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However, he stayed in Quan lizhang's office for about half an hour. When Quan Nanzhai went out, there was a lot of snow outside the courtyard.

He looked up at the sky. It was snowing harder and harder tonight. It seems that it will be snowing again this evening.

Seeing Quan Nanzhai come out, Qiao min, the driver, and spade, the bodyguard, are in a hurry to meet him. Seeing that Quan Nanzhai's face is not pretty, the two men are smart enough not to speak, waiting for his orders.

Quan Nan Zhai stepped on the snow and sank down as soon as he stepped on it, but his step was not affected at all, and he was still walking fast.

Qiao min hurried to catch up: "Sir, the way out has been blocked by snow, the car can not go. It's better to wait here for one night and wait for the road to be cleared in the morning. "

The snow blocked the road and the car couldn't drive at all. No one was willing to go out and joke about his precious life in this weather.

Quan Nan zhaigui is the president of a country. He must not be surprised.

If anything happens to Quan Nanzhai, it is estimated that the newly developed economy of this country will be affected again.

"Let those who clear the road clear the road now. Anyone who works overtime today will use my personal property, six times the salary of each person, and three more holidays during the new year. " Quan Nan Zhai said in a deep voice.

Before he came to see Quan lizhang, he called Qin leran, who said that he hoped to appear in front of her as soon as he opened his eyes tomorrow morning.

So sensible girl, just put forward such a small request to him, how can he not meet her such a small request.

"Yes." Qiao min nodded and received the order. After a phone call, the relevant departments received the news and cleared the snow on the road from Chengbei sanatorium to Yuepan Bay overnight.

Such a large project, to be completed in a short time, must cost a lot of manpower, but even in the snowy night, with such a huge reward, there are still many people who take the initiative to work overtime.

In this snowy night, many people work overtime all night because of the order from the head. Of course, more people are still dreaming in the warm quilt.

Qin leran is one of more people. She fell asleep when she missed her brother and woke up when she missed him.

No, no, Qin leran didn't wake up from missing brother lie. Instead, he was awakened by the smell of delicious food.

When he was sleeping soundly, he suddenly smelled the fragrance of his favorite strawberry pie. Qin learan poked out half his head from the quilt, scratched it, and asked questions all over his face.

The little aunt and her family have lived here for one night, and then she lives alone in Yuepan Bay. How can she have the fragrance of Caomu pie?

It must be that she thinks her brother is crazy!

Yes, it must be.

Brother lie, the villain, is really hateful. When he doesn't live beside her, she feels as if she has become a person with abnormal nerves.

Qin leran got into the bed again, pulled up the quilt and covered his head. He was going to sleep for a while and make up for the late sleep last night.

But strangely, the smell of the food did not disappear, but grew stronger and stronger, as if it had come from outside her concealed door.

Is there a thief at home?

No, it won't.

No thief is stupid enough to cook breakfast in someone else's house.

Is it mom and dad who are worried about her safety?

Mom and dad have the key to the house, and only mom and dad can cook the strawberry pie she likes.

Thinking that it was Mom and dad who came, Qin lelan sat up and rolled out of the bed. He was so excited that he rushed out without even wearing his coat.

After opening the door, the smell in the living room became stronger, and the smell of food came from the kitchen.

Qin lelan looked up and saw that there was a tall figure busy in the kitchen.

Her lips were slightly raised, and her eyes were full of satisfaction.

It seems that it must be the father who is reluctant to bear the hardships of his mother, so he cooks breakfast for his family.

Her father has always been like this. He never talks about love, but he loves his family with his practical actions.

Qin lelan jumped to the kitchen like a child. Before he could see the person in front of him, he hugged him from behind and said softly, "Dad, you'd better be right."

"Dad?" Quan Nan Zhai turns around and looks at the little girl holding him around her waist.

How does she miss her family?

It's foolish to mistake him for her father.

"Er Are you brother lie Quan Nan Zhai's voice made Qin lelan shiver and stupefied. It wasn't his father but his brother lie.

Her fantasy is getting worse.

See father adult unexpectedly can fancy to be strong elder brother.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. Then she opened them. The man in front of her was still brother lie, who had not become a father.

Looking at this face, Qin lelan did not know whether he was happy or disappointed. He was stupefied again and forgot all the reactions.

Quan Nan Zhai pinched her face and asked, "silly girl, what are you thinking?"

Half a sound, Qin lelan just issued a voice: "are you really brother lie?"

Yesterday she told him that she hoped he would appear in front of her when she woke up this morning, and he did.

Is he a magician who can do magic?

Quan Nanzhai held her head, bowed his head and kissed her, saying, "since I miss my family, I'll take a moment to accompany you back to have a look some other day."

Now as the president of a country, he wants to go abroad in private except for state visits, which is very difficult and dangerous. But for Qin lelan, he is willing to take the risk.

"No..." Qin lran shook his head excitedly and said, "it's brother lie who suddenly appeared. I was so surprised that I couldn't touch the southeast, northwest."

She quickly reached for his face and pinched it hard: "brother lie, do you hurt?" If brother lie is in pain, it proves that she is not dreaming.

Quan Nan Zhai chuckles and then lowers his head to kiss her. This time, he no longer kisses her shallowly, but gives her a fierce French kiss, which makes her blush, so he lets her go.

He stroked her bright red lips and asked, "but I kissed you like this. Do you think it's true or not?"

Qin lelan's face turned red: "I'm sorry."

She didn't know how to answer, because she often dreamed that her brother kissed her so fiercely.

Sometimes not only do I kiss her, but I do even more shy things.

Looking at her pretty red face, what did Quan Nanzhai think of? Looking at her eyes, she suddenly became tender: "however, in your dream, how do I kiss you?"

"Is that how I kissed you?" He lowered his head, kissed her again, and kissed her on the lips like a dragonfly. /p

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