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"Well, then you can go. You are not welcome here, and sister Lingxi would not like to see you. " Qin said.

If longyi is really unwilling to see Lingxi sister because of this, she will try to persuade Lingxi sister to leave this man, because such a man is not worthy of a woman's love with all her heart.

"Just as it happens, I don't want to see her either." Left the words against his will, longyi shook his fist, turned around and left.

As he walked to the door and saw that he was going to hold the handle to open the door, Qin lelan suddenly shouted: "Dragon Wing, you coward! You have no responsibility! You coward! "

Qin leran's words let longyi step slightly, but he didn't stop, still went forward, and he reached for the doorknob.

Qin leran yelled again: "a woman loves you so much that she almost lost her life in violation of her elders' orders several times. But because she was forced by other men to do something she didn't want to do, you despised her for being dirty. "

Long Yi opens his mouth, but he doesn't say anything. Qin leran interrupts him: "Long Yi, I tell you, you are a man who shouldn't be loved by a woman. You roll, roll as far as possible, do not appear in front of Lingxi, then no one will hurt her. "

Because he wanted to finish before longyi went out, Qin leran spoke quickly, but he still said clearly, one word by one, which was clearly transmitted to longyi's ear.

Seeing that longyi's hand holding the doorknob was not moving, Qin leran seemed to see the turning point, and said: "go away, anyway, sister Lingxi lost her favorite man, and she was a dead man. But from now on, I will persuade her to cheer up and not cry for the man who is not worth it, because it is not worth it. "

"What do you know, self righteous woman?" Long Yi looked back at Qin lelan and said coldly, "you don't know anything. What's your qualification to shout loudly here? I don't deserve her to wait for me, so she deserves me to treat her well? "

"Yes! You're right. I don't know anything. " Qin leiran nodded and admitted, but soon the conversation turned. "I don't know if you have sister Lingxi in your heart, but I know that you are the only one in her heart."

"You don't know how much she suffered for you this year. This year, in order not to be used by her family as a chess piece, she was engaged to brother lie for you, you still don't know. After all, you're the one who doesn't know anything! "

Dragon Wing: "..."

Qin lelan: "you don't know. When you are away, sister Lingxi lives like a walking corpse. Ah... Now you are forced because of her. You don't even want to see her. Do you think it's her will to be forced? She's more disgusting than you

The more Qin Yueran said, the more angry he was. He shook his fist and wished he could beat the big man to death.

Lingxi sister has suffered so much for him. Why should he, and what is his qualification to dislike Lingxi sister?

"I'm not..." Longyi subconsciously wants to explain, but he doesn't know how to explain.

"You're not a coward? Don't you have no responsibility? You don't dislike her? " Qin lelan even said a few no's, the more he said, the more excited he was, "if not, then you will go to hug her."

"I......" Dragon Wing language knot.

Hold her?

His face is the last one Shen Lingxi would like to see. When he hugs her, he not only cannot comfort her, but is more likely to frighten her.

Qin lelan said angrily, "what are you? If you don't dislike her, why don't you go to see her? Don't you know how powerful a hug can be at this time? For sister Lingxi, your simple hug may be her whole world. "

Qin leran is not sure whether others are like this, but she knows how precious a hug from brother lie is to her when she is afraid.

Dragon Wing: "..."

Long Yi can't answer, not because of Qin lelan's eloquence, but because she said something in every sentence, which made him unable to refute.

He didn't want to give Shen Lingxi a hug, but there were so many things happened between them that they couldn't go back to the beginning.

More than a dozen lives of the dragon family are the obstacles that he can't go through. What happened in Wushan these days will also be the obstacles that Shen Lingxi can't go through.

The two of them, there are two barriers that can't cross in front of them, so they are doomed to never return to the past.

"If you don't speak, that's the default?" Qin leiran bit his lips, and suddenly his tone was sad.

I don't know why. It's clear that this matter has nothing to do with her, but she feels so sad that she wants to cry, as if she has a breath in her heart. If this breath doesn't come out, she won't be happy.

"Whatever you say." The fate of this life has been done, no matter how many, then he does not want to say more.

Qin Le ran shook his head, saying, "Dragon Wing, why? You obviously like her. Why don't you give each other a chance? "

Even she could see that there was Shen Lingxi in longyi's heart. Qin lelan didn't understand why he didn't want to give them a chance to each other. Was it really that important that a woman's body belonged to him alone?

"Ah..." Long Yi sneered, not intending to explain. He wrenched the door handle and opened the door.

The door opened, and a woman stood outside, a woman he loved and hated.

She stood outside the door, in front of him, looking at him pale as if she were looking at a stranger.


Longyi opened his mouth, but because of tension, he didn't say a word after opening his mouth, and his head was too thick to know what to say.

Slap -

the sound of palm slapping on the face is particularly loud in the silent corridor, and even loud echo can be heard, which shows how hard the slap is.

Shen Lingxi is the one who beats people, and long Yi is the one who is beaten. It's reasonable to say that he wants to avoid Shen Lingxi's slap with his skill without any pressure.

But he didn't hide, maybe not without hiding, but he didn't expect to open the door to see her staring at him quietly at the door. He was so shocked that he forgot to hide.

"I hate you!" Three cold words slowly came out between the white lips that Shen Lingxi bit.

Dragon Wing's heart gave a strong blow.

She will hate him when she knows the truth, but when she says it, her heart is still convulsing and aching.

He subconsciously wants to reach for Shen Lingxi, but his hand hasn't been raised. He sees her smile again, with tears in her smile, but his eyes are very cruel: "I will never forgive you!"

Her Dragon Wing, she thought he died a year ago.

The perfect Dragon Wing she loves lives in her heart forever. /p

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