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Anyway, as long as it's against the dragon family, as long as it's related to the killing of the dragon family a year ago, longtiantong hates all of them, and would like to take the fastest time to get rid of them and avenge more than a dozen lives of the dragon family.

"Reflect on yourself." If it wasn't for long Tian's many years and loyalty to him, longyi would never allow such a dangerous time bomb to stay by his side.

Shen Lingxi is his woman. How he bullies him is his business. He will never let other men bully her. He will never allow others to say that she is half wrong.

He is such a selfish man.

"Yes." Longtian had to accept it because he didn't want to leave longyi, at least he couldn't leave until he found the real murderer who killed the dragon family.


A person is lying on the bed quietly, Shen Lingxi can't sleep, the thoughts in her brain are as shocked and confused as the galloping horses.

She never dreamed that the devil she was most afraid of would be her Dragon Wings, the man she thought about day and night.

At the first moment of hearing this fact, she seemed to be struck by lightning, shocked from head to toe, unable to calm the agitation for a long time.

Longyi is the one she loves most in her life, and the devil is the one she hates most in her life. However, fate plays with her again.

Destiny, destiny!

This damn fate!

They really look up to her, Shen Lingxi. She is just a little girl, who has never done anything earth shaking. How can fate be so persistent in teasing her.

The one she loves most becomes the one she hates most. She doesn't even know how to face that person.

He said that she killed more than ten people in the dragon family; he said that she betrayed their feelings; he said that she was a vicious woman

She kept telling herself whether the man was the devil or the Dragon Wing she loved, but when she heard his accusation, she still felt like a thousand arrows pierced her heart.

That's the one she trusts and relies on the most, the one who supports her to live the most. How can he not believe her?

Think of thinking, tears unconsciously on the orbit, and then down the corner of the eye drop by drop, drop on the snow-white quilt cover, dizzy dye circle after circle.

"Dragon Wing How can you not believe me? "

Mingming said not long ago that he would never forgive him in his life, but Shen Lingxi's heart was still expecting longyi to believe her.

No matter how he changed, no matter what he became, no matter what abominable things he did to her, he was still her Dragon Wing.

It's the one she'll never forget.


"Brother lie, isn't that Dragon Wing your best brother? Why don't you persuade him? " Seeing long Yi go like this, seeing Shen Lingxi's lonely eyes, Qin leran is very sad, so he finds her strong brother complaining.

"You have told him what I want to say. What else can I say?" Quan Nan Zhai rubs Qin lelan's head and looks at her eyes doting on her as if she is the only one in the world.

"Brother lie, are you blaming me for my troubles?" Knowing that brother lie didn't mean that, Qin lelan made a fool of him.

Because she knows that in this world, in addition to loving her family, there are also strong brothers who love her unconditionally, so that she can make a fuss at will.

"I don't know how much I've helped. I thank her for not being able to do it. How can I blame her for her doing so much?" It turns out that Quan Nanzhai still has some angry girls who don't understand the seriousness of things, but when he thinks that she is not an impulsive person, she must have her own reasons for doing things, so he believes her.

After a while, he knew more clearly that this girl was much more intelligent than what he saw at ordinary times. Although she was young, she understood everything. If she didn't understand, she would understand everything.

Quan Nanzhai had to lament that when Sheng Tian became a family, Qin Zong's genes were indeed powerful. Only with such a powerful father, could he have such an excellent, intelligent and sensible daughter.

"Brother lie, are you praising me?" Qin lelan got into his warm and thick arms, and his little head rubbed and rubbed like a kitten on his chest. "If it's boastful, don't just talk about it, you should give some actual rewards."

"Good." Quan Nanzhai agreed, then pushed her to herself, kissed her lips heavily, and invited her to dance with him.

Bad brother!

Qin leran punched him twice with his fist. How could he see through her careful thinking at a glance? The reward she wanted was to kiss her, but could he not be so direct.

He is so direct, as if It seems that she is a little girl of color. In fact, she is a simple child who doesn't understand anything.

After a long time, Quan Nanzhai released her, gently stroked her red and tender lips, and smiled vaguely: "is this reward satisfactory to me?"

"Brother lie, you hate it! I've decided not to talk to you for the time being. " Qin lelan blushed and gave Quan Nanzhai a sad look.

Brother lie is such a villain!

He bullied her with practical actions. He even told her the reward she wanted in front of her. Didn't he know she would be shy?

It's rare to see Qin lelan's embarrassed and shy face. Quan Nan Zhai grins and then holds Qin lelan's head and kisses: "well, this time I just want to kiss me. Are you happy?"


Qin leran was even more angry. He raised his foot and stepped on his foot, but when he stepped on his foot, she stopped in time.

She was reluctant to hurt her brother. Even if she stepped on it, he could not feel any pain, but she was reluctant.

"Well, don't be angry. Brother lie won't tease you." Quan Nanzhai was in a good mood when she looked at her small, angry face. For the first time in this period of time, she laughed so happily.

"Brother lie, will it hurt?" Qin lelan didn't care about kissing with him. Instead, he asked a different question.

Right south Zhai one Leng: "what?"

Qin leran reached out and stroked his face: "the bruise on his face hasn't gone away. It must have hurt when he was beaten." She pouted out, "no matter who it is in the future, as long as he dares to hit you, you must return it. If you let yourself hurt again, I will not pay attention to you. "

Of course, when Qin leran said this, she never thought that her brother was beaten by her father for the second time in his life. /p

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