The Dreaded Thirty - S01 E10

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Days and months passed and life was nothing but blissful for Sandra and


One fateful day, Sandra woke up feeling sick, she threw up a couple of times and decided to visit the pharmacy to buy a pregnant test kit on

her way back from work. After work that day, she went to the pharmacy to

buy the test kits. When she returned home, she went into the bathroom to

test herself and confirm her doubts.

The test results came out ‘Positive’

and Sandra almost collapsed due to excess joy. She held her chest as she

tried to digest the good news.

Immediately George returned from the office that day, Sandra ran and hugged

him tightly. “Babe, you seem very happy, what’s going on?” He curiously

asked. Tears dropped from her eyes as she handed over the test kits to him.

As George confusingly looked at the test, his eyes cleared when he saw

‘Positive’ clearly written on the screen.

Out of excitement, he screamed for joy and gave his wife a tight hug. He kissed her passionately and kept

saying “Thank you Lord”. The couple kept the news to themselves for a while

before informing their family and friends. Everyone shared in their joy and

were very happy for them.

Just when the couple felt God had done so much for them, they weren’t

aware that he was about to blow their minds away. Turns out that they went

for scan to find out the sex of their baby. After the scan, the doctor

dropped a shocker; “You are having twins!” The doctor happily announced.

Oh My! You need to see how happy Sandra and George were. They were

extremely happy and didn’t know why God was embarrassing them with

blessings upon blessings. With the look of things, it’s safe to say that

God’s mighty hands were upon them. Their union was blessed and there was no

two ways about it.

Sandra’s pregnancy was without many complications. She was pampered by her

husband, family members and friends; whatever she needed was given to her.

As the delivery date drew nearer, everyone prayed and asked God for safe


One fateful evening on the 9th month, Sandra’s water broke and she was

rushed into the labour room. She had severe contractions but was positive

that she would give birth safely. After about 20 minutes of labour, she

gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and girl and they were named ‘Restore &


God is never in a hurry, but always on time. Don’t rush God, but rather

trust his timing and believe that he would never put you to shame.

God wants the best for you more than you want the best for yourself, so trust

his best for you!

The End! 😉

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