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"Small..." Long Yi opens his mouth, but he is too excited to call out Shen Lingxi's name.

He looked at her quietly, at her smooth forehead, at her fine eyebrows, at her black eyes

She is the same Shen Lingxi he knows. She and the one he remembers have not changed at all. However, he mistakenly thinks that she is the culprit of killing the dragon family because of a false information. Without further investigation, he imprisoned her so deeply.

"Longyi, I will accompany you in the future!" Long Yi does not move, Shen Lingxi then takes the initiative to hand over to his hand, emphasizes again.

Her hand is very thin and small. He can wrap her whole palm in the palm with a slight grip, just as her whole person is smaller than him without knowing how many sizes.

"Good!" A word, spit out from the Dragon Wing's mouth, hoarse as if the throat has been burned.

Later, he could still have her by his side. Suddenly, he was quiet. No matter how hard the road ahead was, he had enough courage to go on.

"You Have you eaten? " Looking at each other for a long time, they were embarrassed. Shen Lingxi asked.

"Not yet." He shook his head.

"Then I'll cook. You wait a moment." Shen Lingxi pulled up her sleeves and was about to enter the kitchen.

He pulled her into his arms and held her tightly: "Xiao Xi, let me hold you."

At this moment, he still didn't dare to believe it, and she forgives him so easily.

He thought she would not forgive him or even hate him.

She didn't blame him for her kindness, but she loved his suffering.

He always knew that she was a kind girl, but

Thinking of what he had done like an animal in this period of time, he was so regretful that his intestines were green. He only held her more and more tightly.

Shen Lingxi's head is only about one meter and sixty-three, and the Dragon Wing is about one meter and eighty-five. She is more than twenty centimeters shorter than him. When she was held in his arms, her head was right on his chest.

Smelling his breath, Shen Lingxi rubbed greedily on his chest. In this year, the never stable heart finally found the harbor at this moment.

She's alive again.

It is no longer Shen Lingxi who lives like a walking corpse, but Shen Lingxi who has flesh and blood, and Shen Lingxi who can still love.


It's not easy to escape from brother lie's hand and come home. Just after entering the house, Qin leran receives a call from Yaya again.

Yaya hurriedly tells Qin lelan that her interview is successful and she's ready to treat and celebrate.

Yaya's treat, Qin leran has no reason not to go. She carries her backpack to the place agreed by Yaya.

When she arrived, Yaya, Dazhuang and Xiaoxiao arrived.

"Big Zhuang said:" I say our Yaya is powerful, as long as she wants, there is no impossible thing

Xiao Xiao, who always likes to pour cold water on everyone, knows to say something nice today: "well, our Yaya is the best."

"Yes, sister Yaya is the best. I'm very lucky to know sister Yaya. " Just after entering the private room, Qin leran joined the speech contest.

"Here comes the little vinegar jar." The three of them looked over and said warmly, "come and order as soon as possible, and try to pick out the most expensive ones. In the future, our Yaya is the one who has a job and a fixed salary. It's not bad for that."

"Then I'm welcome." It's a little expensive, but it's really not expensive for Qin leran. But in her heart, everyone's feelings are the most precious and priceless.

One person ordered a dish she liked. Yaya was so happy and generous that she added two dishes. She said boldly, "waiter, please open another bottle of your most expensive red wine for me."

Dazhuang quickly stopped: "waiter, don't listen to her, just serve us."

Yaya is dissatisfied: "big Zhuang, what are you doing to stop me? I'm afraid I can't afford to borrow money from you. "

Big Zhuang said: "Ya Ya, you ya're not successful in the application, but found the treasure."

Several of them are children from the countryside. They usually eat frugally and try to choose affordable places to eat.

Today, they chose a high-end hotel and the most expensive wine. Is Yaya going to pay off her debts with a year's salary?

Yaya nodded straight and said with a smile: "you're really right. I really found the treasure."

She has successfully applied for the job and passed the entrance examination. She will be able to work as the Secretary of the general manager tomorrow. Every day, she can see the man she wants to see. What is that?

"What company is it?" Xiao asked? Is that as good as you said? "

"Haha......" Ya Ya takes a look at Qin lelan, sheepishly scratching her head, and says, "in fact, you should have heard about this company."

"Yuepan real estate, a subsidiary of Shengtian?" Seeing Yaya's blushing face, Qin lelan estimated that she was going to chase Qin Yinze.

"Well, Congratulations!" Ya Ya said.

"Sister Yaya, have you really gone?" Qin leran is a little surprised. At least here, Qin Yinze's charm is not so great that some people like him to give up his major and become a Secretary for him.

Of course, that's because Qin leran doesn't know Qin Yinze's charm, and it's not that she doesn't, but that her heart is already full of her strong brother. Of course, other people are not good enough.

In recent years, there are too many women who want to be secretaries for the eldest young master of the Qin family. However, many of them are vase figures. At last, they didn't get their wish, but Yaya was lucky. She applied for the job once and passed the entrance examination.

"I think I have to strive for what I want. I can't always think of luck." The more Yaya said, the more excited she was, "you see, my first step has been successful, and I will continue to work hard in the future."

"A subsidiary of Shengtian?" Dazhuang and Xiaoxiao reacted for a long time, and they opened their mouths in surprise.

Zhuang said, "Yaya, are you sure it's Yuepan real estate under Shengtian? How can a big chaebol group recruit some non professionals? I said you must be sure that no one can cheat you. "

Shengtian group is the world's most famous plutocracy group, whose leader has been ranked first in the wealth list for many years in a row. No one has been able to shake his position so far.

"Sister Yaya, you must be sure. You can't be cheated." There is something in Qin lelan's words. He is afraid that YaYa will be confused by the illusion made by Qin Yinze.

But on second thought, Qin Yinze didn't have any special expression in front of Ya Ya. She thought more.

If Yaya can catch up with Qin Yinze and Qin Yinze can also like Yaya, it's good to be her sister-in-law in the future. /p

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