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Long Yi ignores Qin lelan's eyes, looks at Quan Nanzhai and smiles, "this is the girl you treasure."

He is asking Quan Nanzhai, but he is using the affirmative sentence.

Quan Nan Zhai nodded, but before he spoke, longyi said, "I used to think how good she was when you were nervous."

Long Yi's eyes once again turned to Qin Yueran, looking up and down at Qin Yueran impolitely: "now it seems that it's just the same."

What does that mean?

Qin leran wanted to knock him on the head with a mallet.

Ask him if he has any aesthetic judgment?

This man says she's not good. Is he excellent?

In her opinion, he is even worse.

I don't know if sister Lingxi's vision is wrong. I read him in my dream.

Although there was fire in his heart, when he saw that brother lie's face was sinking, Qin leiran grabbed his hand: "brother lie, as long as you think I'm ok."

Quan Nan Zhai said seriously, "you are the best. No one can compare with you."

Qin leran looked at brother lie's nervous appearance and chuckled: "brother lie, of course, I know I'm very good. If others don't see me well, it's their loss, and you will lose a rival. "

Quan Nanzhai: "..."

Qin leiran blinked and jokingly said, "do you think I'm right?"

Quan Nan Zhai rubs her head: "is there any wrong time for me?"

Qin lelan went into brother lie's arms and rubbed hard: "I know that brother lie is the best for me."

How does longyi evaluate herself? Qin leran really doesn't pay attention. She knows that she is not RMB, and certainly not everyone likes her.

In her small world, she likes brother lie, and brother lie just likes her, which is very good.

Qin was not angry, and even came to a very strong retort, which made longyi look at her more.

It's really impressive to have such courage and boldness at such a young age. No wonder people like Quan Nanzhai are also obsessed with a little girl.

But no matter how excellent it can be, it's just a girl, compared with that woman In my heart, I thought of Shen Lingxi again, and longyi's face changed a little.

He said not to see her, did not control his feet, followed them into the hospital. He said he couldn't think of the wicked woman, but her appearance always came to his mind.

No way!

In the future, he must not let that woman influence himself. If he wants to stay away from her and no longer see her, then she will not influence him.

In such a way, he should leave the hospital immediately and go back to Wushan, but he can't move, even if he can't look at her and stay closer to her.

Qin leran raised his head from Quan Nanzhai's arms and asked, "Mr. long, may I have a word with you alone?"

"What's the matter with you?" said Quan Nan Zhai

Qin leran pushed Nanzhai, "brother lie, go to the next room to accompany sister Lingxi. Come on. "

Quan Nan Zhai stood straight and didn't want to go. His eyes moved on Qin lelan and longyi.

Qin leran pushed him to the door: "brother lie, don't worry, I won't be bullied on my head."

Quan Nanzhai: "..."

He can say that he is not worried about her being bullied?

He was worried that after he left, his little fox would calculate longyi, not that longyi would bully his little fox.

No matter who is worried about it, Quan Nanzhai left the room first with the help of Qin leran. When he left, he took a sympathetic look at longyi.

"Yes?" Longyi looks at her.

"Mr. long, in your heart, Shen Lingxi is the best woman in the world." Qin lelan affirms.

"You are blaming me for not praising you." Long Yi frowned. I just thought that this girl had courage and magnanimity. But now it seems that she is not different from many embroidered pillows.

"You didn't praise me, it really doesn't matter, as long as the people I like know how to appreciate me," Qin said with a smile. Like sister Lingxi, she doesn't care what brother Liege thinks of her, because she cares about you. "

Longyi didn't answer, but I have to say that this girl's words are very right. People who don't care about themselves really don't think that important. What's important is the people who like them think about themselves.

That's what he did. Knowing that Shen Lingxi betrayed and betrayed him, he caught her by his side, but he was afraid to face her with his real identity. That's not to worry about her image falling in her heart.

Qin leran added: "the other two days we didn't find sister Lingxi when we were climbing for rescue. She may have died."

Longyi didn't speak, but his eyes were deep.

Qin leran continued: "sister Lingxi was seriously injured. When she came back unconscious, she always called your name."

Longyi still didn't speak. This time, he clenched his fist quietly, and the more he clenched it, the tighter he was, as if he could crush his fist.

Qin leran observed the subtle changes of longyi's expression and knew that he was worried about Shen Lingxi. She said again: "in my dream, sister Lingxi has been crying, crying and calling your name. Like a drowning child, she can't find any driftwood that can save her life. "

Speaking of this, Qin leran heard that longyi took a breath of cold air. Although he still didn't speak, his expression had already betrayed him.

Qin said: "do you know why she can't catch the driftwood that can save her life?"

Dragon Wing: "..."

"Because you are the only life-saving driftwood that she is willing to reach for, no one can save her from the water except you," Qin said

"Enough!" Longyi roared, "she is such a vicious woman. She deserves to drown her. If she is dead, someone will pull her out of the graveyard and flog her body. "

"What do you mean?" If other people say this, Qin leran will not care about it, but this person is Lingxi sister's most beloved person. Other people can't understand that she doesn't trust her to use her, but he can't.

He is the only support point for sister Lingxi to survive. If even he despises her, then sister Lingxi will not survive.

"Isn't that obvious enough?" Long Yi looked at Qin lelan coldly, his eyes were cold and frightening, as if he saw her as the enemy of killing their dragon family.

"Dragon Wing, what do you mean?" Qin lelan is also in a hurry. He shouts the name of longyi.

"What has she done? She knows better than anyone. Do you want me to say it here?" Longyi sneers and smiles scornfully.

"You..." Qin lelan was speechless for a while, and didn't know how to explain it.

What did sister Lingxi of longyi do? Does it mean that sister Lingxi was forced? /p

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