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Time flies. Ggaawwx

it seems that in a blink of an eye, a week passes quietly.

Today, Shen Lingxi was discharged from the hospital. Qin leran wanted to take her to her home. Who knows that her strong brother had already arranged for Shen Lingxi to live in and had her taken care of by a special person.

Not only did he ask someone to take care of her, but he also told the maid: "Miss Shen is not in good health. You should take good care of her these days."

Mingming hoped that brother lie would settle Shen Lingxi, but when he saw brother lie's care for other women, Qin leran began to eat vinegar again.

She thought that she was a strange woman. She was very confident in her daily life. She was always worried about gain and loss in her relationship with brother lie.

Maybe it's because brother lie has a famous fiancee, which makes her embarrassed, so she has no sense of security.

"Le ran, don't worry. I really have nothing to worry about." Seeing Qin leran's silence, Shen Lingxi thought that she was worried, so she turned two circles in front of Qin leran's eyes and proved that she was really cured by practical actions.

"Sister Lingxi......" There is nothing wrong with the body, but what about the scars in the heart? Can Dragon Wing cure the wound in sister Lingxi's heart?

In this week's time, longyi never appeared again and no news came from her. It seems that sister Lingxi doesn't care, but Qin leran can see that sister Lingxi has been thinking about longyi.

"Le ran, what's the matter?" Shen Lingxi asked softly.

"Sister Lingxi, when I'm not around you, you must take good care of yourself. No more injuries." Qin leran gives Shen Lingxi a big hug.

"Yes! My Miss Qin! " Shen Lingxi said with a smile.

"Sister Lingxi, you laugh at me!"

"Our president is here, how dare I laugh at the person he put on his heart." When Shen Lingxi said this, Quan Nanzhai just came to them.

"Well?" Quan Nan Zhai said, "who bullied my family?"

"Who is your ran?" There's nothing between them. Don't say such a thing to make others misunderstood, OK?

"Isn't it? But everyone knows you're my girl. " It's hard to see Qin lelan's shy face. Quan Nanzhai can't help saying more.

"Quan Nanzhai, don't go too far." She gave him a warning look. She gave him face in front of outsiders. If there were only two of them, she would see how she would "revenge" him.

"Well done, no more." Quan Nan Zhai rubbed her head and held her hand again. "Lingxi, let's go first and come to see you another day."

"Well, good." Shen Lingxi saw them to the door and saw their car leave. She turned back to the house.

As soon as I turned around, I bumped into a meat wall, which made Shen Lingxi's nose ache like a drill in his heart.

She covered her sore nose and looked up to see a masked face.

She was frightened to step back, but the next moment fell into the generous and strong arms of the man. No matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape.

Before, when he didn't know that this man was the Dragon Wing that she read day and night, he would make her feel sick when he touched her.

Now, she knows that he is the man she thinks about day and night. Although he has changed his face, he is still the man in his bones. When he meets her, she will not accept her as before, or even let him touch her.

When his body temperature, when his breath, gradually with her body temperature and breath together, she seems to smell the long-term familiarity.

Before, when they were together, he made her angry. When she was angry with him, he just held her in his arms and kissed her regardless of her struggle and resistance.

For a long time, longyi is a man who is very powerful and domineering. She can't bear to mention other men's names in front of him.

But he also loved her, holding her in the palm of his hand, as long as he was there, no one hurt her hair.


He certainly didn't know that he was the one who hurt her the most in the end.

She is not too sad to be used by Shen's family, because they don't love her and she doesn't love them, so they are merciless and she can look on coldly and don't care.

Dragon Wing is different to her.

Longyi is the only one she relies on in these years. She loves her deeply. In her opinion, even if everyone in the world may betray her and bully her, longyi will never, never!

All along, she is so firmly believe in longyi, believe his love for her.

However, he failed to live up to her night and her love for him

Thinking of this, Shen Lingxi bit her lips and pushed away the man holding her with the greatest strength: "you roll! Don't let me see you! You devil! "

Long Yi's half face outside the mask was as cold as ice cream. He looked at Shen Lingxi coldly.

His eyes were cold, but Shen Lingxi seemed to see the tenderness that only she could see in his eyes before.

Heart, suddenly hurt.

It's like being held in the palm of her hand. The more she pinches it, the tighter it is. Every breath she takes, the more painful it is like being crushed.

She doesn't look at him, don't be affected by his eyes. She turns around and doesn't start to avoid him in an evasive way.

However, she should know that longyi is not a person who gives up easily, so she hasn't turned around yet. With longyi's long arm extended, she pulls back her body.

Longyi holds her shoulder in both hands and looks at her fixedly without blinking or speaking.

"I want you to let go of me! Don't touch me. If you touch me, you will feel dirty! " Shen Lingxi beat him and shouted at the top of his voice.

"I was wrong! I misunderstood you without finding out the facts! " Longyi opens his mouth. Every word that pops out of his mouth is very heavy. "I'm sorry!"

He is a very proud man, never heard these three words from his mouth before, so it is very difficult to say them from his mouth.

It's because of knowing him, knowing how difficult it is for him to say these three words. Shen Lingxi's heart is a stroke again, which makes her panic.

"I'm sorry?" Shen Lingxi smiles, but tears flow from her eyes.

Does he think a word of sorry is enough?

Does he know how much psychological shadow he has caused her?

This week, every time she fell asleep, she had the same dream that she was insulted by a man wearing a mask who could not see his face clearly.

"Xiao Xi, I'm sorry!" Longyi said again, it's still such a simple word, and the voice is still low enough to reach the point of Shapu.

"I'm sorry? What are you sorry for? " Shen Lingxi roars at him. Her tears, like the flood, are irremediable. /p

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