the city issued a red weather warning, all schools closed, all units shut down.

Snow is still under, can't go to work, Yaya is bored. Thinking of the small vinegar jar that she hasn't seen for many days, she calls to say hello: "what is the small vinegar jar doing? If it's all right, let's make an appointment to fight hot pot at home. "

Hearing Yaya's question, Qin leran looks back at Quan Nanzhai, who is busy in his study. All units are off, but he is not off. He is still reading some documents and dealing with some things.

It has been nearly two hours since breakfast. He has been so busy in his study that he didn't even drink water.

Seeing that brother lie was so tired, Qin ran ran to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee to refresh him, and Yaya called.

She took back her eyes and apologized: "sister Yaya, another day. I have some other things to do today. I can't go out. "

Brother lie is busy working at her home. If she can't help him, how can she leave him alone at home and run out to the party.

Yaya asked, "it's snowing so hard that you can't get out of the door. What can you do?"

Before Qin leran answers, Yaya's mind flashes and laughs: "Oh Oh, I know. You must be with your brother."

Qin Le ran chuckled and admitted, "well, Yaya, you guessed right. I'm with my brother."

Yaya added: "I used to hear that your brother is busy. I guess everyone doesn't work today. Your brother has time to accompany you. I won't disturb you if you have a good time with him. "

Finish saying, Yaya is about to hang up, Qin leran hurries to shout to stop her: "Yaya elder sister, you wait a moment, I have something to ask you."

Yaya said, "what's the matter?"

Qin leran thinks about it, but decides to ask directly. Yaya's personality is straightforward. She likes to say whatever she likes, but she doesn't like to cover up.

Qin leran said, "sister Yaya, she said before that she went to work in Shengtian's company to pursue Qin Yinze. You've been at work for a while. How is it going? "

Ask Yaya about this. Qin lelan not only cares about Yaya, but also wants to know about Qin Yinze who hasn't appeared in a few days.

Qin Yinze that guy, always like a ghost, will inadvertently appear in her side, tube this tube that, she can't get rid of him.

In recent days, Qin Yinze didn't appear, and didn't know where he had gone?

It's snowy outside. From time to time, it comes out that some people have been buried by snow and some houses have been destroyed by snow In case something happens to him.

Qin lelan admits that she is a little worried about Qin Yinze's safety.

But she only admits that there are only a little bit of worries about him. She will never admit that there is a bad guy who worries about Qin Yinze who always makes her angry.

When it comes to Qin Yinze, Ya Ya sighs. She has lived for 22 years and has never been defeated like this.

She succeeded in becoming Qin Yinze's secretary. She followed him wherever he went in his work. It can be said that most of the day was spent with them.

But what's the use?

No matter how hard she worked, no matter how well she dressed herself, Qin Yinze didn't even look at her.

It can't be said that he didn't look at her directly. He did look at her directly, but they were all in the work. He didn't say a word to her outside the work.

She has been working beside him for two weeks and a half months. Qin Yinze didn't say a word to her after working.

Are you angry?

Thinking about this, Yaya is so angry that she gnashes her teeth. She wants to find an opportunity to stun Qin Yinze and bite him severely.

Of course, she just thought about it. She didn't have the courage to really dare to treat her immediate superior.

Think of her Yaya, although she is not a first-class beauty, but there are some beauties, and there are many boys pursuing her these years. How can she become worthless when she comes to qinyinze?

Yaya thinks that Qin Yinze, a man, is like a smelly and hard hard stone, but he can't soften him after using all his methods.

"Sister Yaya, what's the matter? Is it not going well? " Hearing Yaya sighing, Qin leran probably guessed the situation.

She and Qin Yinze have lived under the eaves for more than ten years. What kind of personality he is? She knows how much.

Qin Yinze that person is also a dead brain, he identified that things are difficult to change, Yaya such pursuit of him, maybe it is difficult to have results.

Qin leran wants to let Yaya give up. Just about to open her mouth, she says confidently, "I know there is a woman in his heart. But it doesn't matter. I'll kick that woman out of his heart and I'll take her place. "

Qin lelan: "..."

Besides blessing Yaya to succeed, she really doesn't know what else to say to Yaya.

Yaya added: "little vinegar jar, you don't care about me, you go to accompany your love brother first."

Qin leran said, "sister Yaya..."

Yaya said, "don't say anything. I know how to do it. You're busy. I'll hang up. "

Qin leran listened to the busy voice on his mobile phone and shook his head and sighed: "everyone is not working, but your president and his team still have to work. To make life easier for you people. "

Qin leran put away his mobile phone, concentrated on making coffee, and personally sent it to Quan Nanzhai's hands: "brother lie, have a cup of coffee and then be busy."

"Well." Quan Nan Zhai did not raise his head to answer, reaching out to carry the coffee cup habitually, but did not touch the coffee cup.

Because the coffee that Quan Nan zhaiping drank was prepared by his life secretary, who followed him all the year round to take care of him. His habit must be clear.

The secretary knows that he doesn't care about anything when he is busy at work. After greeting him, he will put his coffee in the same place every time.

In this way, even if Quan Nanzhai doesn't look, he can reach for coffee as soon as he reaches out, which can save him a lot of time.

In fact, these tasks are not to be completed by Quan Nanzhai alone. His deputy secretary team is composed of hundreds of people.

However, in order to spend more time with Qin lelan, Quan Nanzhai chose to work alone here, and other needs were to contact his deputy and Secretary by phone.


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