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Longtianming knows why longyi wants Xiaojiu to leave, but he doesn't want to believe that longyi knows what Xiaojiu does, and he asks with a fluke: "young master, for Why do you want Xiaojiu to leave? "

Longyi opens his eyes, looks at longyi from the rearview mirror, opens his mouth coldly and says, "don't you know why?"

"Little, young master I have just received your order. Forgive me for my stupidity. I can't think of the reason. You want Xiaojiu to leave? " Longtian's hand shook a little in fear. He still clenched his teeth and didn't want to disclose any information.

Because in Longtian's mind, as long as he doesn't admit it, longyi can't find evidence to prove that Xiaojiu is related to Shen Lingxi's escape.

As long as there is no conclusive evidence, their master will surely think of Xiaojiu's loyalty to him for so many years, and will not care about Xiaojiu.

"Who made the trap in the back mountain? We just went down the mountain and Shen Lingxi was able to escape from the back door of my study. She has been staying in the room for a month on the mountain. How does she know that my study has a small door leading to the back of the mountain? " Longyi calmly said his doubts one by one.

On the day of the incident, longyi realized the key point of the incident, but because he was too worried about the safety of Shen Lingxi, he had no time and energy to think about why Shen Lingxi would escape.

At the moment, longyi knows that Shen Lingxi's life is not in danger, and sees the injury on her body. Then his first thing is to deal with those people who do things on their backs.

A subordinate, no matter what the purpose of doing a thing, as long as he disobeys the master's order, then that kind of person, Dragon Wing, is absolutely not allowed to stay.

"Young master, I'm afraid this is the strength of Miss Shen's family At that time, she didn't put medicine under your eyes too. No one could find her. " As long as long as the Dragon wings are not torn down and the words are not clear, Longtian will never admit it.

"You have been with me for many years, and I know for the first time that your eloquence is like this. I left you by my side. I didn't let you go to other places to fool around. It's really a big talent and a small use. " Long Yi snorted coldly. What he hated most was this kind of cute and colorful behavior.

"Young master, I......" Long tiandan'er shivers again. It's not a small thing to be appraised by the master, but he still can't admit it.

This matter is related to Xiao Jiu's going and staying. It's absolutely a big event. He can't raise his hand and surrender because he is threatened by the master and the son.

"Don't explain. Just let her go back. I don't want to see her again." At the end of the day, longyi doesn't want to keep a person who is a threat to Shen Lingxi.

Xiaojiu's character is very extreme. She did something to Shen Lingxi earlier. At that time, he decided to let Xiaojiu leave. Because Longtian begged for love, he thought that this woman was loyal to the dragon family, so he let her stay.

He thought that Xiaojiu could change his character, but didn't think that he had just left. The woman of Xiaojiu set up a trap to frame Shen Lingxi. If it wasn't for the stupid woman of Shen Lingxi, it would have fallen into Xiaojiu's trap.

A man who wants to frame Shen Lingxi over and over again has made a decision in longyi's mind. He must not let that danger continue.

"Young master, Xiaojiu grew up in the dragon family, followed you for many years and was loyal to you. She is young and often doesn't take the consequences into account. Please don't worry about her. " Knowing that their master saw things clearly and clearly, and knew that the master was really angry, Longtian had to change his strategy, try to move longyi with emotion, and let him release Xiaojiu again.

"Is she young? So when she poisoned Shen Lingxi, did she ever think that Shen Lingxi was younger than her? " One excuse, one time dragon wing can accept, many times with the same excuse, he also accepts, that is his head long bag.

Xiaojiu has reached the age of 26, and Shen Lingxi is only 23 this year. Can Xiaojiu poison a girl younger than himself, and say that he is young and sensible?

"Young master, Xiaojiu didn't do it out of selfishness. She did it for you. She is afraid that you will be bewildered by Shen Lingxi's vicious woman. She is afraid of the tragic repetition of more than ten lives of the dragon family burned alive a year ago. " One move is not good, and Longtian thinks of another. This move is also a killer against longyi.

Because they all know that more than a dozen lives of the dragon family were burned overnight, which is absolutely a permanent pain hidden in the heart of the Dragon Wing, which will never disappear.

As long as he is reminded of this, he will think of revenge for the dragon family and get rid of Shen Lingxi.

"When you get back, you pack and go with her." Longyi closed his eyes and said again in a much colder voice than before, "don't quibble, or you will get off the car at this time."

"Young master, for the sake of that vicious woman of Shen Lingxi, do you really want our old subordinates who have been with you for many years?" Long Tian slammed on the brakes, pulled up on the side of the road and beat his chest. He was really in a hurry.

"That's my woman. When is your turn to call her vicious?" Longyi said, the tone is even colder, like the ice and snow just melted. The cold can hurt people's limbs.

"Young master, that woman killed more than a dozen people in the dragon family, and you can't understand the reality. Why can't I scold her?" Longtian's eyes were red with anger, and he was angry and anxious. "I not only wanted to scold her, but also wanted to kill her. Only by killing that woman can we avenge more than a dozen lives of the dragon family. Young master also can change the original appearance

"Kill her to avenge more than ten lives of the dragon family?" Longyi suddenly laughed, and the laughter echoed back and forth in the narrow space inside the car. "If you really want to avenge the lives of more than a dozen people of the dragon family, then you won't give me such perfunctory evidence."

At that time, when longyi saw that Shen Lingxi was the witness, his brain could not even think for a moment. He foolishly thought that Shen Lingxi was using him when he was with him, and believed that she had poisoned more than ten lives of the dragon family.

Now, there's time for him to calm down and think about it. It doesn't take him too long to figure out the loopholes in his evidence.

Long Tian will not fail to see a piece of evidence that is full of holes. It is likely that he saw it, but he chose to keep silent, because he also believed that Shen Lingxi was the murderer of poisoning.

"Young master, I......" Because in his heart, he hated Shen's family. When he found the evidence that Shen Xixi poisoned the dragon's diet, long Tian also hated Shen Lingxi casually. /p

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