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The speed of Quan Nanzhai's return to China has made one thing clear to Quan lizhang.

The position of Qin family's little girl in Quan Nan's Zhai Xin is definitely not comparable to that of ordinary people. Maybe it's really possible But the establishment of power is unwilling to admit this possibility.

He didn't believe that when a choice had to be made between women and power, there would be men who were stupid enough to choose women.

And his son did a lot of invisible things in order to climb the position of president, which can be said to be killing a blood river.

Quan lizhang can be sure that Quan Nanzhai will never give up his hard won high office as president of state a.

However, because Quan Nan Zhai paid enough attention to the girl, the little girl of the Qin family is a chess piece that can be used well.

However, Quan lizhang is also very clear. There are too many variables in that little girl of the Qin family. She is definitely not an easy chess piece to control.

Quan lizhang's brain is running fast, and he plans to let the little girl leave Quan Nanzhai without quarreling with the Qin family. How can he do it?

"I guess?" Quan Nan Zhai gently clenched his lips. "My father is really more interesting as he grows older. Such words can even be said from your mouth."

"Can't guess?" Quan lizhang smiled and said, "I think you must have an answer in your heart, just don't want to say it."

"And your father's advice." Quan Nanzhai asked, just to know what Quan lizhang said to Qin lelan yesterday.

But Quan didn't notice. He cleared his throat and pretended to be his father's face: "Nanzhai, you can keep an ambiguous relationship with the little girl of the Qin family, but you must marry the girl of the Shen family. Because you can only take your place if you marry the girl of the Shen family. "

It turns out that, as he thought, old man Quan wanted Qin leran to leave him.

Qin lelan shut up and didn't mention what Quan lizhang asked her to talk to yesterday. Quan Nanzhai thought of coming to Quan lizhang to talk about things, but he didn't think of it.

Knowing what Quan lizhang talked to Qin lelan yesterday, Quan Nanzhai was relieved.

"I can't do what my father asked me to do," Quan said. Because I'm not here to help you, but to send you a message. "

The tone of Quan Nan Zhai's speech made Quan lizhang dissatisfied, but he could not bear to attack. He asked, "what's the matter?"

Quan Nan Zhai's face suddenly changed, and he said in a deep voice, "I can take those hands and feet you used to move behind me as if nothing had happened, but if you dare to find Qin lelan's trouble again, I will find you to calculate the old account and the old account."

"You are threatening me?" he said

Right south Zhai nods: "you understand good."

Quan lizhang slapped his hand on the desk and shouted loudly: "Quan Nanzhai, you even threaten your biological father for a woman."

Quan Nanzhai was still cold on his face: "then I need to ask you if you think I am your own son."

In the past, he tolerated all the things that Quan had done to him, because old man Quan didn't touch his bottom line.

Now it's Qin lelan who wants to move. That's when he touches the only bottom line of Quan Nanzhai. How can he ignore it.

Quan lizhang coughs angrily: "you..."

Quan Nanzhai added: "I'll say that. I hope my father will remember it. At the same time, I wish my father a long and healthy life. "

After saying such a sentence, Quan Nanzhai also saluted Quan lizhang. After finishing the ceremony, he ignored Quan lizhang's eyes like he wanted to eat people and walked out.

"You are an unfilial son. If you talk to your Laozi like this, you will die hard!" Quan lizhang was so angry that he grabbed the teacup on his desk and smashed it on Quan Nanzhai's back.

Seeing that the tea cup is about to hit Quan Nanzhai, he looks like he has grown a pair of eyes behind him. He dodges the tea cup hit by Quan lizhang with a slight side.

Bang -

the cup smashed on the solid wall and broke!

"You unfilial beast! You can't hide from today, you can't hide from tomorrow. " Right set up a chapter to cover the chest, the gas can not catch gas.

Su wanqin came slowly. She squatted down and picked up the pieces of the porcelain cup on the ground. As she picked up the pieces, she said, "this cup has a history of hundreds of years. It's a pity to break it."

Listen to her this sentence, the power stands Zhang frown, dissatisfied way: "in your heart, do not I have a cup important?"

Su wanqin picked up the last piece, stood up, and looked at the power to set up the chapter. He said softly: "Sir, you often say to me that anger is punishing yourself with other people's mistakes. I remember. How can you forget. "

"That unfilial son is very deceiving! Can I not be angry? " When it comes to Quan Nanzhai, it's a matter of gnashing teeth and drinking the blood of Quan Nanzhai.

"He is your own son and your blood." Su wanqin busily put the glass fragments into an empty box, and added casually, "tiger poison doesn't eat children, can you really get rid of him?"

"He didn't treat me as his own father at all. Why can't I get rid of him?" In the mind of Quan lizhang, the relationship between their father and son is like this broken teacup. If it is broken, it will be broken. Even if the best craftsman is found, it will not be able to recover the cup.

In other words, if their father-child relationship is broken, it will be mended.

"Well, if you don't, you don't. I'll listen to you." Su wanqin said softly, with a smile on her face, which makes people feel comfortable.

Looking at her, Quan lizhang's anger slowly subsided. He held her hand in his hand and patted her gently: "Wan Qin, it's the greatest fortune in my life to have you by my side."

Su Wanqin gently smile: "I am not."

Although she is almost 50 years old, she looks energetic because of proper maintenance.

She can be kept by a man who rolls in the center of political power like the establishment of power. He can't live without her. Her tenderness, her beauty and her wisdom are indispensable. /p

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