My virgin husband - S01 E116

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Rose’s POV

It had been an honour over the months for Ethan to remain as the auditor general of the state, why will the government want him fired all of a sudden?

“That’s really suspicious.” I said but Ethan lowered his head sadly.

“Sorry baby, please cheer up. You are still the executive manager of your company, I believe things will fall in place.” I was trying to be a good wife by encouraging him.

“Rose, I feel helpless right now and I feel weak.” Ethan rose his head and said.

“Is anything else the matter?” I questioned.

Before I even received a call from the government, a member of the board came to my office and offered me a sack letter.

Though I was planning on suing them but how would I sue my father’s company?” He asked with a sad look.

“How can you get fired from your father’s company? why not call him to explain that you have done nothing wrong?” I asked.

“I did and just like I had expected, he told me the boards are group of professionals and whatever reason made then fire me was best for his company?” he said.

“Your own father said that?” I asked in shock.

Some fathers can be really mean.

I became very sad too.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked him.

“I do not know sincerely, at this stage of mine , I can’t be carrying a CV and start looking for job. I was a CEO, it won’t be a pleasant thing working under someone and starting from the scratch again.”He said and I sunk to the chair.

I did not even know what to say.

” Rose, you are pregnant, don’t think too much, I guess it’s one of the bad things that life offers, I’ll look into what is going on and be back to my feet?” He said but I only closed my eye.

I was extremely sad.

I should be encouraging him not the other way round but I lost all strength all of a sudden.

“Common Rose!” He said and tried to cheer me up but my mood remained a sad one.

He removed my tøp and s–&ked by br—ast, he s—&ked it well that I was førce to mōa-n and chuckle briefly.

He was on a faint smile too.

“Don’t think too much baby, I’ll sure find a way out if it.” He assured and I trusted him.

I nodded.


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