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"Sister Lingxi, this man is crazy. Do you want to go crazy with him? If you keep talking nonsense, he'll really kill you. I beg you, will you not say anything? " Qin leiran stamped his feet in a hurry, hoping to pull the two men up and give them a good beating.

There must be some misunderstanding between them. When there is a misunderstanding, communication is the most important thing. At this time, two people should sit down and have a good talk.

Their hearts are filled with each other, as long as they are willing to sit down and have a good talk, then nothing can not be solved.

But longyi and Shen Lingxi are both stubborn and stubborn. They are even more stubborn than scalpers. No one is willing to give up.

Seeing that they are more ruthless than each other, Qin lelan is really in a hurry and panic. He is really worried about the irreparable situation caused by these two people.

"Le ran, don't say it. I know what I'm doing." Shen Lingxi looks back and smiles at Qin.

When the Dragon Wing she was waiting for died, she could see her Dragon Wing when she died, so it was really good for her to die.

"Do you really know what you're doing?" Qin lelan asked with his cheek puffed.

"I know. The big deal is to die. If you die sooner or later, you will die. No one can escape. " Shen Lingxi said heartily that he no longer has any hope for life.

"Dead? You want to die? It's very easy to find death, but that's the way cowards choose to do it. " Qin leran was really anxious, and said rudely, "I don't understand. It's not good to live well and help the beloved to find out the murderer together."

When Qin leran said this, Shen Lingxi and longyi felt shocked at the same time, and they both chose silence.

Seeing that they didn't speak, Qin lelan said, "you two have to misunderstand and each other and hurt each other. Is that comfortable for you? Do you want enemies hiding in the dark to laugh at you

Qin lran turned to look at longyi, pointed at him and said: "and you, you don't believe your beloved one, what qualification do you have to say that you love her? You can only bully sister Lingxi. If you change me, I promise to kill you. "

If brother lie dare not believe her, she will find brother lie to make things clear. After that, if brother lie doesn't believe again, she will kill him.

He often said that she was his natural baby. If he didn't even have the least trust, then how could she be his natural baby.

Qin lelan saw that both longyi and Shen Lingxi were staring at her, and she was embarrassed.

She scratched her head and held Shen Lingxi up. "Sister Lingxi, your injury is not good yet. Go back to the room first to heal it. At the same time, think calmly and think clearly. I think that self righteous man will calm down and think about it. After all, people often say that impulse is the devil. We should be calm and calm. Everything we don't understand will be solved. "

Qin leran said these words in Shen Lingxi's ear, but he said them very loudly, and put them clearly for the Dragon Wing to listen to.

She knew that longyi was not really stupid. Longyi misunderstood Shen Lingxi because it was about his favorite woman. Because caring was messy, he would be disordered, even the simplest thinking.

Now that they have met, what they lack is the time to think. Just give them time to calm down and think about each other. After a while, everything will be true.

At present, what Qin leran does is to help Shen Lingxi to go back to the ward to have a rest. Let brother lie deal with the matter over there.

After all, how can we say that they are brothers with such good relations? After the misunderstanding, they will be able to work together to deal with the bad guys.

Qin leran is very sure that the bad guys hiding behind the scenes will end their good life.


On the way back to Wushan.

"Young master..." Long Tian drives his car straight to Wushan, and is silent for a long time. At last, he plans not to be silent any more. "Miss Shen herself admits that she is the murderer who drugged the dragon family. Why don't you deal with her? Don't you want to avenge the lives of your husband and wife and the dragon family? "

Shen Lingxi's hateful woman admitted that she was the murderer. Why did their young master protect her?

Is that woman really capable of anything?

In this case, their young master still protects her, which indirectly shows the difficulty of getting rid of Shen Lingxi.

"Are you questioning me?" Longyi picked up his eyebrows and gave Longtian a cold look. "You don't know what kind of person I hate the most after all these years of working around me?"

"I know, but I still have to say Young master, I don't have to say it clearly. It's OK to take good care of myself. But whenever I think of how well my husband and wife treat me and how well their burned bodies are treated, I'd rather be punished by you. I'd also like to stand up and say it. " Long Tian sat up straight and spoke with dignity. For the sake of the dragon family and the dozens of innocent people who died in the dragon family, he had to put his own safety aside.

"If you really want to avenge the innocent and tragic deaths of more than a dozen people in the dragon family, then take your men to look up what happened a year ago and see who is behind it?" Longyi vowed that he would bring out the people hiding behind the scenes, and let them also taste what it is like to be burned alive.

"Young master, don't be stubborn. All the women surnamed Shen have admitted that they are the medicine she gave. Is there any fake? " As soon as long Tian was excited, he spoke without paying attention to his identity. His tone clearly expressed his dislike for Shen Lingxi.

"My business, when is your turn?" Dragon Wing's fierce eyes are directed at Dragon sky, and his voice is also cold.

"Yes It's me who's over. " In my heart, I can't say anything more.

If their master finds out something unusual, they will never have a chance to move Shen Lingxi again.

"By the way, what is Xiaojiu doing these two days?" Longyi asked again.

The woman used to want to stick to him all the time, but since Shen Lingxi had an accident, he didn't see the woman.

"Junior nine?" Longtian glanced at longyi from the rearview mirror and saw that he closed his eyes tightly. It seemed that he asked casually, but he was not sure that he had no other ideas. After thinking about it, he replied, "Xiaojiu is not feeling well these two days and has been lying on the bed."

"After you go back, you will let her pack up and leave Wushan, and then let her not appear in front of me again." Dragon Wing is such a command of understatement. /p

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