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little 91, who was still lying on the bed pretending to be ill, heard the news that longyi was going to let her go, she got up quickly and looked at Longtian with wide eyes. "Tianshu, are you wrong?"

"How could it be wrong." Long Tian shook his head and sighed, "little nine, listen to Uncle Long's advice. Don't expect anything that doesn't belong to you."

"What do I expect? I have known young master since I was a child. When did a woman named Shen know young master? It's the shameless woman who stole my things. Why should I let go? " Xiaojiu thinks that longyi should belong to her. It's Shen Lingxi's woman who broke in all of a sudden.

If it wasn't for Shen Lingxi's woman to step in, maybe she would have married longyi early, maybe both of them could have made soy sauce.

However, Shen Lingxi's damned woman appeared in front of longyi and attracted his eyes, so that no one else's existence could be seen in his eyes.

Longtian advised: "yes, the woman named Shen knows the young master better than you, but the young master just likes her. What can you change?"

"As long as we get rid of that woman, as long as there is no her in the world, the young master will see me sooner or later. As long as give him some more time, he will be able to find my good. He will know that I am the woman who can walk with him. "

Long Tian was also embarrassed to hear Xiaojiu's false comments. He was not easy to refute, so he had to change the topic: "Xiaojiu, clean up and leave early, which is good for you and everyone. Don't be stubborn anymore. "

Xiaojiu is not willing: "Uncle Tian, why do you want me to leave? I grew up in the dragon family and stayed with him for more than 20 years. Can I just go like this? "

Longtian shook his head and sighed: "what have you done? Don't you know? We all know how important Shen Lingxi's woman is in the young master's heart. If you want to get rid of her, you have to bear the consequences of the incident. "

Xiao Jiu's eyes were red with anxiety: "Uncle Tian, I did that very carefully. I didn't leave any clues. How does young master know it's me?"

Looking at the picture of Xiaojiu, Longtian was also worried. After all, he saw the elder child when he was a child. He said: "you don't know what kind of person the young master is. Especially this matter is related to the woman Shen Lingxi, do you think he will know? Now that he knows it, how can he accommodate you? "

Seeing Longtian's appearance of not letting her go, Xiaojiu was furious and shouted: "in order to stay with the young master, did you deliberately tell the young master all these things? Uncle Tian, you also watched me grow up. How can you come out of me? "

Before he knew the truth, Xiao Jiu yelled at long Tian, as if Long Yi would let her leave without any relationship with her. It was all about long Tian's small actions behind her.

She is also crazy, so that she forgot that Longtian is the only one standing on her side. If Longtian doesn't support her, she can't do anything.

Listening to Xiaojiu's nonsense, Longtian frowned unhappily, but because she was the child she was watching growing up, she chose not to care about her again.

He added: "Xiaojiu, clean up. It's better to go like this. If you keep fighting, you may be driven away by the young master. "

"Are you threatening me?" Xiaojiu bit her teeth hard, picked up her coat, turned around and rushed out. Her speed was very fast. When Longtian reacted and wanted to stop her, she had already run out of the room.

Longtian is older than Xiaojiu, and he knows more about their master's personality. If he really breaks the master's hand, his punishment method is not acceptable to Xiaojiu.

Their master can still see that they didn't care about her for so many years when she was loyal to the dragon family.

The second time this happened, their master knew that if he didn't deal with Xiao Jiu, he would not be the cruel Dragon Wing they knew.

Long Tian is very old. He can see clearly and understand whether their master can deal with Xiao Jiu this time. But Xiao Jiu is naive to think that as long as he doesn't admit it or suffers again, their young master will let her go as he did last time.

Until she rushed into longyi's study and received a cold and piercing look from longyi, Xiaojiu didn't know that she had made a big mistake this time.

"Young master, I I... " She stammered so much that she couldn't say a complete sentence. She shouldn't be so impulsive, but she should think of a good way to find him.

But now, she has no way to go back. As long as she keeps on biting her teeth, she will have a chance to stay with longyi.

"Say it." Maybe I grew up in Xiaojiu's family and worked for him for so many years. Longyi gave her an opportunity to explain.

"Young master, I don't want to leave. I want to stay with you and take care of you." Xiao Jiudong kneels on the ground, and this is the only way she can think of.

Longyi looked at her and did not speak, because no matter what she said, his decision would not change.

Xiaojiu raised his head slightly, glanced at her quietly, and said: "young master, I have been with you for many years, and your diet has always been taken care of by me. I'm gone. I'm not sure who will take care of these things. Please give me a chance. "

"You mean I can't leave you?" Dragon Wings hook lips, it looks like laughing, but that smile can make people's back cool.

Xiaojiu panicked and said: "less fierce I, I don't mean that... "

Longyi said coldly, "Longtian, let's see her off."

Hearing the command, Longtian pushes the door in and tries to drag Xiaojiu away. Xiaojiu shakes off his hand and rushes to longyi's side and yells, "no, you can't, young master I like you, I want to marry you, how can you be so cruel to me " the last hope left behind by seeing is also dashed, Xiao Jiu can't care so much, crying out the secret hidden in his heart.

"You like me, but I don't like you. This life won't, next life won't, you don't want to dream again Longyi's words were calm and inhuman, which completely cut off Xiaojiu's Thoughts on him.

Xiaojiu is so desperate that she lies on the ground. She wants to cry, but she can't cry. In her heart, she reads three words of Shen Lingxi over and over again.

Long Yi said again: "send her off, never allow her to appear again"

Xiao Jiu even has other meanings to him. Then this woman will hurt Shen Lingxi because of jealousy, so at this potential time, Long Yi will definitely get rid of it completely, never suffer. /p

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