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"Never forgive me?" Long Yi grabs Shen Lingxi, who turns to walk, and looks at her gloomily.

"Let go!" Shen Lingxi bit her teeth, endured the pain in her heart, and coldly said to him two words that she would never have said to longyi before.

A year ago, the dragon family was destroyed, and longyi's life and death were unknown. She had been waiting for him to come back, waiting for him to come back to her, waiting for him to fulfill the promise he had made to her.

But what did he do to her?

Shen Lingxi didn't dare to think about it. Every time she thought about it, her heart was just like being pricked with a needle. It hurt hard.

What on earth did she do to make him feel sorry for him, so that he could retaliate in such a cruel way?

Shen Lingxi doesn't understand.

"Shen Lingxi, who do you think you are? Why don't you forgive me? " Long Yi held her wrist tightly, so strong that she could almost break it.

"Who am I? Who do you say I am? " Shen Lingxi bit her lips hard. She broke the skin. The blood seeped into her mouth. She still bit hard. It seemed that she could support her.

He asked who she was?

Which man once held her and said to her firmly: "Xiaoxi, you can't escape in this life. You can only marry me longyi and be my woman."

How long has it been since he said this? He asked who she was.

Does he not remember who she is, or has his heart changed?

She didn't know. She only knew that Dragon Wing would never torture her in such a cruel way.

"Shen Lingxi, you have so many lives in your hands. You owe more than ten lives. You think you can go if you want to?" Anyway, she would hate him and never forgive him, so he would keep her by his side forever until he died, and let her suffer psychological torture together with him.

"My hands are covered with blood?" Shen Lingxi asked? I owe a dozen lives? How can I owe you a dozen lives? "

"Do you want me to say that? Is it true that if I don't come up with real evidence, you won't admit to killing me? " Longyi sneered and told the evidence that Longtian had found one by one.

Every time she heard a word, Shen Lingxi's face turned pale. He was also tightly clenched into a fist by longyi, unable to say a word.

He thought that she had drugged the dragon family's diet. He thought that she had betrayed him and killed more than ten people in the dragon family

It turns out that he never really trusted her.

If he really knew her, even a little, he would not have made such a decision foolishly.

"It's because I'm right. You're thinking of an excuse to contradict me?" Longyi said it easily, but in fact he was so nervous that his palms were sweating.

He gave this woman a chance, as long as she said no, he asked people to check again, to find the real killer.

He is waiting for her.

However, Shen Lingxi suddenly smiled: "yes, I am looking for a reason to escape for myself. But since you've seen through my mind, I don't want to pretend anymore. You're right. On the night of the dragon family's accident, I did put medicine in your food. A dozen lives of the dragon family would be burned alive, which was all caused by me. "

"Shut up!" The Dragon Wing roared.

This dead woman, does she know what she's talking about?

If she dared to say another word, he would sew her mouth with a needle so that she could never speak again.

"I haven't finished. Long Shao doesn't want to listen any more?" Shen Lingxi hooked his lips and smiled charmingly. "Dragon Wing, Dragon Wing, you are a fool. It's just a woman who can fool you around and make you know nothing about your family name. "

"You..." Long Yi was so excited that he lost his sense. He raised his hand and slapped it at her, but when the palm wind swept Shen Lingxi's face, he took back his hand in time.

Damn it!

He hates it!

Not to hate Shen Lingxi, but to hate himself.

Shen Lingxi, a vicious woman, admitted the fact of her crime by herself, but he still couldn't do anything to her.

He should stab to death the culprit who killed more than ten people of the dragon family, but he could not do it.

Shen Lingxi said with a smile: "fight! Why not? If you slap me to death, you will be able to avenge more than a dozen lives of the dragon family. What are you hesitating about? "

"Shen Lingxi, you think I dare not!" Long Yi holds Shen Lingxi's wrist, making her bones click, as if to crush her.

Shen Lingxi said again: "you are the eldest young master of the dragon family. What are you afraid of? I can get revenge for more than a dozen lives of the dragon family by kneading them. Isn't that what you think? "

"You Damn it! " Quan Nan Zhai grabs Shen Lingxi and throws her on the wall. Then he reaches out and grabs her by the neck. "Shen Lingxi, please, there's still time."

"Well, you're waiting for me to beg you. Wait until the next life. " Shen Lingxi raised his lips slightly, drew up a beautiful arc, and slowly closed his eyes.

Death, in her place, is not so terrible.

Before that, she went to the gate of ghosts several times, and each time she was prepared to die, but every time she was in a great danger, hoping that this time she would succeed.

"Dragon Wing, are you stupid?" Originally, it was between them. Qin leran didn't want to interfere, but if she didn't, sister Lingxi would be strangled by the stupid man longyi. She couldn't help but stand up.

Dragon Wing's hand a meal, eyes some floating unclear.

Qin lelan added: "even I, an outsider, can hear it. Sister Lingxi said angry words. The man you love doesn't believe it. She is desperate. She is looking for death, but you can't hear it. I really don't know if you really love her and understand her behavior with your heart. "

Dragon Wing: "..."

Qin leran continued: "if you didn't really know her before, please stop now and get to know her well to see if she is a woman worthy of your love and care."

Qin leran's words seemed to connect the two vessels of Ren and Du of longyi. He seemed to think of something and released his hand in a hurry: "I......"

He still didn't know what to say. He just looked down at Shen Lingxi, who almost died in his hand, and hoped she could talk.

He only needs a word from her.

As long as she asks him to believe her, he is willing to believe her.

As soon as longyi let go, Shen Lingxi breathed fresh air and coughed for a long time. After a while, he said, "thank you for your kindness, lran! I know you can't bear me and want me to be good, but I did what I did when the dragon family was destroyed. I'm willing to be responsible for what I once committed.

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