My virgin husband - S01 E115

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Ethan came back few hours later, I was at the dinning m, eating, I could not take my mind off Evan.

After he had gone, I find myself thinking about him, our four years of relationship can not just disappear from my memory.

Ethan should never have allowed me neet his brother, anyway, since I won’t see him anymore, I should be fine with time.

The door creaked open and I anticipated patiently for whoever walked in to show up.

It was Ethan.

“Rose!” He called and walked to me. “I’m sorry it I cause you any pain by making you see my brother. I was only feeling guilty of what I did. He had said I should act as husband till he comes, I acted for a while but ended up become a real husband afterwards.” He said.

“I understand. But do understand that it is you I love now.” I said to him.

“I hope my brother finds a suitable lady.” He said and came to sit before me.

“Did you hear from Sonia?” Ethan asked as he took part of the sliced breads on the table.

“No, I’ve added her number to blacklist, I do not want to have anything to do with someone that betrayed me twice.” I answered.

“Good, you need to let some people away from your life.” He said and continued eating.

After I was done eating, I said; “Ethan, I’m thinking of going to the hospital to test if I’m pregnant or not, though I’m not having an pregnancy symptom but I just felt a need to check.”

“You should, but either you are pregnant or not, I’ll always love you.” He said and smiled.

“Thanks for being a good husband.” I said and stood to kiss him.


I went to the hospital few days later for the test and they confirmed that I was just a week pregnant.

“For real? ” Ethan exclaimed and hugged me.

“I can’t wait to have your baby.” He said and we both kissed.

Ethan came home from work, it was on a Friday and I was just inside watching the movie.

I had imagined how I would take the greatest care of my baby when he comes to live.

As soon as I saw Ethan, I ran to hug him but noticed he wasn’t happy.

“What is the matter?” I questioned.

“I had being relief off my duty as the auditor general of the state, it’s strange, I do not know who was behind it.”

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