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At that time, when Qin leran was born, the Qin family and the Zhan family had only such a child.

People and things have always been the same, are rare for the precious, everyone is the little Qin lelan holding in the palm of the hand hurt.

Everyone dotes on the grown-up children together, no matter how old she grows up, no matter how far she goes, in the eyes of adults, she is still a soft child.

Whatever is related to Qin lelan, everyone wants to help her to clear all the obstacles in front of her and let her live every day.


Seeing Zhan Nianbei also coming, Qin lelan was as excited as a child, threw himself into his uncle's arms and rolled around his chest like a child: "uncle, your speed is too fast. Little aunt and little leave the end just arrived, you chased. But I don't care. You have to stay with me for a few days. It's really boring for me to live here alone. "

For a long time, she didn't act coquettish in front of her uncle. I really miss the happy days before.

Zhan Nianbei patted her head: "of course, as long as you don't drive us away, our family of three will stay here with you this time."

"Uncle, you know how to make me happy." He is the first officer of Jiangbei military region. He needs to make decisions on many things. How can I spend time with her.

"Well, I'll calculate. Let's spend at least a week with you." It will take Zhan Nianbei at least a week to find out the truth.

"My uncle and grandfather, that's the deal. We can't go back on it." It's not a good feeling to be far away in other countries and villages, accompanied by relatives.

Usually I don't think how much I miss my relatives thousands of miles away. When they come to my side, I know that I really miss them.

It's just that I'm used to being strong when I'm alone. When I'm used to carrying everything by myself, I forget that there's a family behind me that I can rely on.

With the arrival of Zhan Nianbei's family of three, Qin lelan missed her parents and went back to her room to call her from her bed.

As soon as she got through there, she called out in a soft, waxy voice, "Mom..."

It's said that Mo ruo's mother, who knows her daughter, is only listening to Qin leran's shouting at her. Her mood that Jane can hear is not very good: "however, what's the matter? What grievances have you suffered? "

Hearing her mother's voice, Qin lelan's nose was sour and almost shed tears. Fortunately, she controlled it in time: "I didn't suffer any grievance, but I miss you so much all of a sudden."

"However, will you be aggrieved?" Although Jane's impression of strong is very good, if he makes her baby daughter sad, then the highest impression score can be directly reduced to zero.

"How could it be brother lie..." Qin lelan immediately retorted, but the less she said, the less likely she would suddenly be homesick. It's really related to brother lie.

It has been several months since she came to country A. It seems that she is getting closer to the Spring Festival, but her relationship with brother lie has not made any progress.

There are so many things between them that there is no way to clean them for a while. Then her heart can't be quiet.

"But don't worry, everything will be OK. If you like him, then trust him and give him some time. He will be able to solve the obstacles between you. " With a simple understanding of lie, he is reluctant to let Qin leran be wronged.

Reluctant to let Qin leran be wronged, but Qin leran will still feel wronged, which must be related to the two of them who are now unknown.

At that time, she just couldn't believe that Qin Yue could handle the things that were lying between them, so she was foolishly threatened to divorce Qin Yue.

Although Qin Yue's divorce was only a fake one, now she still blames herself for it.

If she had believed in Qin Yue and his ability to deal with the things between them, there would have been fewer twists and turns between them and the child would not have been lost.

Qin leran is her daughter. She didn't do it before. She hopes her daughter can do it. She also hopes that her daughter's love will be smooth and smooth, and she will not suffer as many disasters as she did.

Listening to his mother's words, Qin leran's heart suddenly opened up. She chuckled and said, "Mom, are you from Buddha? How can you know what's on my mind? "

"I'm not sent by Buddha, you're my daughter, I'm your mother, I don't understand you. Who knows you?"

Qin leran nodded hard: "mom said yes, dad didn't understand me. He was always angry with me. He didn't like brother Liege."

Jane ran: "cough..."

, then, baby, when you tuck your father, you must make sure that he is not here. You are not sure, make complaints about his bad. He is expected to be angry for a month.

Qin lelan: "..."

After receiving the prompt from her mother, Qin lelan has said almost everything. She can imagine how dark her father's face is now.

It's over!

She gave a silent wail.

However, she was quick witted and thought of the countermeasures. She immediately added: "although my father often quarrels with me, he doesn't like my brother But in my heart, he is still the most handsome father in the world, and no one can compare with him. "

Such boast, father adult's facial expression should ease a lot.

"Well, I think he's the best husband in the world!" Looking at Qin Yue's still not so good face, Jane added.

Sure enough, as soon as she spoke, Qin Yue's face was getting better. Looking at it carefully, he could even see that his lips were slightly hooked, with a smile on them.

When Jane looked at him, he immediately looked down at the newspaper and pretended that he hadn't heard anything just now.

It's a strange man!

In front of his wife and daughter, I don't know what he's doing in Gao Leng?

Do they know that he loves them when he pretends like this?


In the early morning, before Qin leran got up, she smelled the smell of food. She opened the door with her head in disorder and saw that Zhan Nianbei's family had three people talking and laughing, which was delicious.

Last night, Qin lelan finally fell in love with his parents, and was picked up by Qin Xiaobao's family of three.

"Son, you are still growing up. Eat more." It's hard for Qin Xiaobao not to grab snacks from his son. He also took the initiative to give him a piece of sweet, soft and glutinous gold cake. /p

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